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What to Pack in Your Carry-Ons When Traveling with Kids

This post has changed just a bit compared to last year’s so I wanted to do an updated post on what to pack in your carry-ons when traveling with kids!  There are quite a few things I took with us last year that I learned weren’t 100% necessary so this list is exactly what we are packing! The kids are only aware of some of the items within their backpacks and the others are a surprise for when we get on the plane – so much more fun that way! I have packed up their backpacks myself and they are hidden until we board the plane! You can check out what’s inside below and in my stories today! 

What to Pack in Your Carry-Ons When Traveling with Kids


1. Vintage Girls Backpack | My oldest is using her school backpack from this year and my middle is using this adorable vintage school backpack! For little man I actually bought this one with a leash. Never thought I would be the mom with the little kid on a leash but here I am 😉 ha! 

Vintage Boys Backpack |

2. Busy Cube – Activity Board Toddler Toys | This little gadget is the best – Miles plays with it for a good amount of time so I brought it as a distraction!

3. Wikki Stix | These are awesome! Can be made into things and kids can just get creative with them. We have been using these for travel for years!

4.  Reusable Color with Water Activity Pad | These are awesome and always great for a trip

5. Disposable Toilet Seat Covers | Because having your kids on random public toilet seats is the grossest thing ever – ha!

6. Kids Headphones 

7. LCD Writing Tablet | My girls love to play around with these!

8. Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet | We reserve these for travel only (at least for now) and we are loading up apps onto them now. I will keep you updated on the ones we download and the ones that were most suggested from my stories the other day!

9. Polly Pocket | I still can’t believe these are back in action and better than ever – awesome for travel.

10. RXBAR Protein Bar | SNACKS. Pack all the snacks – they are a great distraction technique when necessary. 

11. Unicorn Snuggler | Each child packs their lovies 😉 


1. Freshly Convertible Diaper Backpack | This is the diaper backpack I always use – lots of pockets and great for the plane!

2. Travel Document Organizer | I use this for all our passports and documents

3. Waterproof Sleeved Bib | Because Miles is a slob 😉 

4. Hand Sanitizer Gel Infused with Essential Oils | ALL the sanitizer.

5. HOBO Vintage Lauren Wallet | SO many of you had suggested this wallet to me a few months back because I was in need of a new one and you were RIGHT, best wallet ever. 

6. Jackery Portable Charger | This is the greatest portable charger when on the go! 

7.  Toiletry Bag with Handle Strap | I use these special plane carry-on toiletry bags for the items mentioned below

I put these items inside it:

Wellness Basics Children’s Pain & Fever Relief 

Dramamine Motion Sickness Relief for Kids 

Travel Toothbrush

8.  Hand Sanitizing Wipes 

9. Collapsible Water Bottle | These take up NO space at all and is SO easy to pack for water on the go for the kids!

10. WaterWipes on the go Baby Wipes 


1. ZOE XL2 Best Double Stroller | This stroller is SO FREAKING GOOD for a double umbrella stroller with plenty of space underneath too! We bring it right to the plane terminal and just have them put it underneath during the flight

2. Cosco Scenera NEXT Car Seat | This car seat is airline approved and we brought it last year for the little guy. It weighs literally nothing

3. LÍLLÉbaby 3 in 1 CarryOn Toddler Carrier | CANNOT WAIT TO USE THIS. Heard awesome things about it and it holds a 20-60 pound toddler, how crazy is that??! 


What do you bring for your little ones’ ears on the plane?
Nothing! I just have them sipping water on the way up and down!
How do you handle car seats and planes?
I only bring a car seat for our 2 year old! I linked it above 🙂
Which apps do you recommend for little ones?
Here is a list of apps that we downloaded thanks to all of you that gave me recommendations the other day!
What gear to pack for kids?
As mentioned above, a stroller indefinitely for younger kids, a baby carrier for kids 3 and younger, car seat for ages 2.5 and younger (this is just a difficult age and I feel that they are better strapped in)
How do you handle nap and bedtime when traveling?
We typically nap on the go to be honest. In Switzerland and Austria we spent the entire day wandering/hiking and Miles would nap on one of us in a carrier! Our 3 year old would occasionally need to get into the stroller for a snooze or on some days when it was convenient we went back for a 1-2 hour nap!
Do you have suggestions for how to deal with time change?
Honestly, I think it’s best to take a red eye if possible. No, your kids won’t sleep as well on the plane (if at all) but when you arrive in your destination, it will most likely be later in the day (in our case, 6 hours later) and we just try to make it to dinner time (5ish) and go to bed. When you wake up, you are adjusted to the time zone (Europe anyways). It is MUCH HARDER going back home to adjust to the time zone in my opinion. It took us about 6 days to get back to normal because the kids kept waking up at 2 am (8 am Switzerland time)!
Tips for not getting sick when traveling?
Nothing except excessive hand washing! Ha!
How long in advance do you prepare for your trip?
I typically book these trips about 9 months ahead of time once I see an awesome price on tickets! After that, I plan a little bit here and there! As far as packing, I always start a week beforehand and do a little bit every day so that it’s not overwhelming and I can really think through everything we need. 
What do you pack verse what you buy there?
I only bring a few diapers & wipes with me – the rest I buy there! That’s about it!
What is your favorite age to travel?
Any age! 😉
How do you get your kids to sleep on the plane?
You don’t! HAHA. Honestly, they will be so excited that it will be hard to sleep. Benadryl was a huge back fire for us. We are trying Dramamine this time – I will keep ya’ll updated!
Non screen activities
All listed above!
How do you charge your electronics?
We buy converters for whatever country we are traveling to. I try to have at least three so we can charge a few things at once. I also bring a battery pack with us (linked above)!

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  1. My husband is british so we take our kids to Europe a lot. We always give them Melatonin On the plane and to help get on the time zone. There are gUmmies, liquid drops or disSolving pills. Works great for us!