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Why We Want to Travel With Little Ones

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Traveling abroad with kids under 5. I never thought I would even entertain the idea and here I am with three children under 5 and a booked trip to Switzerland next fall. I always knew I wanted to travel the world (booking 1-2 trips per year as we could afford it) but I didn’t imagine doing it with the kids so young. I have no idea what changed my mind but one of my biggest thoughts has always been to seize the day. I don’t want to waste our lives waiting to do something and I think that having the right mindset from the get-go will be to our advantage. Our goal will not be to hit everything on our travel checklist, but rather to enjoy whatever it is that we can get to while we are abroad. We will be packing two backpacks and bringing one double stroller and jumping in with both feet and I could not be more excited. 

Motherhood Blogger Lynzy & Co. talks about traveling abroad with little ones and why they want to do it! Travel with kids doesn't need to be frowned upon, have fun!

Motherhood Blogger Lynzy & Co. talks about traveling abroad with little ones and why they want to do it! Travel with kids doesn't need to be frowned upon, have fun!

Motherhood Blogger Lynzy & Co. talks about traveling abroad with little ones and why they want to do it! Travel with kids doesn't need to be frowned upon, have fun!

Motherhood Blogger Lynzy & Co. talks about traveling abroad with little ones and why they want to do it! Travel with kids doesn't need to be frowned upon, have fun!

Motherhood Blogger Lynzy & Co. talks about traveling abroad with little ones and why they want to do it! Travel with kids doesn't need to be frowned upon, have fun!

One of the most challenging feats is always finding a way to entertain the kids for the traveling part of the trip. The planes, car rides and in this case, train rides too! When VTech reached out to me to see if we wanted to test out the new VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2. I looked into it to see if it would be a good fit, I was seriously amazed! Our oldest is now at an age where she really enjoys being able to do everything I do! She is especially interested in taking pictures and videos whenever we go on a little trip somewhere. This Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 has the ability to hold 1600 photos or 11 1-minute videos at any one time! It’s also a great gadget for teaching kids how to tell time. The watch has over 55 digital and analog watch displays that they can customize. The fact that it’s splash and sweat proof is also a huge plus since #kidsaremessy ya’ll. When we are in one place on the plane, train or in the car, there is a new Monster Catcher game that can entertain and when we get off, there’s even a pedometer and fun sound effects that kids can use! Our oldest loved being able to capture everything around her on our recent trip to the Steam Train!

Motherhood Blogger Lynzy & Co. talks about traveling abroad with little ones and why they want to do it! Travel with kids doesn't need to be frowned upon, have fun!

Motherhood Blogger Lynzy & Co. talks about traveling abroad with little ones and why they want to do it! Travel with kids doesn't need to be frowned upon, have fun!

Motherhood Blogger Lynzy & Co. talks about traveling abroad with little ones and why they want to do it! Travel with kids doesn't need to be frowned upon, have fun!

Motherhood Blogger Lynzy & Co. talks about traveling abroad with little ones and why they want to do it! Travel with kids doesn't need to be frowned upon, have fun!

Motherhood Blogger Lynzy & Co. talks about traveling abroad with little ones and why they want to do it! Travel with kids doesn't need to be frowned upon, have fun!

Since we are only packing two backpacks, we won’t have much room for “toys” for the plane and this watch will be easy for Liv to wear right on her arm! I have been encouraged by so many moms that have traveled internationally with their children and they have given me so many tips along the way. Bridget has been immensely helpful with telling me where to go in Switzerland and even where to stay! I have read a few posts over on Taza’s blog about travel and it amazes me how much they are able to travel with their little ones! If you are on the fence about it, I highly encourage you to do some thorough research and think about what you would want to get out of the trip in general. Many have told us that it would make sense to go without the kids or wait until they are older. Of course it would be less “stressful” but ya know what? These memories we make, will be instilled in us forever. It’s all part of the journey and I fully intend on making it as memorable as possible! 😉 

Motherhood Blogger Lynzy & Co. talks about traveling abroad with little ones and why they want to do it! Travel with kids doesn't need to be frowned upon, have fun!

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  1. We’ve loved travelling with our two! (Which is good, since we just found out my husband’s job is taking us to South Korea for a few years). I found old wipes case filled with small trinkets is fantastic for long airplane rides! Also, water magic coloring books are worth their weight in gold.

  2. We love traveling with our little ones. We have two- ages 1 and 3 and it’s always an adventure. Originally from Virginia, we currently live in Italy and have traveled with our children to Greece, Malta, Germany, Hungary, France, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Belgium, Slovenia (my favorite) and all over Italy. We’re headed to Israel for Thanksgiving 🙂 We definitely miss America but love exposing our children to new cultures and people. Best of luck in your trip planning 🙂

  3. **Sorry accidentally posted before I was finished: I recommend snacks, snacks and more snacks- stickers, and coloring books! I pack each child their own activities and snacks to avoid arguments. Books, iPad and even making up silly games and stories. Its not easy, but so worth it!

  4. I took my son on a Colorado road trip when he was just 1 month old! And he was on a plane by 3 months old.
    Tips: always pack the snacks and toys!! And no, you don’t need your stroller in the airport 🙂

  5. We have loved to travel with our now 7 year old. For road trips we like to go to the dollar store (without our son) and fill a basket with new activities and toys. Then when we get our trip started he has a basket full of new fun things to entertain himself and since they are only a dollar it’s no worries about losing or breaking toys. We ALWAYS include a little clip on light for night time driving.

  6. Omg! That watch would be AMAAAAZING for my little dude, especially our annual Big Sur camping trip every summer!! Would love to see what his little mind captures! So perfect for xmas!

  7. We took our first trip to Disney this summer. So many snacks and things to keep them busy on the plane are essential!

  8. Have plenty of individual snacks for each child that you can get to easily without stopping and have bags packed for different stops so that you don’t have to rummage through your main bags!

    (Also, if you have young kids out of diapers a portable potty that folds up can’t hurt if you’re driving)

  9. We have not made any big trips since Florida when my first was almost one. Now we have 4 under 6 so no big trips planned soon besides the cabin. Snacks are always key though!

  10. I have not traveled with my 5 month old, yet. We will be going to Colorado around February/March so I’ll refer back to all these suggestions when we get closer to the trip.

  11. We are expecting our first child so we have not traveled with kids yet but plan to in the future and love learning tips on traveling with children!

  12. Hi Lynzy! Yes, my husband and I have traveled with our 16 month old from WI -CA when he was 6 months old. That is a four-ish hour plane ride and we did 1 hotel stay and two Airbnb stays. Advice? Go with the flow! Don’t make to many set plans in your location but have ideas of things to do so on the day of you can decide how aggressive you want to be with your adventures. I think traveling is so wonderful to show your kids how to be flexible, make decisions as a team, and to learn about different lifestyles. Good luck on your adventures! Memories that will last a lifetime!

