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Community Giving || Families in Need

The other day while going through DMs, I came across many telling me how much they could use the $500 cash giveaway that I am currently running and my heart broke. There are SO many in need right now and I want to be able to help. My initial thought was to adopt two families and fulfill their amazon wish lists but when the emails came pouring in, I just knew that this could and WILL be something bigger. WE ARE PART OF A COMMUNITY that lives to raise each other up. I feel very called to this and I am putting every ounce of my energy and focus into it right now. I do believe that this could be an ongoing way to give back to the community as well so if you haven’t heard from me yet, please be patient! Emails are very backed up at the moment! This list will continue to grow DAILY so I will post when I add more and I will also let you know once we have fulfilled a family’s list. MY GOAL IS TO FULFILL ALL OF THESE and by the power of Christ, I KNOW THAT WE CAN. Every little bit counts and some of these are $5-10 items so just do what you can to help – it will go a long way! 

This community will continue to amaze me each and every day. LET’S LIFT THESE FAMILIES UP in PRAYER and what we can do to make their holiday a special one this year. LET’S DO THIS! 

Once the item is purchased, it disappears off the list so you won’t see what’s already been purchased!

1.) The Marzuq Family || I am a third grade teacher in Richmond Va.  One of my students and his family is in need of assistance for Christmas.  The mother passed away suddenly on December 1st from heart failure.  She was waiting on a transplant and collapsed before that could happen.  The family is the sweetest and they are always looking out for each other and for those around them.  There are 4 children total, ages 18, 8, 6, and 2.  Their grandmother has taken them on and expressed to me the need for help with the funeral and the holidays.  As a school, we helped to raise money for funeral costs but they still need help getting presents.  This was a sudden and devastating loss for them.  Thank you for any help in advance.

Amazon Wish List for The Marzuq Family

2.) The Montesneito Family || Our family has a few obstacles his year. Mom, Erika, was diagnosed with gastric cancer early in the year and has been undergoing treatments – chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation and surgery since her diagnosis. Mom was hospitalized previously due to complications from radiation treatments. She’s tried to do all of her treatments while attempting to work full time to provide for her family. Dad, Aaron, has been laid off twice this year and they have both been unemployed since mom has been recovering from surgery in October. Our daughters, Lexie is in college full time and Stacie is in high school. We have been worried about providing Christmas for the girls since we have been having financial difficulties recently. They have endured so much watching their mom suffer through living with cancer and the side effects of the medications used to treat it. We would also appreciate prayers for our family during this difficult time. We want to thank you for your generosity in helping us this year.

3.) The Walsh Family || Last May we were evicted from our apartment with a 6month old baby because my husband lost his job and we couldn’t afford it anymore. That lead us to move in with my mom and grandparents. We have 3 dogs and a now 2 year old little boy and all of us were in one room and put most of our stuff in storage. We finally found an apartment this past June and moved in in August however now that we are in and settled we realize that it’s a little more than we could afford. But we are here and need to make it work for the rest of our lease. We are now forced to go to food pantries and clothing drives because we can’t afford much more. We recently lost my grandmother and the holidays are already so hard without her, now add in the inability to buy presents for my son or get him stocking stuffers, etc. my husband and I need new wither clothes/shoes but can’t afford them and we don’t even know how we are going to have a Christmas dinner.

4.) The Marines Family || In March of this year, my sister found out at her pregnancy anatomy scan that their baby’s heart was not developing properly and that he would be born with a congenital heart disease. After multiple appointments and switching care from her OB to a team of specialists and cardiologist, it was determined that Owen had pulmonary valvular stenosis and that’s he would need surgery immediately after birth. As he continued to grow in her tummy, his heart condition worsened and at 39 weeks they decided that he had “cooked long enough” and that they would induce labor in order to get him into surgery ASAP. Owen was born on Friday, June 28th and was taken immediately to the NICU where he was prepared for surgery first thing Monday morning.  Owen’s surgery went according to plan and he is on a slow road to recovery, with lots of appointments and check-ups along the way. They are also adjusting to a different pace of life as they have to be very cautious and keep him from being exposed to illnesses as much as possible. Because of this, they decided to pull their oldest out of school and homeschool.  As you can imagine, delivery, a NICU stay, and an infant heart surgery have added a lot of financial stress on their plates. On top of this, they have been dealing with car issues for the past few months and the mechanic just recently told them that the car was no longer worth the amount that they were putting into it and that he expects something “catastrophic” to happen to the engine within the next year or so. They were denied financial aid through their hospital and have multiple thousands in medical bills and now they owe more than what their car is worth and need to get out from under it and into a reliable family car that will allow them to get to an from appointments. Living off of a single income while my sister is a stay-at-home mom and homeschool the oldest makes things difficult, even though they know it is the best and safest option for Owen.
5.) The Wyckoff Family LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED || 
I would like to nominate my Aunt and Uncle, Jan and Tommy Wyckoff. They live in the Florida Panhandle and were devastated by Hurricane Michael last year and still have not recovered. Two trees fell on their trailer and they lost not only their home but most of their belongings. Two of their grandchildren (my second cousins) live with them and they are trying to rebuild their lives with very limited resources (they didn’t have insurance so none of this was covered). My aunt is so selfless and would never ask for anything but I know it would mean so much to her to not only have help with some of the necessities, but to be able to give her grandchildren a Christmas as well.
Amazon Wish List for the Wyckoff Family 

