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Best of Summer Outdoor Toys

INDOOR/OUTDOOR WATER TABLE  |  always great for the 1 -4 age rage! 
INFLATABLE EASEL  |  this thing is the freaking best – so many great reviews from you all as well! 
 INFLATABLE POOL  |   my kids LOVE this dang thing! 
WATER BLASTERS  |   these are a blast with the inflatable pool or with just a big ole bucket of water! 
DOME PLAY CENTER  |  many LOVE this play center – we don’t have one but a few friends do and the kids love them!
NIGHTHAWK RIDE ON  | my daughter LOVES this – we got it for Christmas a few years ago and it’s been out of stock forever! 
 SLACKLINE  |   we have this in our backyard! 
SLIP N SLIDE RACERS | this looks like a blast and we have a similar set up!

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  1. We bought the same inflatable pool and i’m so excited to use it! Do you have any tips about blowing it up or maintenance with it? some of the reviews are not so favorable.