  13. I haven’t done much traveling with my kids other than to see family. I have a 2 yr old and a 6 month old. The 6 month old just recently began to do better in the car. He HATED it with a passion forver. I will say, though, that I always pack my hand pump on trips when I’m breastfeeding because some places I’m just not comfortable nursing my baby or the bottle is just easier. I bring a freezer bag lunch box to store my pumped milk if needed. Also-I pack all the snacks for my toddler!

  14. We do travel with our two girls, snacks are where we struggle the most but I usually just pack one back pack full of snacks and toys.

  15. We travel to Cape Cod to visit my parents at least once a month! We always make sure to take a walk along the beach no matter how cold it is!! Collecting seashells and drawing our names in the sand never gets old.

  16. We went to Europe for 2 weeks this summer with our 2 and 4 year old daughters. The best advice I have is to remember they are kids! They are going to need to nap, eat normally and won’t be able to go for hours on end! My girls often napped in the stroller and my hubby and i used it as an excuse to slow down too! We spent two nap times at a little crepery enjoying delicious crepes and people watching! Not every second of the trip needs to be planned. And most of all, enjoy seeing the destination through your kids eyes and knowing that you are making lasting memories!

  17. We did this summer! 18 hours on the road each way! Wake up early to get any driving in if possible.. and as all the other moms have mentioned, have tons of snacks! We also stopped at a lot of parks for entertainment and fresh air: )

  18. We have not made any big trips yet, but have been to Chicago and little trips. we are headed to Hilton Head, SC for a little getaway with the kids this July! My husband and I go to the carribean often and debate taking the kids, which is why we are trying Hilton head first.

  19. We did a road trip this spring and were shocked at how smoothly it went! I brought So. Many. Snacks. and I think that was key to our success. I also stocked up on things from Dollar Tree/Target Dollar Spot, and had our iPad ready with some shows I had downloaded (but surprisingly didn’t end up having to use it!). Melissa & Doug Water Wow pads, mini play dohs, sticker books and a case with Mickey Mouse magnets were all big hits. Our only fail was forgetting our headphones, so after putting our daughter to sleep in the hotel room, we had to watch shows on our iPad on mute with captions on! Won’t forget those headphones next time!

  20. I’m from Vermont and S/O is from Texas so we have traveled back and forth with our little one more than 6 times. We have taken a plane twice and we were lucky enough to have a very patient/low maitnence baby…now that she has grown into a wild energetic toddler I definitely prefer road tripping. I like being in our own space and having the flexibility in schedule. One complication is MOTION SICKNESS! Unfortunately this trait (if it can be considered a trait) has been passed down from my father..to me..to my girl..
    My daughter can barely make it 15/20 minutes in a car without getting sick. I don’t like the idea of having to use dramamine, especially just to go to the grocery store. Recently I have tried rubbing peppermint oil into her car seat and I have had positive results! This is huge because as any parent knows, it’s pretty daunting to have to take apart the car seat every time there’s a sick accident (especially if it’s multiple times a week) The peppermint has helped with my nausea and seems to be working for my 2 year old. I haven’t used it directly on her skin… only on the straps and side cushions. If anyone has any other motion sickness tips please leave them!

  21. I haven’t done any traveling yet-my little man is only 9 days old. Would love one of these while traveling with my nieces though!

  22. I have not traveled internationally with my son, but he has been on over 10 flights, he just turned 2! I try to stay as relaxed as possible, and just let him be. Lots of suckers, snacks, and small toys! He really enjoyed having his own headphones to use the iPad and watch shows/play games! Melissa and Doug’s Water WOW is an amazing mess free toy that they can play with over and over on long flights!!

  23. I love traveling, although we don’t do it much having four little ones. Last year we went to Florida for a week with a 6,4,2,and 10 month old! Holy baby luggage but the trip was totally worth it.

  24. We have traveled with our two boys (3 + 1) at the time, but it was within the US. My best tool was lots of snacks! My kids won’t sit still long, but food is always something that will hold an interest for a short time. Your trip sounds amazing. Enjoy!

  25. I dream of doing big trips with my kids and showing them the world but for now we’re doing regular trips to the grandparents (5-6 hours). I hate to admit it but my main sources of entertainment are snacks and iPads. 🙈

  26. We have only made small trips so far but when we travel three hours to visit family, we have toddler sized backpacks with travel things. We have a leap frog for our oldest and we put some healthy snacks in, a favorite unhealthy snack(cookies, m&m’s, etc.), a new sippy cup, a juice drink or Yoo-hoo, crayons and a coloring book or maybe even something relating to the trip. Like holidays we try to get a book that goes with that holiday or in your case maybe a book about traveling or one of the scratch off maps to mark the places you all have been.☺️

  27. Yes, make a list of everything you think you might need at least a week before you leave, cross everything off as you pack, helps tremendously!!

  28. We try to travel/take our kids on fun adventures as much as we can! Unfortunately it doesn’t happen as often as I would like but when it does, taking lots of pictures is a must! My daughter is 8 and my son is 4 so they are at the age where they want to take lots of pictures themselves and get their pictures taken! I love it! We recently took then for a weekend getaway in October to New Hampshire to enjoy the gorgeous fall weather there! The foliage was amazing and my kids had so much fun! And, we of course got so many pictures 🙂 We made sure to stock up on plenty of snacks and fun activities for the car ride. I purchased a lot of different things for them for the car at the dollar tree! That store is my go to when we need something for the kids to keep them occupied on long car rides!

  29. We went to Disney World with our 3-year-old and 1-year-old daughters. Our life savers on the plane were Color Wonder books (because our youngest likes to draw on everything) and those sticker books they can stick eyes, noses, mouths, etc. to make faces. I would love to travel abroad with our kids someday. Living new adventures through the eyes of your children is something you will forever cherish!

  30. We’ve traveled all over the United States for the past 20 years or so with 4 children at a time. The best advice I can give is to start them off young like you are doing. They will become accustomed to it. Now when we travel with teens, they get in the car with their own backpack full of things to entertain them for hours. They are use to traveling so they do not whine, etc.

  31. Yes we have traveled! My tips would be 1) try to leave at nap time or bedtime if possible. We took a 12 hour road trip, left at bedtime, and my toddler slept the whole time 🙌🏼 2) if you’re traveling by plane, bring something your child doesn’t usually get to eat or play with. We brought marshmallows on our plane ride as well as an iPad. Two things our toddler doesn’t get on a regular basis. It worked like a charm and the flight was perfect!

  32. What an amazing gadget! We are huge on traveling with our kids. When people tell us they won’t travel until they have “grown up”, we tell them not to waste too much time because it is fun to go together. We are planning a trip next year to Boston and another one which we haven’t decided on. Even the four drives to Disney throughout the year are fun.