6.) The Hansmeyer Family || LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED || Several months ago her husband was in a mountain biking accident where he broke his neck and had crushing injuries to C1 and C7. They did surgery and flew him to one of the top rehab hospitals in the USA (Craig in Denver,CO). She had just found out she was pregnant with her third baby and has two really busy boys who are 4 and 2. They originally live in Duluth and have been displaced since his accident in August. They are  going to Dallas to live with her parents while they figure out how much mobility he can regain.  Brok (her husband) is a self employed realtor and she stays at home with the boys. They have overcome so many obstacles including her having Lyme disease and really are the most kind and generous people.  I don’t know how much they will be able to afford for Christmas since they are in limbo and won’t even be at their own home. She’s having a baby girl after 2 boys so I would love to bless them with baby girl things as well!

A link to more of his story and images/video here!

Amazon Wish List for The Hansmeyer Family

7.) The Rivera Family LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED || 

I would like to nominate a coworker of mine, Glory Rivera.  She is the most kind, unselfish, god loving woman you will ever meet.  We both work at an animal shelter in Pennsylvania where she is so dedicated to her work and the animals.  She also volunteers her time and services with her church. She is married with 2 kids, both in elementary school.  Despite her and her husband both having good jobs they are struggling to make ends meet.  It is so horrible that in todays day and age a family like this can be one tragedy away from bankrupcy or homelessness.  They currently only have one car between them to take both of them to work and both kids to school.  They also have had the heat turned off in the freezing Pennsylvania winter. To top off all of this, their family cat just passed away on Monday and the family is devastated. Please please consider the Rivera family for your families in need. Even if it is just to ensure they can have heat for the winter. Glory would be forever grateful!! She has done so much for us and the animals in our care.  

Amazon Wish List for The Rivera Family 

8.) The Cavale Family LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED ||

Sometimes life just feels too hard and so surreal… it’s been one of those seasons for the Cavale family. In a matter of two years, Jessica’s dad and mom have both passed away, and they’ve also miscarried three babies. This May they found out they were expecting another baby BOY who would be due the same week that her mom passed away the year before. They were full of joy over another baby coming into their family. At their 18 week ultrasound appointment, it showed various complications with the baby’s development. After another more conclusive test, their sweet baby has been diagnosed with the most severe version of Trisomy 13. Their doctor said, based on his ultrasound and genetic testing, he’s not sure if baby Jack will live full term, and if he does, his life expectancy is just a few days after he is delivered. This is sure to be the hardest season of their lives, thus far, and they are praying God shows up in some amazing ways. They are taking each day as it comes and are thankful to God for his little life. They have named their little boy: ** Jack Carmine Cavale ** . He was born on Saturday, December 8th and they are cherishing the amount of time they get to be with him before God chooses to take him home. Both parents are self employed, so taking this time to be with their family and little Jack is also taking its toll on them financially. They have two little boys at home (ages 5 & 3). Jessica is the sweetest person I have ever met. She holds her head high and walks with such grace and humility. She greets each person with a kiss on the cheek and makes you feel loved. I can’t imagine trying to Christmas shop or get things together for Christmas while going through something like this. I know they would appreciate anything-and I know they are BEYOND deserving. 
Amazon Wish List for The Cavale Family 

9.) The Harshbarger Family || I want to pay it forward and help my single mama friend, Amy and her 2 boys! Amy is also a struggling single mother and doesn’t have help or resources. She always makes sure her sons (11 and 6) are provided for and will help others in need and sacrificing her needs for those. She’s not able to get her boys any gifts and she’s in desperate need of tires, the ones she has on her car are unsafe to drive on. The boys need basic things like shoes and socks (included on the list). I want to bless her with gifts and tires this Christmas season! 

