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Packing Your Hospital Bag Checklist

I have written a few blog posts on packing your hospital bag checklist in the past 7 years but wanted to do another since it has been updated slightly! The hospital will provide you with many of the things you need for baby and yourself but I pack the below items to make me feel more “at home”. I am only about 30% packed right now because I am waiting on a few things to arrive and then finishing up! I created a printable list that you can use to guide you through your own packing as well! CLICK HERE to download it or just click on the image below! 

Packing Your Hospital Bag Checklist

Before we get started, here is the link to my hospital bag (my FAVORITE – currently on sale 40% off with additional 15% off with code: SPRING2SUMMER) & my packing cubes!

The Mama Essentials:
Nursing Pajamas x 2 sets || I am LOVING these nursing friendly striped pajamas that you guys have seen me wearing a lot lately. They are perfect for postpartum in the hospital too! I also love these dresses from Kyte Baby & Dwell Slumber! The one from Kyte Baby is a bit more “put together” and allows you to wear it on a day to day basis for errands too! 🙂 
Nursing bras || I packed these for my bag this time around, they are SO comfy!
Nursing Tanks || these always come in handy to wear underneath things or just alone with pajama pants!
Going Home Outfit || you can check out my “5 outfits for mom and baby to wear home from the hospital” HERE || I plan on wearing outfit #1!
Lightweight Robe || I have this nursing gown and robe set and LOVE it! The robe is perfect but if you want simple & neutral, this is my pick!

Packed in this toiletry/makeup bag!

Body Wash/Lotion for after birth shower || I use these reusable bottles and put in the body wash/shampoo and lotion that I use on a daily basis inside!
Face wash
Chapstick || I have this amazing slightly tinted one (in honey) that I love and I have it in regular as well!
Wash Cloth
Hair Brush/hair ties
Deodorant || you know I love my clean Native deodorant
For the Labor/Birth:
Yeti Cup || I bring this with me everywhere because it keeps my water ice cold and I love it!
Twinkle Lights || per a suggestion from the hypnobirthing class I took! Setting the mood and making you feel more relaxed! I packed these!!
Playlist || I am currently working on my labor playlist and I will share it on stories once it’s finished! 
Room Spray | an essential oil blend that I will share! 
Affirmation Cards || you can print out the ones I made here! To make them sturdier, print them out on cardstock! 
For the Recovery:
Postpartum Undies || I live in the underwear from the hospital with a pad OR better yet, these which means you don’t need to attach a pad to your underwear every hour 😉 
Nipple Balm || this brand is my favorite!
Perineal Ice Maxi Pads || These are awesome in the hospital underwear that you get!
Perineal Medicated with Witch Hazel Cooling Pad Liners || these are freaking amazing inside the “diapers” I linked above!
Upside Down Peri Bottle || NOT a necessity since the hospital will give you bottles that they have but this one is a bit easier to use!
Dermoplast || reliefs itching, pain and burning – pretty great for recovery!
Hemorrhoid Treatment || this you really only need for home!
For Baby:
Going home outfit || you can check out my “5 outfits for mom and baby to wear home from the hospital” HERE 
Sleepers/onesies || I am bringing a few hats for baby as well as these two outfits || one || two 
For Dad:
Change of outfit x 2 
Water Bottle
Phone charger & extension cord
Camera if you want to bring one
Car Seat || the one we have has a built in stroller so it doesn’t take up room in your car – GENIUS!
Hand Sanitizer
Wallet/Drivers License/Insurance Card
Healthy Snacks/gum || I always bring a milk boosting snack too! 
Towel (if you don’t want to use the hospital one)

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  1. This is a great list! I didn’t use much at the Hospital, but i wished i’d packed velcro swaddles and pacifiers. I didn’t think i’d use those ever, but once i met my son, it was clear they would make life easier!

    1. Love this! Thank you! My Third time around and i love that this list is not overboard but still covers everything.