  33. First thing- these pictures are so adorable! ❤ lots of snacks and stickers. We’ve also given her a disposable camera to play with (at the time we got a million finger and feet pictures) a set of binoculars, and our oldest loves to have her own backpack.

  34. We have made many 8-hr trips or so with the two oldest girls from Alabama to Savannah GA, and the iPad was a HUGE success. We must’ve watched Moana 4 times completely through. 😂 Haven’t traveled with the new little one – so 3 total – just yet but the time is coming. Lots of snacks and movies for all. 🙌🏻

  35. Wow so cool!!! I totally agree with you that traveling with little kids is a challenge, but sure is worth it. We went on a road trip from upstate New York to Florida twice, and they loved it. I have 4 little once 5 and under. Coloring got them entertained a lot, and tablet with some learning games was a saver!

  36. Ive travelled both domestically and internationally with my kids and some tips: each kid had his own little backpack that they had on with little toys (so they don’t fight and each have their own little things to unpack and play with) and pack lots of snacks!!

  37. We are a military family so we definitely travel a lot and love it! We’ve been to many states and also overseas for some time. Each new place we’ve been we were sure to teach our son who is 5, about where on the map we are and how it is different from the other places we’ve been. We also like to keep a scrapbook just for the places we’ve lived. I love that this watch is space saving because packing light is always hard for me, especially with having a baby now too Ha!

  38. We haven’t traveled far in a long time, but my family lives three hours away so we pack up and go visit them often. My best advice is leave to go somewhere during nap time and introduce a new (somewhat cheap) toy!

  39. As a flight attendant, we have no excuses not to travel with our troop. We roll with the punches, try not to put pressure on ourselves to do anything specific, and make sure to always have food (either snacks or full meal) planned. Although we’ve yet to brave an international adventure, we all have passports so we can be impromptu if we wanted too.

  40. We have travelled with the kids and we do something that is a favorite. We wrap a bunch of little dollar section gifts and throughout the road trip or flight they get a little gift to open!

  41. We travel to family a lot and I think my kids would love something like this. My big tip is lots of snacks and keep them busy with games and activities to make travel go faster.

  42. We go out of town quite frequently (usually once a month at least, 2.5 hours away from where we live) since most of our extended family lives out of town and one great thing a family member had found were these little mini, almost backpack type packs. It had a mesh zip bag on one side and a little white erase board on the other! That was great for coloring or using as a hard surface! Also, snacks. Lol

  43. I always have wipes readily accessible – pretty much in all the exterior pockets – just helps me stress a little bit less- especially on airplane trips!
    Love your blog – thinking now about traveling with our littles….(4, 2, and 2 mo!)…

  44. What an adorable gadget for kids!! We went to Cuba with a 1.5 year old and then when she was 3 with the addition of our 7 week old, we took a driving trip to Montreal, Quebec (normally 7 hours but our trip ended up being close to 10).

    My tip is to not put pressure on yourselves or the kids. Basically, set your expectations for the travelling as low as possible, that way you won’t be disappointed and just take things as they come. We found it more fun to laugh with eachother when the two kids were screaming in between exits, then to get upset and make things worse! Lol!

  45. Hi! I don’t have much advice as I am a first time mom and my son is only a year old but we take take our first family trip this summer. What I found the most helpful was to try to keep his routine as normal as possible even though we weren’t home. We tried really hard to nap and eat around the same times and also stuck to a similar bed time routine. Good luck on your trip!

  46. I pack a bag with treats and small toys from dollar store that they never seen and they get to pick as the trip goes. Always have snacks. iPad filled with shows and fun games. Color book/note book are a must in our family.

  47. We have done minimal traveling with our daughter. We have done in state driving. We have hopes to go farther. My hubby is a teacher so money isn’t exactly flowing but we are saving for bigger trips. We just make sure we have toys and snacks to keep her occupied.

  48. Hey! We drove cross-country last summer to Virginia with our at-the-time 3-year old. It was so much fun! We bought one of those cheap disposable waterproof cameras for him to take pictures with while we were there. There is nothing like seeing the world through your child’s eyes, and some of those photos were hilarious! He loved going on vacation and still asks every now and then when we’ll go on vacation again. Little does he know, we’re taking a family trip to Florida in March for his golden birthday to visit Disney World! On that trip it will be him, my husband and our will-be 1 year old. I’m so excited to see him just soak up the vacation time and really enjoy his sense of wonder and awe! I would love something like this for him to take photos of our trip! (And keep him occupied time-to-time on the flight there!)

  49. We have never traveled outside of the US but we have traveled with our three little girls under five to Disney several times. I always make little bags each that have fun little surprises and snacks that keep them busy on the drive to Florida and also while we are there. Always a hit!! Have y’all have an amazing trip!!

  50. Never traveled with kids, but I don’t want the worry to stop us from doing it. Love that you’re taking the whole family and seriously impressed with how little you plan on packing.

  51. We have only ever done road trips with ours. I am a nervous flyer and our son (6yo) has some pretty anxious thoughts about flying as well (among other things). All of our road trips have been successful thanks to iPads, portable DVD players and endless snacks! We are planning to do a Florida trip in the Spring, however, we may postpone since we have had some unexpected expenses arise recently… boo. New to your blog and loving it 🙂

  52. My son just turned one and I have never travelled (more then 6 hours with him). My sister and brother in law and niece live in Madagascar so we are working on planning a trip to see them and I will need some serious tips for travelling then for sure!

  53. As we are a new family of 5, like you, I wish to travel with my tribe! When my first born, Olivia was little we traveled mostly to the States (we r from Canada). We’ve done buffalo, New Jersey, Florida. When my second was born we continued to do the same. I hope I have enough gusto like you to travel abroad .

  54. I’ve done a lot of traveling with my boys now 5 and 3. I always make sure to have plenty of snacks and drinks. If we’re driving, I usually have them wear a pull up just in case of any accidents. For long trips I also like to go to target and get gifts from the $1, $3, and $5 bins and make them a little travel package. They get excited and want to try everything. Also, must have the iPad. We only have the wifi one, so I’ll download movies on Netflix. I have a playlist of music they like to sing along to as well!

  55. Hubby and I keep trying to decide when to book our next trip. With 4 kids age 6 and younger I keep telling myself “we should wait until the baby is a little bigger” (12 weeks today!!), but you know what? Why let life pass by and wait possibly robbing us and our older kids of an amazing experience because we *think* it will be easier to do it in 9-11 months from now? Grab life now!!! I think we may book our December trip afterall.

  56. Love the idea of traveling but always get stressed about doing it with multiple kids. This looks like such a fun way to keep them involved and independent.

  57. We car travel a lot, and the best thing is getting DVD players that mount to the back of the head rest. Keeps the kids looking up so they don’t get as car sick looking down at I pads on laps!