Amazon Wish List for the Harshbarger Family 

10.) Anthony & Family || LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED || My little cousin Anthony has being fighting to live since the day he was born. He was born with Down syndrome and had open heart surgery a few months into his life. In 2012, he was diagnosed with leukemia. Ever since then he has been in and out of hospitals trying to fight the ugly disease. For a few years he was cancer free. Until the leukemia returned in 2017. He is the strongest person I know and he will to live is just so inspiring. He had been doing alright but was hospitalized again last month. A week ago we got the heart wrenching news that he has stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma. We don’t know how he’ll respond to treatment and this might be his last Christmas (praying to God that he makes it). I wanted to nominate my cousin and his parents and little sister to be recipients of the Christmas magic. If this is truly his last Christmas I want him to have the best Christmas ever. He deserves it. The only one currently working is my uncle and he works in construction so his hours are unstable right now as the stormy weather is approaching. It would be a blessing to get them help in buying Christmas gifts for my two cousins and just clothes. I also know how much they struggle with gas expenses from traveling home and to the hospital. I will be so grateful if you adopted my cousin and his family and gave them a Christmas to remember. 

Amazon Wish List for Anthony & Family 

11.) The Boatright Family LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED || 

The Boatright family has been dealing with the devastating disease, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease, a terminal Illness). The husband was diagnosed in April 2018 at the young age of 40. His wife is his full time caretaker. They have three boys that are 16, 13 & 12 who all love & play sports. The boys are trying to keep up with their workouts & practices even though their Dad can no longer help them. He has always been involved in sports and loves to watch his boys play. This year has been extremely hard on the family & we hope to provide an extra special Christmas for them this year. Time is precious & not promised. Gift cards for gas, groceries & quick meals would be amazing for this busy family.

Amazon Wish List for The Boatright Family

Amazon Wish List for The Bryan Family
14.) The Cho Family || LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED ||  A single mom to two boys, ages 3 and 2 – this family has endured a living nightmare under the emotional and physical abuse of their father/husband. They have been displaced to live in her parent’s small apartment. Having been a stay at home mom, she was left with nothing in her pockets to provide for her family. The husband was guilty of an extra-marital affair and has not been helping financially. Not a day goes by when her eldest misses his dad and asks for him constantly, but still remembers him as someone “who threw him away”. But when he does get a chance to chat with his father, he tenses up and refuses to talk because of the fear and trauma he has endured. The mom is a woman of incredible faith, humbling herself to show grace to her husband, in hopes that it would transform his heart. She is wisely trying to navigate her role as a single mom and to be a safe, solid foundation for her growing boys. She is not one to ask for help, rather, she believes every other family mentioned on this page is far more deserving. Their wish list only has the most basic essential needs. Please kindly consider uplifting their spirits during this season of giving. And if you are financially unable, your prayers of reconciliation and healing would be greatly appreciated. In faith, we can move mountains!
Amazon Wish List for the Cho Family 
15.) The Smith Family || LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED || The Smith Family has had big changes in last couple of years. Darby worked as a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist and Peter as a soccer coach. They have three precious young girls- Sable, Mae, and Joanna. However, about a year and a half ago, Joanna was diagnosed with ALL (leukemia). And so, her 2.5 year treatment plan began. The Smiths needed to move closer to the Children’s Hospital in Arkansas for Jo’s treatments, so Darby and Peter left their jobs and moved their family here. Darby is homeschooling her girls, taking care of Joanna, and hustling to gain clients to support her family. Peter recently lost his job, and is also working hard to support his family in whatever way he can. I would love for them to be able to relax this holiday season… to enjoy their girls and not have to worry about Christmas lists. They are at the halfway point of this grueling journey of cancer treatment and could use the encouragement to keep fighting the good fight.
Amazon Wish List for the Smith Family 
16.) Malia & The Lee Family || LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED ||  Malia is a very close friend of my daughter, and we have recently found out about the heartbreaking year her family has had. In January, Malia and her brothers, 5 year old Camden and 10 year old Mitchell, lost their Mom after her fight with breast cancer. Just a few months later, their Dad was shot and killed on the way home from work while driving on the interstate. Their Grandma has selflessly taken them in, but was not financially prepared to take on such a big responsibility so suddenly, and they could use all of the help they can get learning to navigate this new normal. Malia is the kindest, most loving little girl and I can’t think of a family more deserving of a magical Christmas.
Amazon Wish List for Malia & The Lee Family

