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Holiday Gift Guide | No Such Thing As Bad Weather

First holiday gift guide of 2020 is live! I figured what better way to start off than with a “No such thing as bad weather” gift guide! This gift guide has a few of our favorite books and a few things that are perfect for getting your kids to start enjoying the outdoors! 
3.) Outdoor Space Dome Climber – so many of you have raved about these and some even use it as a fort with a sheet over it and hang a circle seat swing in the middle of it too! This 60 inch one is the exact one that everyone recommends!
4.) Slackline Kit – great for building balance/confidence! This blog post is helpful!
5.) Muddy Mud Kitchen – heard WONDERFUL things about this one! 
6.) Slingshot – thought this was pretty cool for the right ages 😉 
7.) Scavenger Hunt Card Game – suggested by many of you!
8.) Hiking backpack – We are having their grandparents get this for the kids this year! You can fill it with a water bottle for hiking and some non perishable snacks! Maybe a little first aid kit too! These bravery bandaids are too cute! As for books to throw in, I love this kids guide to exploring nature here and the activity book here!
9.) Outdoor Book – tons of activities to do outdoors!
10.) Kuling – outdoor gear to keep kids warm! Reima is also another amazing Scandinavian brand that makes weather appropriate gear for kids! Code: LYNZY20 gets your 20% off sitewide!
11.) Indoor Playground Toddler Climber Slide – This has awesome reviews and is such a great way to bring the outdoors – INdoors! WOW that sold out fast-you guys are quick! Here is another one!!
12.) Walkie Talkies – a fun way to get outdoors and play games!
13.) Kids Moon Club – a worldwide club for kids to be a part of nature together – enrollment opens Dec. 2021!
14.) Wild Explorers Club –  an adventure program for kids that includes the following:
  • Weekly adventure assignment and video for each animal level
  • Monthly “Wild Explorers” print magazine in the mail
  • Wild Explorers patch in the mail when you start
  • Embroidered patch upon completing each level
  • Field guide and sticker book for each animal level
  • Downloadable certificates for completing each animal level
  • Additional adventure resources on our website
  • An award at the completion of the program
15.) Tinkergarten – outdoor classes you can purchase in advance as a gift card!

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  1. I live your guide about getting outdoors. Would love to know if you gave a guide about strollers or maybe a link to the one you are using. Saw it in your stories on IG a while back and I had missed the link. Thank you.