  58. The only places I have traveled to, with my toddler, are Ohio and Pennsylvania/New Jersey from Chicago. So, a few flights and long car rides! He gets bored and likes to use my phone to watch videos or play games but I always need my phone for navigation. I bring snacks, toys, coloring books, really anything I can in order to keep him happy. He is so technologically advanced for his age though, so things like those don’t keep him occupied for long! I think the V-tech watch is amazing! Looking forward to reading more about your long distance trip with the kids so we can soon travel further! Xoxo

  59. What a cute way for my little to be able to document fun road trips or even trips to the park by taking their own photos and videos. So fun!! Thank you for sharing.

  60. Super cute pictures!!! We car travel a lot, and the best thing is getting DVD players that mount to the back of the head rest. Keeps the kids looking up so they don’t get as car sick looking down at I pads on laps!

  61. We haven’t really travelled anywhere significant with our kids. We just do a lot of camping in the summer with them, which is lots of fun and creates memories.
    My kids are 6, 4, 17 months and 1 week old.

  62. Never traveled with kids! I’m a new to be Mom! I saw a ton of people with kids when my husband and I have gone on vacation! I thought it was such a good family bonding time! I would love to travel with kids when we have kids old enough!

  63. I’ve only traveled within the United States with my daughter, I always make sure to bring lots of snacks, dry erase activities, color wonder, stickers, movies and games on the iPad. TJ maxx/marshalls always has great activity books and Pinterest has tons of free printables to create dry erase pages if you have your own laminator (the amazon basic one is solid).

  64. I traveled with my daughter when she was young. We had a scavenger hunt. I would make a flip book out of index cards, with pictures of things we were sure to see. She had a blast finding them. A finished scavenger hunt would result in a small prize from our destination.

  65. We have yet to travel far with our first kiddo BUT we do plan on it! I was blessed to be able to backpack around Europe but my husband has yet to be able to do so and wants to do badly! We keep saying we will go “when he is older” but I, like you, don’t want to keep postponing travel or activities. Life is SO short and we should embrace it and make the most of it! Before we know it out kids will be off traveling the world and we will still have yet to go. So that’s what we are going to do- GO FOR IT!

    Have a blast with your kiddos!!

  66. We have never traveled far but love to go camping and day trips and travel throughout CA visiting family. My biggest tip is not having huge expectations. Enjoy it as its happening…the traveling itself can get stressful so trying to make it more fun and keep a positive attitude even when everything seems to be going wrong.
    Kids find joy in the simple things.

  67. I have traveled with my now six year old ❤️ The only tip I have which I’m sure we all already do is to prepare! lol extra clothes is a must! (Outside of luggage) and I have a little bag with activities the bag has compartments for crayons and booklets and stickers (super fun) and healthy snacks so we don’t munch on candy and chips the whole time 😂

  68. We traveled two years ago to California, and drove there… while I was pregnant 😳. One thing I did with the oldest is something I remember my mom doing with us every time we traveled and that was buying us a brand new book to read along the way! So everyone got books!!! And who doesn’t love the smell of some fresh pages! 🙋🏻

  69. Traveling with littles is an adventure 😂 I always try to get new toys/activities/stuffed animals and save them until the trip (and make sure new things given are spaced out!!). Also, fun new snacks or water bottles are fun and change it up a bit for them. It’s like a mini Christmas for the trip.

  70. We love to travel with our kids. I have a 2.5 month old and a 21 month old. I would say when they are young you don’t have to worry too much about packing toys. They find joy in playing with common items like straws and cups you can find anywhere!

  71. Snacks!!! Also Target has a lot of activities in the dollar section that are perfect for road trips and flights! Another tip is have the baby suck on something pacifier/bottle/breast when taking off and landing to keep his ears from blocking. Have a fun trip!!!

  72. Baby is nine months and have traveled a few times with her. Tip: already have pumped milk in a bottle so you don’t have to pull over and breastfeed, then you can pump in the car to replace that nursing sesh!

  73. Try to nurse during takeoff and landing to help with ears and hopefully they’ll sleep through most of the flight and transition off the plane. Special snacks, treats, and toys the children havent seen before so theyre interested. WEAR ALL BLACK EVERYTHING to hide accidents and so you dont have to pack as much.

  74. We havel travelled to 6 coutries with our daughter in last 3 years. And she is currently 4 yrs old and always in a good spirit when it comes to travel. Onlything that we carry with us for her is Crayons and bunch of coloring books and ofcourse lot of snacks for her. We are travelling to Aruba in Dec first time as family of 4. Lets see how my 4 months old son is with Adventures.😀

  75. We travel all the time with our 2 year old! My best advice is when on a plane, don’t hesitate to ask for help. No one is going to kidnap your kid 30,000 ft in the air 🙂

  76. We have four kids, ages 15,9,7,5 and it has been a challenge at times to travel, but so worth it. I always take lots of snacks, books, family iPad, note pad, and allow each child to pick a toy or something they feel they must bring. We do songs, games we can all play(I spy), and things like that.

  77. I love this blog post about traveling. We haven’t done any type of plane ride travel but we have taken many trips in the car. The longest trip we have taken was driving to Washington (we live in N.Ca). We had so much fun taking or time to get to our destination sipping at aquariums, hike trails, waterfall hunting and nature watching. We saw so many elk, deer, seals, whales and so much more. Travels with our toddler we thought would be oh so difficult but the difficulties were far less than like you said the memories that were made. We are now a family of five, and when we did this we were a family of three. We have added another sweet baby girl to our family as well as our sweet pup Gigi. We are planning our next family trip for May, and making our way down to Disneyland 😁

  78. We have traveled domestically with our 2 year old daughter quite a bit and we plan to continue to do so when baby #2 gets here in January! We have found that sticker books and a little purse filled with her toys works well… And of course the IPad when she gets a little cranky. Can’t wait to see your trip to Europe!

  79. We traveled to Mexico with a 2.5 year old and an 8 week old. It was very intimidating but actually went rather smoothly. Just have plenty of snacks and carriers! So much easier to strap baby to your front and toddler to your back to keep hands free. Good luck!

  80. Yes! We love traveling with our boys. We try to keep a somewhat typical sleep routine, plenty of snacks handy, and novel simple toys with us when we travel.

  81. That watch looks so fun! We are from Michigan and have taken our 3 year old son to Florida, California, DC and Boston. Will be taking a road trip to Boston for thanksgiving!

  82. We went to Hawaii when we only havd 2 kids (1 and 6) and yes i have to agree with most of your comments saying to pack enough snacks and toys! (iPad games were very helpful & movies)Now we have 3 kids so I would definitely take all the tips on your blog 🙂

  83. We always travel as a family. I like to bring snacks. I also get car friendly activities to keep the children occupied.

  84. Yes, we’ve traveled with our kids via plane and car. My best advice is expect the worst, hope for the best 🙂 And Have new snacks on hand!

