What to bring a mother after she has a baby

What to Bring a Mother After She Has a Baby

What to bring a mother after she has a baby

So you just had a baby and everyone is bringing over gifts. What are the best gifts that you have received as a postpartum mama? Well, I asked my #latenightnursingfeed group the same question and I rounded up some of the answers! It’s funny because people will always bring over toys or clothing for the new baby (which is amazing and we love them) but we would much rather some good ole’ food or maybe something to pamper ourselves. After all, we did just give birth 😉

I love to create a little package for the mama while she is recovering and here are my favorite things to include in there:

Mustela Products for Mama: Body Firming Gel // Soothing Balm // Stretch Marks Recovery Serum // These are some really great products to bring to a new mother so that she can pamper herself. Trust me, we feel like a complete disaster after birth and we need all the help we can get. I have been loving these three products from Mustela. The Soothing balm has been great for my extra dry skin!

*I also wanted to mention Mustela & Me – which is new place where mothers can go for expert advice and tips & tricks throughout their pregnancy!

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Pair of button up pajamas: these are GREAT for mothers who nurse and for those that don’t, hey…they are a great pair of pajamas 😉 Loving this vintage pajama set here!

NuzzleHUG: Okay. These things are AWESOME. They help to relieve clogged ducts, increases milk flow, reduces engorgement, and aids in healing mastitis. Plus you can use them around your waist as well!

Some other really great things to bring a new mama include:

A nice home cooked meal. Hands down the best thing anyone brought us after we had Ellie. There is no time to cook and there is nothing better than a great meal to look forward to!

A subscription to a meal service: Send A Meal // Home Bistro // Pre-Made Paleo //

Cloth Diapers: These things ROCK. We have a million of them all over the house. They are great for cleaning up spit-up, used for burping, cleaning up spills, really ANYTHING.

Bring Just Yourself & be ready to work. –> This last one is something that is so incredibly helpful. Having someone come and help you clean your home, do the laundry or dishes is beyond amazing. These are the last things that you will feel like doing and you are much too tired to be worrying about the damn laundry, let’s be serious. So head over to your friend’s house and help her out eh? 🙂

A huge thank you to Mustela, who sponsored this post. As always, all opinions about brands and products are my own and I would never endorse a brand or company that I didn’t 100% believe in 🙂

What else am I missing? Tell me!


Last but not least, a giveaway with Mustela! One lucky mama will win all three products mentioned above: the body firming gel, soothing balm & stretch marks recovery serum!

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  1. I can agree that just about all of these would be on my postpartum list too! 🙂 My sister just found out she is pregnant (this aunt-to-be is super excited!), so fingers crossed I win the giveaway. I would love to give these essentials to her.