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Master Bathroom Remodel Reveal

I spent quite a while going over the master bathroom remodel and how I wanted it to look. I changed my mind quite a few times but finally settled on an inspiration board (you can see that here along with the before pictures) and went with it! I am incredibly happy with the results and taking a shower in here is like taking a shower in a resort spa! I feel like I am on vacation when I step in here! I wanted it to have a touch of farmhouse, romance and modern all in one. 

Master Bathroom Remodel // master bathroom design ideas // farmhouse bathroom

Master Bathroom Remodel Reveal

You can scroll all the way to the bottom of the post for the sources of all the items you can see here! 

When it comes to room design, there is no rhyme or reason for me, I just go with it. I knew that I wanted this wallpaper because I have been eyeing it for years so I started with that. From there, I chose the vanity. I knew I wanted a wood vanity but I changed my mind a few times with the tone/color of the wood. I am SO happy with this darker wood choice because my original plan was a lighter wood. After choosing the vanity, I found the sconces. These three items were what I based the entire bathroom design on and I am really happy with the overall result!

Master Bathroom Remodel // master bathroom design ideas // farmhouse bathroom

Start to finish, the whole process took about 4 weeks. We had to wait for the installation of the glass shower door for a few weeks after that but otherwise it was complete and usable! We contracted this whole project out because both of us have very little time for any projects and we have been saving for this project for quite awhile! Including material/labor – the entire project cost around $19,000. I always get questions about that so I wanted to share because it gives you all an idea of how much you need to save. You can definitely save money by choosing a cheaper vanity or glass shower door. We went with a custom shower door so it was more expensive! 

Master Bathroom Remodel // master bathroom design ideas // farmhouse bathroom


Mirror – sold out but here are a few similar options:

Floor Tile | We used a light gray grout so that it blended in well but also hid the dirt!

Sconces | I have no idea but I think these make the bathroom! I just feel so cozy and “at home” with these in here! When I bought them, I wasn’t sure how it would work out but it definitely worked out for the best!

Faux Plant

Wallpaper | I have loved this wallpaper from the moment I saw it! We put a polyvine dead flat varnish right over it to protect it since it’s in the bathroom! I just got it online here!

Similar Showerhead

Vanity, Sink Faucet, Toilet Paper Holder | Signature Hardware

Bath Mat | I have had a ton of questions on this mat! I got it from Anthro last year but they still stock it!

Master Bathroom Remodel // master bathroom design ideas // farmhouse bathroom
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  1. Love this so much! I’m debating using many of the same things in our bathroom reno!! Can you share your vanity? And what tile you used in the Shower? Same floor tile? Thank you!! I will plan to order using your links for wallpaper, tile and evErything! 🙂