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TRAVEL | Norway with Kids, How Much it Cost & Our Itinerary

I have been working so hard to bring you today’s post on traveling to Norway with kids! I will also have a specific post for Denmark as well in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that one! I also attached this amazing PDF magazine that shows you all the different places we ate at, things we did, and how I packed (with my favorite essentials). Everything is within the PDF Magazine, you can click below to pull it up in a new window or simply browse it here right on my blog! I have created a PDF magazine for each of the places we have visited over the years WITH kids in tow and you can see the rest of them here: Switzerland | Austria | Sonoma CA | Charleston SC | Savannah GA 


or just scroll through it below!


Many have asked us “Did you like this better than your Switzerland/Austria trip?” and that question is very difficult to answer because they are all absolutely beautiful. What we love MOST about all of these countries is the open mountain air and beautiful surrounding nature. We love being outdoors with our kids on these trips and these countries knocked it out of the park. I felt most at home in Norway. I cannot explain why, perhaps it was the scenery or the people, I’m not sure. It was my favorite country that we have traveled to so far!

TRAVEL | Norway with Kids, How Much it Cost & Our Itinerary

photography by Christin Eide 


As for trip cost, you can imagine, this is something you will probably need to save for. Especially if you plan to stay >10 days! You can always reduce the cost by staying a few days less than we did. Also, the last hotel we stopped at was comped for us but very expensive, so keep that in mind when you see the breakdown! 🙂 We also went for 5 seats so that Miles would be comfortable on the long flight. If you don’t have three kids, then you save money there too! 

Flights x 5 seats  $4,486 – you can get really good prices if you search early and check frequently. I used the Hopper app for these tickets and we ended up flying into Copenhagen, stayed there for a week and then flew to Norway. From Norway – we traveled by car and flew out from Oslo back  home. This is the total price for all 3 flights.
Rental Car x 5 days in Norway (we got their largest vehicle since we needed to fit three seats across, insurance and 2 car seats included)  $750
Airbnb in Copenhagen x 4 nights  $1500 (we ran into some issues with the first Airbnb and had to book two places in Copenhagen last minute which was a huge pain in the butt. We made it work and it was all part of the adventure! I will get into depth with the specific places we stayed while in Copenhagen when I write that post separately)
Money allotment for eating x 13 days (we ate breakfast frequently in our airbnb):  $1500
1st Airbnb in Bergen Norway  $1560 (this was for 3 nights)
2nd Airbnb in Flam Norway    $1100 (this was right on the water and we were there for two nights)
3rd place in Norway – Gaustablikk Hotel in the mountains  $575 (2 nights)
Norway in a nutshell tour   $508
Gas for rental car   $150
Taxis to and from airports  $350
Private boat tour in Copenhagen     $300
Miscellaneous $500


TOTAL: $13,279 
(This can be significantly different if you switched up accommodations or got cheaper flights (or need less than 5 seats)
Now, I get it. Not everyone is going to want to save that much money to take a 2 week trip with their family but THIS is a huge priority for us as a family. It was an unforgettable trip that I think about daily and the kids bring up all the time. We made so many memories there that I will never forget and that’s what it’s all about. Discovering new cultures, making memories and breaking free from our normal routine. If you do decide to go on a similar trip, I would absolutely LOVE to hear about it! This trip was slightly more expensive than our trip to Switzerland & Austria (we actually had a few things comped for us on that trip). 

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  1. Wow! Looks so amazing!! I tried clIcking on the link to your airbnb in bergen and unfortunately it did not work. Can you change it oN the pdF or email it to me when you get a chance?


  2. I loved reading aboUT your triP buT gosh thats expensive. We did 26 days (3 flights were covered by points) arOund Europe and Stayed at nice airbnbs for $10k. This inclUded the 4 hopper flights. Is that area more expensive?