17.) The Hartman Family || LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED || Ryan and Kristen have a two year old son and Kristen is 18 weeks pregnant with a rainbow baby girl. Ryan was recently diagnosed with a high grade glioma in his frontal lobe. They removed a tennis ball sized tumor last month and patiently waited for pathology results only to be hit with the worst news possible. The neurologist and oncologist have given Ryan 2 years to live if he goes through chemo and radiation, months if he chooses to forgo treatment. Ryan chose to start the treatment this week. Because of his symptoms and diagnosis, Ryan cannot be “unsupervised” so Kristen has been forced to resign from her position as a patient intake coordinator at a local hospital to be a full time care giver for her husband. She hadn’t worked at this job long enough to collect FMLA so she is without a pay check. Ryan is an Army veteran and gets a disability stipend from the VA but that is all they are currently financially living on. Because Ryan will be right in the middle of chemo and radiation treatments they are unfortunately having to forgo all the normal Christmas festivities. I am heartbroken for my friend and her little family and cannot fathom being in her shoes. I know they don’t have any extra money for gifts this year and this would be absolutely amazing for them. 

Amazon Wish List for the Hartman Family 

18.) The Lord Family || LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED || A mom of three, wife, child care provider, sister in Christ, and now cancer fighter, Niki has been a rock for so many people. After experiencing the devastating loss of her brother earlier this year, she found out through a recent doctor’s visit that she now has an aggressive form of Stage 2 breast cancer. Had she not gone to the doctor for a lump (that ended up being benign), it may have been some time before the cancerous lump (that she didn’t know was there) was identified. Needing immediate chemotherapy, Niki had to abruptly end her in-home childcare. This holiday season will be a difficult one – financially, emotionally, and physically yet in all of this turmoil, this family of five continues to find blessings. 

Amazon Wish List for the Lord family 

19.) The Taylor Family || LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED || Nominated by Kristie who is a teacher in the city of Richmond, Virginia. She teaches in a low income area where crime as broken apart many of the families. I have one student whose dad is in jail and her mother, bless her heart, is doing the best that she can. However, this child comes to school in clothes that are too big or torn. They could really use your help this year. 

Amazon Wish List for the Taylor Family

20.) The Sheets Family || LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED || The “family” I have in mind to nominate is not a traditional one. There is a woman at my church, Sally Sheets. Sally is a thirty-something single mom of a ten year old boy. She works at a day care here in town (Lima, Ohio). Sally is known around our church for her big heart. She takes in children from her daycare or her neighbors who are going through a tough time or don’t have places to stay. This Fall she has taken in 10 children ages 1-12 whose mother has been in and out of jail. She gives them stability while the rest of their lives are uncertain. She brings them to church twice a week where they know they will get loved on. Sally very often has no clue how she’s going to feed the children she cares for, relying on the Lord’s provision (which of course, he always provides). In addition to these kiddos that are in her home, she cares for so many others at the day care. Many of those children don’t have shoes or warm clothing that fits. 

Amazon Wish List for the Sheets Family

21.) The Vandygriff Family || LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED || “I’m nominating a family that is very dear to my heart. The family I’m nominating, is a (almost) single mom and 2 little girls. The mom is going through a really bad divorce with the husband and the little girls are definitely feeling the stress. The husband recently took all of their money out of their shared bank account so she is left with nothing. She has no money for gas or anything. I just want her little girls and their mom to have a wonderful Christmas and forget all the bad that is going on around them. This mom is such a trooper and deserves the world. I know she would be very grateful and so would the 2 littles. “

25.) The Barbo Family || LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED || Jeff and Gidget Barbo are high school sweethearts. They have two beautiful teenage daughters that enjoy baking. Jeff recently had a kidney transplant. The hospital is 2.5 hours away from home and they will be staying near the hospital for a while so he can get daily blood work, testing, etc. They will both not be working during this time while he heals. While this is a miracle in itself, I wanted to ease the stress and spread the Christmas spirit. I could not think of more deserving people. Thank you!

Amazon Wish List for The Barbo Family

26.) The Pisciotta-Raines Family || LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED ||  This newly single mother of two children (ages 4 and 9) was recently diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. I can hardly type the words. She’s in her early 30s. How?! Rachel lost her Dad to the same illness when she was much younger. She’s without parents and a spouse on this journey. You’d never know- Rachel carries herself with relentless positivity and grace and is only just beginning to accept that it’s okay to ask for help. She’s made a living the last several years as a model. She’s already one surgery down and she starts chemo on the 18th of this month. How much longer she is able to work/find work is truly anyone’s guess. Lord I pray that the industry is as graceful to her as she is to it. 

