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Cold Weather Layering for Kids & Mama

After reading just a few pages into “No Such Thing as Bad Weather” I knew I had to get the winter layers my kids need to get outside more during the cold temperatures. They have been getting outside WAY more than usual this year due to the pandemic and I am really grateful for that! These cold weather layering items will come in handy as the temperatures drop and you want to continue to give your kids that fresh air that is so vital to their happiness and development! Here we go! 

Cold Weather Layering for Kids & Mama

For Kids

Base Layer

Wee Woolies | I got the kids base layers from here and they are 100% merino wool and a great price! 

I also really love these fleece lined leggings for the girls to go to school in when it’s cold!

MidLayer – fleece

I got these on sale for the girls and this one for Miles! 

These are the pants I got to go over the wool base layer! There is also this zip up that you could do instead of the fleece above!

They also have this set (girls/boys) which I wish I saw earlier because it has the fleece top AND pants for $37.99!

Honestly, I love everything Kuling 😉 

Snowsuits/Rain suits

Cozy-Dry Waterproof Fleece Lined Suit for Rain & Snow || This is the suit I got for Miles and everyone says it’s great for snow and rain! It’s definitely more affordable than some of the Scandinavian brand ones! 

Oaki || this is a really great affordable brand that makes rain and snow gear for kids! Heard great things about it! 

Reima || I purchased the girls rain gear from here! Their snow suits are actually Helly Hansen because I got them for a great price on Zulily awhile back! 

kids snowsuit | I got this snowsuit to compare it with the amazon one I got for Miles. I will show you the difference on stories once they arrive! Since they are so different in price I wanted to see what the differences are. 

infant snowsuit | after searching for WAY too long, I landed on this one. This brand is Scandinavian and I really trust them when it comes to keeping the kids warm. That extra fur trim adds warmth around the face too! I ordered the 74 cm – which is around 6 months. Maggie is almost 4 months now but she will be 6 months at the peak of the coldness here! She is also very tall so I wanted it to fit her well! 


Kids Snow Boots |  I really love THESE (toddler sizing) because they are super lightweight and easy for the kids to run around in! THESE here are for bigger kids sizing!

Kids Rain Boots | For rain boots, we use Hunter boots and size up a bit – they last a LONG time and I hand them down to each kids as they grow!


socks | these are the wool socks we use!

infant mittens | I got these for Maggie Moo 😉 but I also love these that have the connected string!

 – kids mittens | extremely warm for winter and I always throw one of these heat packs in there too! 

** Edited to add that I just found these that I think are genius because they have the connected string that prevents them from constantly falling off! Plus, what girl doesn’t want to put unicorns on her hands?!

balaclava |  I layer these under the hoods of their rain or snow suits!

I will have a completely separate blog post coming soon on how to dress baby <12 months for the cold weather!

For Mamas

Hybrid Fleece Tight (in picture) | I recently got these because I heard they are AWESOME for cold weather and I was really digging their lighter color! If you want a plain pair of fleece leggings that come in black – these are freaking awesome! 

Base Layer (in pictures below) | I just got this for running outdoors but will also be using it as my base layer for going outdoors once it’s cold! I love that it has the built in balaclava!

Fleece Half Sweatshirt | this is the midlayer that I wear! 

Coat | Linking the one I had on in stories here!! I love Helly Hansen too but it is PRICEY.  This brand is frequently on Zulily and that is where I got my other coat for nearly 50% off! They also offer a healthcare workers discount on their website here!

Gloves | I actually really love these mittens here for playing outside with the kids! As far as the gloves I use to run with – I use these here!

Socks | these merino wool socks are so warm! 

Boots | I wear my Sorel boots to go outside in the snow and cold but a more affordable boot are these here that I also have from amazon!

Reflective Headband | I use this to run! 


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  1. I’m so confused. Those camp socks are cotton not wool? And the website ones look different from the ones in your stories … Looks like HA doesn’t have wool socks?

  2. We are Floridians traveling to the national parks in California this fall so this is perfect. I just have a question for the women’s bottom, do you wear only those fleece leggings?

  3. This is sooo helpful!!! Thank you for taking the time do develop this. we are taking our family to the mountains for christmas and I have three kids and we’ve never been in true cold weather. thank you so much!