  85. Yess!!! We take my little one everywhere with us! I️ had the same mindset as you, didn’t want to wait around until she was older to travel and do what we want. She is 9 now, but has been to Hawaii twice, San Diego multiple times, we are far enough we have to fly and most recently we took her to Puerto Rico and BVI. I’m always a little nervous when it comes to long flights and weeks away from home but she amazes me every time and she is so great at it now! She’s one experienced little traveler! I️ always always always have snacks, most importantly and then movies already downloaded on the iPads Incase the plane doesn’t have TVs or there are issues with the movies on that trip. Happened once and didn’t have movies ready. Will never make that mistake again! Can’t wait to hear all about your trip!! And love love love the idea of this little watch! This would be the best Christmas gift ever!!! ❤️

  86. I try to have as many snacks as possible, usually pack a couple of candies as well. Plus, her favorite cup and then i fill it once through security. Otherwise I load up the iPad with new movies and fun educational games. My 2 year old loves flying.

  87. I am already afraid to travel with my 6yr old and 3yr old… I dont like Hectic in my life.. but when I do we create the best memories. I will make a list of what the kids need to make sure I dont miss anything important like an EPI pen! I also download a bunch of movies and bring lots of snacks for the plan ride which I can see all moms can agree. lol Ive never seen this watch before but it would definitely be a good gift to give since the kid loves to take picture at this moment and make videos. Oh and your daughter is just too adorable!

  88. This watch looks awesome! I think one of the keys is like everyone said is snacks. Aside from that, coming up with things to talk about that interest them so you can keep them engaged. Taking along music they love to listen, last thing would be plan things around their schedule. So try and travel during nap time so they stay on their normal schedule as much as possible.

  89. We have only travelled to the cottage or the in laws with the kids. Like going to a second home. All the other comments have inspired me to look into a legit trip!

  90. I haven’t gone on any overseas trips with my girls but I make sure to have plenty of snacks and something to draw/color and stickers. Window clings are fun if you have a window seat.

  91. We have traveled with our 2 year old and at the time 8 month old son. We wrapped up a few little (small pack of crayons, little notebook, a snack, etc) gifts for the kids that they could open throughout the plane ride. Things that were then small enough to carry in the diaper bag. Our daughter also has one of those little backpacks from pottery barn that we let her carry with a few things though kept it light enough for her to wear. And when all else failed (they did really good for the most part) we had the iPad charged up with a few movies.

  92. My husband and I lived in Fairbanks, Alaska for 5 years and two of our three kids were born there. We would travel to Oregon where our entire family lived. So traveling with littles became a “fun” game. Ok it wasn’t fun at all but dang the trips were worth it. Memories made! Now we live in Oregon and haven’t traveled since we moved three years ago. I’m DESPERATE for a beach vacation!

  93. We have two kids (third on the way later this month) and we have always traveled with them – albeit domestically, but will be living vicariously through you and inspired to think internationally now also!! I’ve heard Switzerland is amazing. As far as tips – you have the right idea – don’t try and pack a bunch of toys, etc – travel light! Also kids headphones.

  94. We’ve flown from Texas to California and back 7 times with our now 2.5 year old to visit family. We also made a 12 hour road trip this past July to Colorado. We rely heavily on snacks and dollar store toys to keep him occupied. It helps if they’re brand new toys he has never seen/played with before. We introduce them one at a time.

  95. Would love to win this for my daughter! She is 5 1/2 (have to make sure I add that 1/2 in there. She always makes sure you know she’s not just 5. Lol!) and loves taking pictures. We just recently moved to Japan from Arizona (military family) and that was a trip in itself! But we want to travel all around Asia and Australia for the three years we are here!

  96. We have been traveling with our son since he was an infant and love to have him explore the world around him any chance we get. We got him is passport as soon as we were able to ge the paper work done so we are ready for wherever we end up.

  97. We live in Hawaii currently and our family is in New Mexico and Ohio, so our biggest trips with the kids have been trekking home with all the stuff in tow. It’s definitely crazy, especially with a six hour time difference (no sleep 😭), but I totally agree with you – the memories we make are well worth it. I’m hoping to take more trips to places other than home as time goes on, and would love to do trips with individual kids as they get older to make some really special memories. I’m excited to see what your experience is in Europe!

  98. We’ve traveled a little with our kids. We live in California and have gone to the mid west and Hawaii. It’s definitly easier when they’re smaller and not mobile but also more fun when they can engage more. My biggest tip would be to bring a car seat on the plane for the smallest kid. It gives them their own space and give you your hands free to deal with the other kids and maybe even have some quiet time if they all sleep!

  99. Pack everything but the kitchen sink, jk but it sure feels like it when traveling with kids! I always try to remember their favorite stuffed animal or toy & pillow. They always seem to sleep better while traveling when I do😊

  100. Snacks, snacks and more snacks. All the other toys and other things we did didn’t matter unless we had a lot of snacks.

  101. We love traveling with the kids (5, 3, 1, and 1 on the way!)! As everyone mentioned lots of healthy snacks are number one;) Water painting (water wow, aquadoodle), drawing/writing supplies, books, reusable sticker packs are always a hit, lots of small toys to bring out one at a time to keep things new, and their tablets loaded with a movie and educational games.

  102. Hi Lynzy,
    My husband and I are jumping into our car for Thanksgiving break and taking a trip road trip from Texas to California to visit my family. This is our first family trip out of the state with all of our girls. We are bringing along our 9yo, 3yo, and 3mo little girls and I’m super excited, but also super nervous on how we’re going to entertain them for 24hrs+!! I’ve already hit up the Target $1 section for coloring books, stamps, markers, learning games etc. and plan on bringing along their tablets and lots of healthy snacks! I also am a EP mama and plan on taking along a cooler that plugs into the car charger to keep my milk fresh!! Oh the gadgets us mamas get excited about! This watch that you’re giving away would be the most perfect gadget for my girls to keep entertained! Ahh, I hope I win this because this mama can’t hire a circus to entertain my little ones for TWO DAYS of driving!! 🤗

  103. Hi traveling with kids it’s amazing. And it’s so important for them to create memories. I always bring my kids snacks and jernals so they can color and write anything they saw or color fun pictures. I would love to win the watch for one of my kiddos I think I will need to buy more tho lol. Anyways love your post always so interesting. Thank you ❤️

  104. We will also be traveling to Switzerland (next July, so little before you) with a 3 year old and 4 month old! That watch looks like a great way to kill some time during flights! We’ve taken our daughter on quite a few domestic flights but this will be the first international one! And first time flying with TWO kids. One tip for flying domestic if booking your seat with a lap infant is to ask for an infant block. This makes the seat next to you the last one they book on the plane, so you can sometimes get an extra seat next to you for free. 🙂

  105. As a family of now 5 we haven’t done much traveling. My youngest is 2 months old but before we had him we would do 6 hour road trips and did one trip on a plane. I’ve always found coloring books and our v-tech leap frog to be lifesavers!!