Amazon Wish List for the Pisciotta-Raines Family 

27.) The Tuttle Family || LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED || “I know a family in Texas. It’s a single father with a 6 year old girl. They experienced flooding during hurricane Harvey two years ago, and more recently tropical storm Imelda. He works hard to give his daughter everything he can and he goes without. He really wants to give her the experience of just being able to make Christmas cookies and go to the new toys r us store near them to pick out what she wants for Christmas then wrap it. She is size 7 in girls. He’s XL in men’s. She loves frozen, playing teacher, playing with her cousins, doing arts and crafts. He’s the type who would never ask for help.”

Amazon Wish List for the Tuttle Family

28.) The Loughlin Family || LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED || “My sister had a son born w special needs, 2 months in her husband rolled over and said “I didn’t sign up for this”. She is a single mother w 2 children and just took in my dad who is mentally ill w bipolar, he was living in respite after my mom died . I took my brother who has Down syndrome. I do the best I can to help her . She was laid off of her job 3 weeks ago and her landlord told her she’s selling the home they live in. It’s a mess. My dad needs winter clothes . She needs more dishes , kitchen items . Gloves , hats , coats .. I mean there Are so many things . Bedding even for the beds . Anything will help. Thank you!”
Amazon Wish List for The Loughlin Family

29.) The Johnson Family || LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED || Miss Lyla (Mikayla’s 1 year old daughter) was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Mikayla said it’s a year of treatment and Lyla needs a kidney removed (she has since undergone this surgery). They were life flighted to Children’s hospital In East River. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her mama. Lyla has had three rounds of chemo as of now (this was October). Having trouble keeping food down. They are waiting until the six week mark to decide if Lyla needs help removing part of the tumor on her left kidney as they will have to remove her right altogether. Still praying for the best outcome as we cheer little Lyla and Mikayla on. Mikayla is a nurse and single mother who is having to take a lot unpaid leave from work to care for Lyla. They are battling with insurance as they are refusing to cover the cost of multiple ER visits, a life flight, surgery, CT scan, hospital stays and more. 

Amazon Wish List for the Johnson Family

30.) The Parsons Family || LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED || They’ve been in a rough patch for several months. They were living in a family members fifth wheel while they searched for a new home after relocating for better work opportunities. What they thought would be a couple weeks turned into 3 plus months. During those months Everyone kept getting respiratory illnesses one after another. Upon further inspection they learned the fifth wheel was full of black mold and likely the reason everyone kept falling ill. With Funds still being tight after the move they couldn’t get into their own place, but knew they couldn’t continue to keep their children in the fifth wheel, so they packed their clothing and spent most of the month of October/early November couch crashing with Arlita’s dad in his tiny town house. Her husband has been working any and all overtime his employer could offer, and  By the grace of god an affordable housing option became available in the same complex as her father, and last week they were able to come up with enough money for a deposit and first months rent for a townhouse of their own! But now Christmas looks very bleak for the children. She knows they deserve a few gifts just like every other child, but is having to decide between Christmas presents or basic home necessities. This morning she told me the kids were using a box as a table to eat off of. Before moving they had to donate/leave behind most of the larger items they had in their previous home because they didn’t have anywhere to store those things. So here they are starting over. She poured her heart out to me this morning, just a mama wanting to keep the magic of Christmas alive for her sweet babies, but she her tired, broken, and at a loss.

Amazon Wish List for the Parson Family 

31.) The Anderson Family || LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED || Last year my stepdad ( 55 year old veteran) suffered a brain stem stoke which left him a quadriplegic and effected his speech. He sought out medical care for 3 days after “feeling off with his mobility and speech” but kept being sent home. My mother refused being discharged the last time so the hospital contacted Barnes Jewish hospital in St. Louis which then wanted him hair lifted immediately. The stroke was caught too late at that point. After the stroke and extensive hospital stay ( almost 4 months) all 3 of them were unable to work due to his extensive 24 hour care. They ended up losing their house,  my sisters car, and falling behind on bills. My mom has since went back to work but my sister who’s only 23 has to be his full-time caregiver. She has basically given up her life to care for him.  Luckily the VA has been amazing with helping with medical bills, it’s everything else that was lost. Although my stepdad lost his quality of life so young he has a harder time thinking he’s robbing my mom and sister of theirs as well. They have had a terrible year but try keep their spirits high. They could use some Christmas magic to take the stress off the holidays and lift their spirits.
Amazon Wish List for The Anderson Family

32.) The Albert Family || LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED || We are a family of 6, & we live in northern Maine. This past April the transmission in our van went and we had to spend all of our savings on that. My husband works, & I stay home with our youngest, plus watch a couple of kids to bring in some extra money. We rent a very old farm house with poor insulation. It’s heated off fuel, and you have to get 100 gallons, or more, at a time. We currently can’t afford that, so we get 5 gallons a day. The house is never warmer than 56-64. I actually swallows my pride and applied for food supplement & fuel assistance. We get around $150 a month in food assistance, and the fuel appointment isn’t until February. I do attend an amazing church, but I go to Sunday school with the pastor’s wife, & I’m too proud to ask for help. I have been purchasing some clothing for my family at the nearby consignment store but we are in need of basic necessities. Thank you so much!

