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What You REALLY Need To Do To Be Prepared For a Baby

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A few weeks back I spoke with you on my Instagram stories about what you REALLY need to do to be prepared for a baby, regardless if it’s your first or fifth. After baby number three, I realized that it really is simpler than you would think to be completely prepared and I am going to share them with you all in today’s post with Marks & Spencer! 

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The first and most important thing you need to do to prepare for baby is…….


You need to have a group of people ready to go to bat for you when you need it. Grab a piece of a paper and pen and write down neighbors, friends, family members, co-workers, anyone you can think of that you would feel comfortable asking for help. You never know when you might need it and it’s very comforting to have that list when you need it. Reach out to these people before baby’s arrival and tell them that they are on your list. Ask them if it would be okay to ask for help on a moment’s notice. If you are worried that they will be “bothered” by this, don’t be. It’s flattering to be considered someone on this list! 😉 

Dressed head to toe in M&S – details below!

on myself:  Dress (fits TTS) / Heels

on hubby: Shorts / Shoes

on little man: Cardigan / Bodysuit / Trousers / Shoes

on 3 year old:  Dress / Jacket / Shoes

on 5 year old: Jumpsuit / Gladiator Sandals

2.) Just the Essentials

The internet and people around you may tell you that you need x, y, z and everything under the Christmas tree for this baby but I can assure you, you do not. Just the essentials! These include items like safety products (crib, car seat, thermometer, infant medicines), basic wear (diapers, wipes, bodysuits, sleep sacks), baby wrap/carrier, and that is really it! Honestly, just keep it simple! 

3.) Postpartum Kit/Resources 

This is a HUGE ONE. The United States has a lot to learn in terms of postpartum care and an appointment at 6 weeks is just not going to cut it. Thankfully they are changing that up a bit but I still think it needs to be better. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELF. Ask the hospital staff to help you get that latch perfected before you leave – it is SO important. Find a certified lactation consultant in your area (try your pediatrician’s office even) and have that number handy, should you need it postpartum. Create a postpartum kit with everything that you’ll need post delivery (depends, stool softeners, nursing pajamas, nursing bra, nipple cream). Make sure to call your doctor if you feel that something isn’t right, whether it’s physical OR emotional. Do NOT wait until your appointment. A pelvic floor physical therapist may be extremely helpful following your birth. After you have healed and if things don’t feel quite right (tailbone pain, pelvic pain, painful intercourse, etc) reach out to one. Most OB GYNs will refer you out or you can also look them up in your area! Do not think that everything is “normal” post birth, seek help! 🙂 

You can read more about postpartum resources HERE

Stay tuned for my Postpartum Kit Blog Post – coming soon!

That’s it! Most of all, get excited! Whether you are becoming a mother for the first time or you are adding to your family with another sibling, soak it all up! Don’t worry about all the “things”, all your baby needs is YOU and they will be just fine! 🙂 

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  1. I have The same QUESTION as Alexis… what baby wrap did you use? I had a Baby Bjorn with my first two, But for my next i would like something suitable for a newborn.