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What’s the deal with celery juice? | Green Goddess Smoothie Recipe

Hey Girls! I can not believe that we are now in the third month of blog contributors! I love looking forward to reading each of my blog contributors post each month! Laura is one of my recipe girls and I just love sharing her content with you all! Have you tried any of the recipes yet? I am so excited to try this months recipe Green Goddess Smoothie !  

What’s the deal with celery juice? | Green Goddess Smoothie Recipe

As you may have seen Lynzy mention in her stories the other day, chugging large amounts of celery juice every day has become a MAJOR thing. 
My first thought is that I could not be happier for celery. This humble little veg is getting its well deserved 15 minutes o’ fame.

Celery (like literally every other vegetable on the planet) is super healthy – it’s packed with fiber, vitamins, antioxidant flavonoids, enzymes, and potassium along with being a versatile and very flavorful ingredient.

Another thing celery is full of is water. It is so loaded with water that a one cup serving contains only 20-ish calories. So you know what you get when you juice celery? A WHOLE lot of water.

The foods we eat are a major contributor to our overall hydration. There is even some evidence to suggest that water is utilized more efficiently when it comes from the foods we eat (or drink) vs plain h20. That alone is a great reason to have celery as a part of your daily routine.

I can’t vouch for the long list of health claims, some of them fairly dramatic, made by The Medical Medium (the trend’s originator)
LINK TO ORIGINAL POST ON CELERY JUICE because most are not backed by research, like not even a little bit. Between his use of the phrase “science hasn’t discovered this yet” and the super long disclaimer at the bottom of the page, I’m skeptical. 

Though I believe nutrition is the one of the largest and most important pieces of the good health puzzle, one single food will never be a miracle cure-all.  The intricate systems at work within our bodies (the ones that detox, absorb, restore, heal, protect, buffer, balance, and build) require a major variety of nutrients to function properly. Supporting these systems with a varied, fruit and veggie packed (celery juice included!), whole food diet…now that can work miracles.

Despite my suspicion that this trend falls into the “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” category, I tried it out for 15 days (can’t knock it till ya try it right??). Plus, my kids LOVE juicing things so they were beyond pumped.

Starting the day with 16 oz of juiced celery did a few things for me:
– Inspired me to make a healthy breakfast (eggs + greens, a go-to for my family).
– Made me feel more hydrated (this experiment made me realize that I don’t usually have anything besides coffee in the morning!).
– Had me consider hiring someone just to clean the juicer (it was a major project to clean that sucker every day).
– Encouraged me to drink more water throughout the day. It was like starting off the day by chugging that much liquid instilled a little hydration habit in me.

One thing I look for in any nutrition trend or diet is its sustainability. Is it possible to buy a shopping cart of celery every few weeks and juice an entire bunch every day? Sure, I guess. But in my world, no (mainly because there is no way I am cleaning the juicer every. single. day.)
I’m no longer on the celery juice train though I do like to start a few days a week with a green smoothie. Try the blend below with breakfast! And tell me, have you tried drinking celery juice?
Green Goddess Smoothie

2 stalks celery, chopped

1/2 avocado

1/2 green apple

2 cups greens (baby kale is my fave, frozen greens work well too!)

1” chunk of fresh ginger

1/2 frozen banana (optional, adds sweetness)

1/2 cup cold filtered water or fresh celery juice 
add ice cubes 

blend all ingredients in a high speed blender until smooth (about 60 seconds). 

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  1. Celery juice was the only thing that helped my fatigue when i had deBilitating lyme disease a couple years ago. Back drinking iT now for 2 months (needed a break once i felt better). The celery juice gives me so much energy, which i realize now, i wasn’t
    at 100%. Skin looks amazing as well!

  2. Love celery juice, i Have been oN it since a year ago. It has improved my digestion tremen, Has stop my palpitations, my skin looks more hydrated, my bloting dissappeared, less infFlamation, i have stop my med fOr anxiety and many more symptoms have impr tnx to this delicious herb