Amazon Wish List for The Albert Family

33.) The Lisa & Annah Family || LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED || I am nominating Lisa & Annah- a 50yr old single mother and 17yr old high school senior. They also happen to be my mom & little sister! Backstory, my mom has provided a wonderful loving “bountiful” Christmas for us every year but this year it is just her and my sister. They live off of my mom’s disability check and my young sisters part time job. It’s been a tough year for them financially and having an uncertainty of what the future holds. When I asked what they want/needed for Christmas this year, the response was: “Groceries” & “Clothes” I know my mom cannot do what she used to and is making ends meet paycheck to paycheck. She is so deserving and I would love for her to have the groceries they need this season! She is the kindest and sweetest person I know and I would love to see her gifted back all the love she has provided us over the years. God Bless!

Amazon Wish List for the Lisa & Annah Family 

34.) The Manarite Family || LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED || My name is Jess and I am nominating my sister Justina. We try really hard to help where/ when we can but being a family of 5 there’s only so much we can do. She is just the best! She’s so caring and giving . She’s a single mom of 2 little girls who are her world. She had a really rough couple of years. Our mom passed away who was her best friend in the world and has a very small family. At the beginning of 2019 she got out of a very bad abusive relationship where she had to leave everything behind, they only had one duffel bag of clothes.  She lived in temporary housing for a while and really had a bad year trying to figure out things/ life. She is now is a very tiny apartment but still needs so much. I would love for her girls to have an amazing holiday and show her hard work pays off and it take a village to raise a family. My nieces are the most caring 7 and 5 year old and don’t ever expect anything and know how hard work will pay off but would love to help take the load off just a little bit and give them a Christmas to remember in their new home with their mama 🙂 

Amazon Wish List for The Manarite Family 

35.) The Little Family || LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED || I would like to nominate a single father, from my small group at church, named Ryan. He has a 1 y/o daughter and is in the midst of a custody battle that is breaking his spirit and the bank. He currently lives quite a ways from his daughter and spends a majority of their time together on his 3 visitation days driving to pick her up and drop her off. He is currently waiting to get approval for over night stays, but the legal aspect has been taking much longer than he had expected. He has had to cut back his work hours so that he can spend time with his daughter. He is falling behind on bills and isn’t making ends meet. He would rather go without than lose time with his daughter. Any help that he could get this holiday season would be such a blessing to him.

Amazon Wish List for The Little Family

36.) The Sarah & River Family || LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED || Last December, my family got a call from our family friend, Sarah and her 8 month old baby boy, River. They came home to find a locksmith at their house changing the locks. River’s father tried to change the locks to their house while Sarah and River were not home in an effort to render them homeless. This was in Idaho, in 10 degree weather. Regardless of the reasons why he did this, he showed a complete lack of care for his 8 month old son and made no plan for where Sarah and River would live or how they would survive. He then took Sarah’s car and left her with a bank account that was over drafted. My family took Sarah and River in, let her borrow a car, and have been helping them to get back on their feet this past year.  Sarah has gone through hell this past year, as River’s father immediately moved to another state and does not visit their child, has not provided any child support and Sarah did not have any money or a job. Despite this, Sarah knew she had to pick herself up and figure out a way to provide for her and her son, so she started up an allergy friendly cookie business, Happy Hannah Cakes (@happyhannahcakes). The cookie business was doing really well at Farmers Markets in Jackson, Wyoming, where she was staying with my parents. But the Farmers Market season came to an end in September, so my parents helped her move to Phoenix and get a studio apartment to work on a more long term solution. She is now living in Phoenix, raising and supporting River completely on her own, and working harder than I’ve ever seen anyone work to get her cookie business to take off.  Sarah is doing everything she can to provide for her son, despite so many challenges, including being the sole caretaker/provider of her now 20 month old son. Starting a business requires her to spend most of what she makes at this point, so her finances are tight to say the least. My family is doing our best to help her with basic necessities, but I know Sarah sacrifices a lot to make sure River is fed and provided for. Sarah is the type of person who thinks of others even during her darkest moments, and she never complains regardless of how hard things are. She is the most resourceful and thoughtful person and I know she will eventually be successful, but right now she could really use some help getting through this season. I saw your community giving blog and Sarah and River were the first people I thought of. I hope they can be included in your list of families! I know Sarah and River would be beyond grateful for any help. 