  106. We traveled for the first time overseas to Germany when my baby was 3 months old. Easy peasy since he was nursing and we were visiting family/friends. Our next big trip was when he was to Cuba when he was 11 months old. The hardest part of that trip was making sure I packed enough diapers (apparently they are crazy expensive there) and healthy snacks for him. He was entertained in our apartment, the beach and in the airport with IKEA stacking cups and a stash of bubbles I bought from a yard sale that were the wedding size and TSA friendly!

  107. We’ve only traveled on airplanes but we bring plenty of snacks, we’ll even go get cheap small toys and wrap them and let the kids open one at a time and play with them. Even stickers can be great to distract and entertain them.

  108. We’ve only flown domestically with our oldest who is 2.5 now. We always tried to fly over his nap time. Snacks and now an iPad are a must with flights. Usually I like to get one small new toy for really long flights. Like a matchbox car or something that keeps him excited. whatever your kid is into.

  109. We traveled to Texas to visit family, and had to make it out to go see Magnolia silos! We had a real fun trip, and I know my daughter would love a cute little smart watch 🙂

  110. We haven’t flown anywhere with our girls, but we do a lot of traveling in the car. They get tired of watching vidoes, so we play lots of games. “Eye Spy” is my youngest daughter’s favorite game because she no knows the rules. 🙂 Each girl has her own little box that had her own toys, books, crayons, and coloring books. They do better when they don’t have to share, but don’t we all? 🙂

  111. My family and I have never traveled with the kids but we haven’t been on many vacations our selves either. We do plan on making vacations as a family but my one concern was waiting until they were older so they could remember. I like your idea of saying who cares bc you’ll have those memories forever and that is true because our children are only going once! Love this blog post! 💕

  112. My daughter is 5 years old and she is currently our only child. We have yet to take her on a plane, but she has been on tons of road trips and train rides. I always keep a pad of paper in my purse with a pen. Pad of paper is lightweight and can be used to draw, play tic tac toe/hangman, or folded up into shapes, etc. And a pen doesn’t break like a pencil. This hack not only gets me through long drives, but also something as short as staying seated for the duration of a meal out at a restaurant.

  113. I haven’t ever travelled with my kids. Only a couple times when we had only one child and he was already 6 for our first trip. And I had a super hard time packing everything!! The thought of a mom taking 3 kids (I now have 3 as well) over seas gives me heart palpitations!! Hahah best of luck to you and your family! Can’t wait to see pics on your blog! You are so brave!

  114. We make special travel bags and give them right as we are leaving. We fill them with new little toys, activities, books, snacks etc. so everything is exiting. That usually lasts for the most of the traveling portion of the trip

  115. We have a 2 year old and 2 month old! We have traveled once with our 2 year old and will plan to much more as they grow! Always have enough SNACKS and a few secret treats for emergencies! We also make sure to buy a couple of new toys or coloring things (water magic books!) from the dollar section at target! Just a few small things to keep it interesting when the kids get bored!

  116. Yes, I fly solo several times a year with my toddler. We moved away from all of our family when she was only 3 month so we take 4-12 flights a year… She’s now almost 3. Wetbag with extra clothes for each of us, empty water bottle to fill, individual protein powder packs, a few dry snacks & food pouches, hand sanitizer wipes, one backpack for each of us as a carry-on… If you can’t carry it then you don’t need it. I also made little ribbon leashes for her stuffed animal, clips to animal and backpack or stroller. No one wants a meltdown over a lost lovey.

  117. We lived in Hawaii for 3.5 years and traveled back to the mainland, and then around to see all our family for two weeks, a couple times—once with a 9 month old and once with an 18-month old while pregnant. I recommend renting car seats with your rental car and, if you can, save meal times for the plane because it kills some time. 10-hr flights are no joke.

  118. A few cross country trips.. one with our first daughter at 7 weeks, and another when our second daughter was 3 weeks! Honestly, they’re much easier to deal with as infants! 😂

  119. We travel probably one weekend a month with our kids, never super far – but enough to break the regular cycle of “working weekends”.
    We always bring the iPad, snacks, and patience. Lots of patience.

  120. my son is 18 months and I’ve always had someone with me when we drove 7hours to my home state. I just recently took the trip alone with him. I stashed up on pacis (because he throws them, and 4 sippy cups and snacks, applesauce, goldfish ready on had to give him. Also had his DVD player! 🙂

  121. Yes, have traveled with both my kids (4 years oldand 11 months old) and what I have learned so far is to really enjoy your trip and not to stress about making it to all of your planned stops or places to see along the way. I also pack a small backpack one for each kid that has toys, snacks and I leave room for any souvenirs and little treasures they find along the way!

  122. Growing up, my grandparents took all the kiddos in my family on an annual summer trip. We drove anywhere from a couple hours to a couple days. I made so many memories with my grandparents and my cousins. Once I had a family of my own, I wanted to do the same for my children. Every year we go on a spring break trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama and then another trip to somewhere new. Alabama is a 17 HOUR DRIVE for us. This year we’ll have 3 kiddos under 4! Our approach is to have music, movies, and games to play with the kiddos. Even down to the “find three green cars game.” We also travel through part of the night so the kiddos end up falling asleep and by the time they wake up, we only have a little bit longer to go. Good luck to you and happy travels!!

  123. We don’t do as much traveling as I would like. Tho we go to FL once a year. It’s about a 8 hr drive for us. Have two little ones under age of 5. I learned that bringing lots of snacks, movies and games makes the trip so much easier!

  124. I haven’t travelled far with my kids – just a long weekend beach vaca in Massachusetts! So I have no advice for traveling abroad, but I am very curious to see how your trip goes because I lovr Europe!

  125. We went on several all inclusive vacations and camping trips with all three kids. Biggest tip is being as flexible as possible and always have snacks!
    I packed a small book bag for the girls to have something interesting to do on the flights and on road trips we bring lots of books.
    Also, for road trips, I bring the potty chair! That way I can pull over anywhere and not have to worry about taking the kids into a gas station bathroom.

  126. We travel all the time with our two year old. I recommend lots of snacks, crayons and coloring books and movies. Good luck!

  127. Our 2018 goal is to travel. We have a 3, 2, and 2month old so our hands are full. But we bought a mini van this year with dreams of traveling with our little fam. Plus, it has a DVD player so we’re feeling pretty invincible. 😂 Nothings going to stop us. 🙌

  128. We have done a few family vacations with my daughter, this spring we will travel more with her little brother. My suggestion is bring a nice stroller, snacks for the plane, warm clothes (you can always take off layers), and keep a normal schedule as much as possible. Rested kids are happy kids. Best of luck I am so jealous of the countries you are going to.

