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HOW IT WENT | Our Flight to Europe

This post is sponsored by Mattel’s Polly Pocket. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that I truly love!

Rewind about a month back when POLLY POCKET™ entered my email inbox and I nearly fainted, seriously. I LOVED Polly Pocket when I was younger and it’s so nostalgic for me! I instantly thought that they were the perfect fit and agreed to collaborate with them, because POLLY POCKET! 😉 They sent along the Fiercely Fab Studio™, Snowball Surprise™ Compact, & Dance Par-taay!™ Case and our oldest was so excited to pack them into her carry-on bag for our flight to Switzerland. They are the perfect size for travel (car rides, planes) and restaurants. I love how they encourage imaginary play and the overall take away message that there is no adventure too small for Polly Pocket. A message that I think is great for kids to remember when growing up! I hope to expose them to lots of adventure along the way!

The most important advice I can give to you is to relax and stay calm on the flight. You paid the same amount of money for the seats as the people around you so do not feel bad when your baby starts to cry or your toddler wants to throw an epic tantrum. I have found it to be much more manageable when I have low expectations and stay calm when the chaos around me starts to build. You will find that when your kids notice that you are calm while handling the situations, they tend to calm down as well. For the most part, there weren’t any major tearful moments on our 8 hour flights. There were a few moments when the girls were so overtired that they would just cry and throw tantrums because of how tired they were but they didn’t last very long. Most longer flights give plenty of snacks/food/beverages for the entire flight so you don’t really need to go crazy packing snacks. Lollipops are always a must though because they last awhile so that you can regain your sanity 😉 

Each one of our girls packed a small backpack with their favorite items. Our oldest packed her Polly Pocket collection and took it out during every restaurant stop and plane ride. They are such a great way for her to use her imagination. I remember loving them so much when I was a little girl! They come in all different sizes and can fit into even the smallest of purses! Pretty sure she has a few new ones on her Christmas list this year 😉 

Many of you have asked about seating arrangements on the flight! Since we had an odd number (and plane was set up 2 | 4 | 2) on the way there we sat three of us in middle row and 2 on the end. On the way home we actually did three in one row and 2 right behind and personally, I liked this set up better. Miles tends to cry a lot when he sees me (breastfeeding) and it was better for me to be out of sight sometimes. We also purchased those little cushions that you can blow up on the plane to add a footrest onto the plane seats (great for kids)! My oldest used it for the whole time. My 3 year old wasn’t quite tall enough to need it. 


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  1. Do you have a link for the footrest thing you purchaseD? I know not all airlines let you use them but i wanted to check into it. thank you!