Amazon Wish List for Sarah & River Family 

37.) The Sardina Family || LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED || “The family I want to recommend in particular are my neighbors, the Sardina family. They have 9 kids and live happily, gratefully, and efficiently in a 2300 square ft. cottage. They’ve recently adopted a little 3 year old little boy named Zeke, who’s medical file labeled him as a blind, quadriplegic, with cerebral palsy at birth. Here’s an article from the Buffalo News that summarizes Zeke’s challenges in more depth and outlines the families journey to take him in. What is truly amazing about this family is that they are genuinely not in want of anything. They are humble, gracious, abundantly generous with what they have, and expect nothing-no help, no aid, no praise. They see their lives as an active testimony of God’s faithfulness, provision, and steadfastness,  and it is with great responsibility and heart that they charge through peaks and valleys of the day to day. A quote from Sarah (the mom): “Financially, it is really hard, We cannot keep up with all the American dream standards. But we do not feel our kids have lacked in terms of character and heart.” 

Amazon Wish List for the Sardina Family 

38.) The Trancosco Family || LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED || One of my coworkers could really use this adoption this year for Christmas. A year or two ago her second (of 4) oldest child became ill out of nowhere and spent majority of his time in the ER or in Cincinnati, OH at the children’s hospital. On top of all the medical issues Alex endured, he also suffers from slight autism, so you could imagine how traumatic the whole experience was for him. After many months of trying to figure out what was wrong, he ended up getting his pancreas removed and had to endure a long(life long)recovery that still effects his everyday life. They spent almost 6 months in Cincinnati for his recovery. The family had to drive back and forth every other day for work, animals, and school for the other 3 kids. Carrie(the mother) ended up having to take a leave of absence from work, making their bills get behind, as well as struggle to provide food, clothes, etc for the family. While going back and forth for appointments in Cincinnati, it came to Carries attention that her middle child wasn’t acting right as well. Because she has been dealing with everything related to her second eldest child, all the doctors did not believe her. Her 3rd son ended up being diagnosed with POTTS syndrome and one of his kidneys is almost nonfunctional(he has had to have many biopsies done). So, within a 2 year span half of her children have been diagnosed with major medical issues. Not to mention because of everything that went on, the medical bills are through the roof. Because of all that has been thrown at her and her family, Carrie and her family just cannot seem to get their heads above water. Still to this day, they have no idea how to make ends meet even working as much as her and her husband can. She tries to be the most positive person around and never ever complains about her situation. It breaks my heart I cannot do more for her. Her boys deserve a good Christmas with everything they have and still are enduring.

Amazon Wish List for The Trancosco Family 

39.) Clara’s Family || LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED || My best friend’s 4 month old daughter, was admitted to AI DuPont Children’s hospital and was immediately intimated and sedated. What they thought was a upper respiratory infection, was actually an ALCAPA heart defect. She was literally the most critical patient in the hospital. She has now been through numerous procedures, but the damage to her heart was too profound. She has just recently received a heart transplant. She is now 8 months old and had been downgraded out of the CICU, but still has not been able to discharge. My friend and her husband, have been out of work since the day of admission. They are struggling to stay afloat. After her daughter goes home, she will need countless appointments with specialists, physical therapy, and will be on medications for the rest of her life. They currently have a GoFundMe account to offset their expenses. As of right now, their medical insurance is denying coverage to her anti-rejection medications. They really have been through it all. Anything that can be done to help would be amazing!

Amazon Wish List for Clara & her family 

40.) The Martin Family || LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED || They have been through job loss quite a few times in the past two years. They lost their job and home down South and had to move back home up North to live with family. Because they could not get jobs fast enough the stay with family has went from possible months to over a year now. They are down to one vehicle because of a car accident and the car they do have is on its last leg and needing repairs all the time. The father took what job he could get and took a huge pay cut from what used to be their norm. They know they are blessed to have a job and a roof over their heads but trying to care for four children and their needs takes all of their pay with nothing left to enjoy the holiday season. They do have family close that have been helping a lot but their help can only go so far. I do know the children have adjusted well with moving to a new area and new school and they are healthy and that is a blessing. I just want them to not stress so much this year through Christmas!

Amazon Wish List for the Martin Family

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  1. This is such a wonderful idea! I love your blog and just have to run the idea by the hubs before I start shopping (we have been trying to figure out how to spend our charitable budget this month). May God use this to bless all the families you’ve highlighted. <3

  2. So happy for this opportunity to help others in need. Thank you Lynzy for making this possible! Together, we can do
    Great things!
    MeRry ChrIstmas!