  129. We just traveled to Switzerland with our two littles! It was amazing and so very pretty!!! There’s a little train park – the Swiss Vapeur Parc – we literally spent all day there. It’s miniature replicas of real trains run by steam that you ride around this little miniature village. So much fun!!! Pick us, pick us!

  130. Would love to gift this to a friend and mom of three little ones who are going through some struggles! Crossing my fingers! 🤞

  131. My biggest tip is for your little guy. I assumed that my 2 month old would just nurse on the plane since he’s a champion nurser, but he REFUSED! I had no back up plan for food for him, so by the time we got to our destination, he was starving. On the way home, I pumped before hand and brought bottlea for him.

  132. Tip to stay sane…. just expect that at least 1 thing will go wrong and don’t stress about it! Also don’t try and do too much and just enjoy what you can do/see. If you can, you must go see Neuschwanstein castle in Germany. Your girls would love seeing the castle that inspired Disney!

  133. I have not traveled internationally but within the United States you’ve done some pretty long road trips. My main travel tip us to bring tons of snacks! I also love bringing lots of new books from the library and a few games which of course doesn’t work if you’re getting on an airplane…

  134. I took my two month on vacation to a few states and now she will be going on her first flight being nine months. She’s still too young to really know what is happening but I feel if I keep her on the go now she will learn how to behaving in public and during travel. I will continue to take her on trips for her to experience! I feel that being around different people, experiences and environment can be such a good learning opportunities for social skills but also well on vacation I love taking the opportunity when available to learn some history & from there I hope my little one doesn’t miss out on that opportunity!

  135. We travel with our 5 yr old often but haven’t done any traveling on planes only in our RV. We just take books some toys to entertain but mostly let her explore outside.

  136. We love going to Disney. It never gets old seeing my son’s face when he sees his favorite characters. The only tip I can give is don’t stress about packing because if you forget it, you can buy it LOL!

  137. Last November we traveled from Louisiana to Tennessee with a 9 month Old and a 2 yr old. We drove half way on the first day and stopped for the night and that was a great idea but even halfway with the two little ones was a long time in the car even after making lots of stops. Also make sure there are plenty of snack choices for everyone! Another thing that a friend recommended when traveling with little ones is to pack a little potty just Incase there’s an emergency!

  138. Ugh, I feel terrible saying that we haven’t traveled as a family since our youngest was born other than road trips just a few hours to grandparents. Even then, it’s a huge task to pack up a family of six. We always make sure everyone has a creative busy bag. Full of their own items, car safe crafts, mini games and books. It’s helped a lot.

  139. We don’t travel much with our kiddos. The daunting task of packing then unpacking and doing all the laundry overwhelms me. However if we do go somewhere we enjoy taking the grandparents with us. They are always so helpful.

  140. So good to see that others love to travel with their little ones! We traveled to Europe (England, France, Italy) two years ago with our 5 year old and 6 month old and loved every minute. Best travel tip is go with the flow – if the kids are getting tired and getting close to melting down go back to the hotel- rest and order in for the evening. It didn’t happen often but we were able to recharge and it gave us a chance to plan out the next days activities.

  141. We don’t have any kids yet, but I’d love to take our future kiddos to Bar Harbor, Maine. We went there as a family when I was little, and it’s still my favorite vacation yet!

  142. Yes! We have an almost 3 year old that we traveled with frequently! Snacks, activities, new small toys were all a lifesaver! Oh and driving during nap/sleep times. We also would map out parks or indoor play areas ahead of time for stretch breaks. Now with a 4 month old, I’m a little more intimidated! Thanks for the opportunity to win a Christmas gift!

  143. We haven’t traveled much or far with our 3 kids, but I would love to start. Looking forward to hearing your experiences, tips and advice!

  144. Snacks and wipes. 😉

    And – travel with kids is sometimes to a once in a lifetime place. It is ok to skip a nap – have gelato for dinner and get off schedule. Try to soak it all in.

  145. We love family trips with our two littles. BUT we don’t travel enough just as a couple so I think if/when we make it out if the country we’ll probably leave the kids at home, unless we’re blessed with an opportunity to bring someone along to watch the kids while we explore outside of naps and nighttime schedules! Can’t wait to see photos of your trip!!

  146. I love this snartwatch for kids! I only have a little 2 month old daughter in which we’ve only gone on road trips with so far. All I can say is plan for tons of extra time for stops along the way. We drove to LA when she was a month old. The trip usuallynonly takes us 6 hours. On our way back home it took a whole 12 hours in the car because of all the meltdowns in the car and stops we had to make. Hahah. This watch would be perfect for my 5 year old niece whom I’ve gone all around the world with. Snacks, snacks, and more snacks is all I can say for the toddlers 🙌🏼. I love you Lynzy, you’re as real as they come!

  147. I just recently solo traveled with my toddler to texas. While his tablet was great, I didn’t want it to be his only outlet. I picked up some sticky window clings (halloween ones at the time) from target for him to do on the plane window and he loved that! I also got lots of coloring stuff from the dollar area too! And when all else fails, there’s Benadryl 😂

  148. Love this post! Couldn’t agree more , I have my first baby boy only 4 days apart from miles and we have already talked about travel plans with the little guy next year! Love reading all of the comments too gaining a lot don knowledge since I’m a first time momma!

  149. First of all, these pictures of you two are so damn adorable!! I love the idea of having one on one pictures with my boys and it’ll be something I’ll be doing this year. So thank you for that idea!! And then tips traveling with kids….Xanax! Haha, kidding-kind of! But seriously I have found that I have the most success when I go to the dollar section at Target and get a big chunk of random little toys they’ve never seen before. I introduced each thing one at a time and it seemed to keep them entertained for a few hours at a time. I also let my oldest record his own “tutorials” on our video camera and that kept him occupied for a bit (and also kept me entertained, lol.) Books on tape were also another big hit. Thanks for the fun post, I just love your instastories and blog. You’re so real and relatable, never fake or phony and they make my day on a daily basis. I’m also due with my THIRD boy in December so I’m really excited to get in on the nightly nursing stuff you donon insta as well!!

  150. First of all, adorable pictures!!! Love reading and watching your posts. I have 4 kids and we travel mostly by car for long road trips but a few times have been on the plane. One of the best things for us in the plane was bringing a bag of dum-dums lol. But seriously they kept the kids quiet and also for take-off and landing it gave them something to suck on to ease the ear pain that can happen with the pressure. And another thing is to just not worry about what others around you think when you get on a plane with kids. I’ve gotten some not so nice looks but you just have to remember they are kids and they might have melt downs in those public places and just enjoy your trip and not worry about the looks you get:)

  151. Snacks, snacks oh and more snacks! 😉 And i always hit the target dollar spot before leaving to get any new cheap toys or coloring/activity books to keep them busy! 😉 have so much fun on your trip!

  152. We took our 3 year old and 6 month old at the time to Disneyland in May it was a 7 hr car ride there. Thankfully they slept most of the car ride so it wasn’t too bad, for us an iPad with movies and kid friendly drinks and snacks were the life saver when they weren’t sleeping.

  153. I will go to Family Dollar or a store like that and get a few little toys and pack a plane or car bag with them. They are new and exciting to him so he is entertained most of the time. Also SNACKS!!

  154. I love your blog even though I don’t have kids yet, but hope to one day soon! I have 2 nephews that I feel like are my kids and have traveled with them many times. They actually both love using my phone to take pictures and this would be the perfect Christmas present for them. It would make me the coolest aunt ever!

  155. Yes! Biggest tip is to take our portable white noise machine to create a sleep environment that’s a little more like home (plus it blocks out random noise)!

  156. Yes! Biggest tip is to take our portable white noise machine to create a sleep environment that’s a little more like home (plus it blocks out random noise)!

  157. Yes! Biggest tip is to take our portable white noise machine to create a sleep environment that’s a little more like home (plus it blocks out random noise)!

  158. Yes! Biggest tip is to take our portable white noise machine to create a sleep environment that’s a little more like home (plus it blocks out random noise)!

  159. We have not traveled further than 4 hours with our 2 year old! Our saving grace was snacks 😂! I am looking forward to hearing all of your tips because we are about to become a family of 4 and we love to travel!

  160. Oh my have we traveled?! Yes! I have five little ones and to my surprise they were really good. Except the baby he was not having it but the older kids did awesome. My tips would be to have a lot of snacks and movies. We travel in car so it was much easier to anything we wanted.

  161. Both of my children have medical needs that require us to travel. One doctor we see is a 14 hour drive each way, every 3 months. I feel like we have it down pat now after 2.5 years of it. Snacks are at the top of the list. We usually take 2 Matchbox cars for my son & 2 Calico Critters- they are small & good for open ended play. We have thought about iPad’s but don’t like the idea of them zoning out on a screen; I think the VTech watch would be the perfect balance.

  162. I️ have not travelled very much with my 15 month old just yet, mostly because I️ have been nervous to. We want to explore and be able to bring her with us but I️ have been hesitant to change her schedule around. I️ am hoping when she is older and is able to communicate more that it will be easier! This would be a great little gadget to keep her occupied in just a few short months, she loves to wear bracelets and she is always interested in our phones so this could be a happy medium.

  163. We took an 18 hour (one way) road trip to South Carolina with my 7 year old and 9 month old (at the time) and it was exhausting, but so fun all at the same time! Traveling with kids is definitely no vacation for the parents, but it’s so so so so important to give them that experience!!

  164. I’ve traveled with my 5 yr old since he was 6 weeks old, as a single mom it was way easier when he was an infant and would just sleep! But now he loves to fly! We’ve only done short flights though! Snacks and coloring books are a must for us 😊 he would love this watch though, he’s always taking my phone to take pictures!

  165. I have Traveled with our 4 children and also flown and traveled with our grandchildren and having one of those he re sebile pads where they can write and re write on them is very helpful and a variety of new snacks is also

  166. MY littlest guy is only 3m old and hasn’t been on any major trips (>3h), but we do travel to family/sporting events and seasonal festivals. We live in a major city so exposing our guy to new noises and environments is important. I try to not overpack, yet remember to bring our key essentials. One item we always have for our newborn is noise canceling headphones – the kind that only cancel noise not play music.

  167. We traveled an 18 hrs flight when my little girl was 2yo. And brought TONS of toys which she didn’t even get to play! So the next time I travel light! Here are some tips:
    1. Book a flight close to the kids sleep/nap time.
    2. Bring their sleeping friends (plushy, pillow, etc)
    3. Watch one or two movie on board (that’s abt 2hrs gone 😉)
    4. Ask for in-flight goodies for kids. They always have fun stuff for kids so you don’t have to bring! And this will keep them busy for most part of the journey 🤗
    So there you go.. Hope this helps and I’ll be following to see more tips here too! Thank you!

  168. We travelled to India on a 18+ hour flight (with a layover) when our son was 18 months. Biggest tip would be to have really low expectations and it’s ok if your kid cries. It’s ok. He will live and so will all the other passengers on the plane

  169. We love to travel!! We went on our first vacation as a family when our oldest were two months old (Cancun) then we move from Mexico to Connecticut by car. Later that year we went to San Francisco and before our daughter were one year old we traveled to Tokyo and Istambul. With the second child we waited a little longer to start travelling but the first time I went to California with the two by myself (I’m nuts travelling with a toddler and a baby) but my husband reached us there and last summer we went to Europe (Pragha, Vienna and Budapest). Also every year we go back to Mexico to visit family and usually I travel with the two kids by myself because I want to stay a little longer. Tips: phone with games or tablet, inflate toys, little cars, basically I fill a small cosmetic bag with toys. Buy snacks, diapers and wipes there, if you travel with a big airline ask for the seats with bassinet, I prefer to travel overnight so my kids sleeps. The first day is the worst for jetlag so be calm and stop at every playground you see, they are awesome in Europe.
    Have a great trip!!

  170. We traveled with our first internationally when she was just 8 weeks old – and we came back to America when she was 5 months old. We do a lot less traveling now that we have more than one kid…you are very brave. My advice was going to be bring just the essentials but it seems like you have that down pat. Good luck!!

  171. We just have one little sausage who is 4 months now and already he has been in 3 different countries! We are in the ministry and so tend to travel quite a bit. We decided before we had kids that we wanted them to move and groove with us (as much as is reasonable) and that our lives wouldn’t just stop and revolve around them. I must say that it has been much harder done than previously said but I want to stay true to what I felt and so even though I will be tired and would rather not pack another bag… I do and I have been so glad that I have. As Benji is still so small the biggest lifesaver for us was having a bassinet that fitted onto his pram that he could use to sleep in wherever we were. I know that there will be a lot more traveling in our future- we actually leave tom for a 5 hour drive up north – and I hope that I don’t choose the easy route in the future but continue to pack up and go make memories!

  172. Have not traveled with our two girls yet. Have a 2.5yr old and a 2month old…would love to try and travel but am very nervous to be honest. Though reading some of the comments it can be done and taking some notes 😉

  173. We traveled to Utah with our then 16 month old. My biggest recomendation is to go with your gut. Less is definitely best when it comes to packing.

  174. We haven’t traveled internationally with our kids, but I just starting thinking about it recently (they are 2 and 4). I am amazed that you could get by with 2 backpacks for 5 people, including an infant! Babies require so much stuff!! But I am definitely an over-packer by nature. 🙈 Switzerland is amazing! Definitely worth the trip! You will have a blast. Enjoy! ❤️