    Any chance you could put smaller amount visa cards on the Hartman’s AMazon page? I’d love to give to more than one family, but can’t do a full $100 for each.

    1. Look at that? It posted in mixed case for some of it. lol . I have no clue what is going on. Figured this might give you a little chuckle. 😉

  4. I purchased airpods on black friday from walmart because was really good deal. I would love to gift to the one list that asked for the sister, but how would it get there if i select to buy somewhere else option?

    1. Hi Tori,

      its not letting me comment but please contact me on the email listed in Anthony’s wishlist and we’ll get it sorted out.

  5. It is heartwarMing to see all of these people hell those in need. My family and i have given what we can and i wish We had the funds to Give morE but we will continue to pray that every single of of these families are given exactly what they DESERVE this holiday seasOn Which is Kindness and hope.
    Thank you lynzy!

  6. Thank you for compiling this list! Im crying for these families. Thank you for giving me the OPPORTUNITY to help in my small way! MERRY ChristmaS !

  7. The coats left on the list for the Cho family can’t be shipped to a gift reGistry address. I got the message when i tried to add them to the cart.

    1. Me too! Hopefully the people who submitted the lists will check and update thoes items. Theres something i really want to buy but it wont ship to registry either 🙁

  8. You are amazing! Thank you for using your platform for good and shining light On those in need. You are incredible! Hope your family has a bLessed christmas ❤️

  9. Hi there—tried to buy from the jOhnson’s list (list #1), but their shipPing address wasn’t included as an optioN. Next, i tried the Kelly list (#2), and that one did include their address as an option (hiddEn for Privacy obviously). You may just want to double check all of them. Thanks for doing this. Such a great idea!

  10. i am trying to purchase something off the list for the johnson family but it isnt giving me an address to send to! any help?!

  11. I have shared this blog post amongst my friends & Family and i just almost cry happy tears because this is incredible. to be able to help families during such a hard season of life is just so heartwarming. what you are doing is god’s work <3 I'VE FOLLOWED YOU FOR A WHILE NOW AND YOU ARE ALWAYS GIVING SO MUCH. happy holidays to you and your family lynzy.

  12. Crying so hard reading through all of these. Thank you so much for helping to make the hOlidays bRighter for these people. I thought i was having a bad day. Thank you for the perspective. Just made a pUrchase. Thank you Thank you.

  13. I tried to send a few things to the Sardina family and the address is not valid.

    “We’re sorry. This item can’t be shipped to a Wish List or gift registry address.” Can you possibly send me an updated address or update it in the system. thank you!

    1. Also for the The Lisa & Annah Family, there is nothing on the amazon wish list. Let me know where i might send some holiday cheer!

  14. The magic of christmas is one thing as a child, but Watching all of this unfold is truly the magic of christmas as an adulT! Thank you for Doing this!!

  15. Hi Lynzy!
    I just purchased items but fyi, the carters jacket on the williams list says it won’t ship to a gift address! Not sure why, but thought they might want to try picking another one. 🙂

    I am in love with this goal, and hope we can get to 50 families!
    Merry christmas!
    Kristen G.

  16. What a fantastic idea and great use of Your platform! This is so wonderful to see especially at this time of Year! Thank you foe being a beacon of light!

  17. Hi Lynzy! Love this list! I’m trying to purchase the tires for Amy H, but when I check out, it says the tires can’t be shipped to a wish list or gift registry address. Any other way I can do this? Thanks!

  18. Hello Lynzy,
    Thanks so much for organizing this unique and thoughtful plan to help so many!!! We take so many things for granted and reading these stories and seeing the suffering that people endure makes me want to help everyone! I did help one family and hope many others follow your lead! You are an amazing person!!! May god bless you for all that you do and your selfless actions should be an example to so many!!!

    Merry Christmas!!!


  19. Thank you for organizing this, what a wonderful way to bring some holiday magic to those that need it most.

    I am trying to lOok at the Cavale family’s wishlist and it doesnt look like there is a link. Have their requests already been fulfilled?

  20. I have never seen such a BEAUTIFUL thing on the internet/social media, ever. This is amazing and i am proud to be Apart of your community!

  21. I just want to thank you, Lynzy for heading this up and to thank every one who helped bless my family and all the other families in need. This is such a beautiful thing.

  22. Wow! Just seeing this now and this is the most Incredible initiative to use your amazing following in such a pOsitive way. so beautiful to have a part in making these many people have a happy christmas.