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Week Wrap-Up // Currently reading, listening, buying

This post is just a quick roundup of things that I am currently reading, listening to, and buying! I have had many requests for the books and podcasts I am currently listening to and figured this would be a good weekly recap post for you all! I will also feature some of my favorite book quotes here as well. For today’s wrap-up I will also be including the gifts that I got for our kids’ V-da baskets as well. We don’t do anything crazy, just a small little basket for each of them to open up in the morning before school 🙂 

Currently Reading

One of my good friends suggested Parenting by Paul Tripp a few weeks back and I really love it so far. There is a religious component to it that you should be aware of before you buy it just in case that’s not something you are looking for. This book has given me so much peace in the past couple of weeks and I am about half way through it so far! 

“God did not create human beings to be independently able; he designed us to be dependent. It is not a sign of personal weakness for failure of character to feel unable as a parent. The reason you feel this is because it’s true! None of us has the natural storehouse of wisdom, strength, patience, mercy and perseverance that every parent needs in order to do his job well. Independent ability, like independent righteousness, is a delusion. SO quit beating yourself up because you feel inadequate; you feel that way because it’s true!”

I am currently in a motherhood class and we are focusing on one book for this semester and the one I chose was “From Grouchy to Great” because this is exactly something I want to focus on in my own life. It’s very short, which is perfect since as mamas, we don’t have a lot of time! It allows us to take a few minutes out of our day to read and then do a few exercises that will help us find joy in every day motherhood. 

Currently Buying: Valentines Day Gifts

I love to put together small baskets for each of my children for Valentines Day. It doesn’t have to be much, I typically spend $30-$40 on each child and you can make it even lower than that if you wish! My mother always made this beautiful little baskets for each holiday for me and I really loved it! Here is what I scooped up:

These are the full zip rash guards I picked up to go over the girls’ suits this summer! I LOVE that that zip, making them easier to take on and off!

I also scooped up these Valentines here for my younger daughters class at school!

These colored Smencils for my 2 year old…..

I am going to take out one plane for each of them from this package here! We travel to Europe this fall and I just love them!

& these scratch & sniff stickers for my oldest 🙂 

Recent Purchases

As I have mentioned a few times, I always set out an allotted budget for new items on a monthly basis. Part of my job as a blogger is to review clothing and find out what will be the best for a busy mom on the go! I am constantly rotating my wardrobe (selling or donating) and making room for the next season. Here are a few items that I purchased and I will try them on for you as soon as they arrive!

I also scooped up a few things from Amazon: 

e-cloth cleaning set // I heard about this from one of you and I am so excited to try them! They fight off bacteria and can be used to clean basically any surface of your home WITHOUT cleaning supplies…. Are you intrigued yet?!

Fire Cider // I’ve heard great things about this stuff. One shot when you are starting to feel sick and this wards it off!

The ONLY wipes that I use – LOVE them so much!


Sometimes I come across some pretty cool articles or products that I love to share so here we go! 


Saw this onesie and thought it was the cutest little thing for those of you expecting a rainbow baby 🙂 

Lifevac // THIS is the coolest thing I have found recently. You can use this device in case other attempts to relieve someone that is choking, does not work. You can even use it on yourself! Bought it for our house! Code: dh5 for $10 off!



This box is the perfect gift if you are expecting a baby soon 🙂 They have one for the big brother and big sister!

Here is a video that is sure to pull at your heartstrings……

Lastly, for those of you with a 2+ year old in your home, this free webinar has been insanely helpful to me!

Currently Listening.....

So many of you were asking about some of my favorite podcasts and here are just a few:

One Bad Mother // Love the vibe – for your ears only 😉 

The Boob Group // Great podcast on breastfeeding!

Coffee + Crumbs // So many different topics – I have loved listening to them so far!


I will add my favorite episodes into these posts as well! 

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  1. Love seeing the cute things for the kids and what you order each month! I’ve ordered several clothing items you’ve posted and they’ve all been awesome!

    Would love the posts about what Mile’s is eating! My baby boy just turned 6m on January 30th so we are also starting solids! I feel like I forgot everything I did with my daughter even though she is only 20 months- so I would love the ideas!

  2. These are my absolute favorite types of posts! Please keep doing them!

    I’d love a little section at the bottom with links to all the new posts you’ve put up that week as well. It serves as a gentle reminder to go back and read the ones I was interested in but didn’t have the time to read when I originally saw it. Just an idea.

  3. Thanks for sharing! How does the white dress run? Looks so perfect for spring and summer, esp while breastfeeding.

    On the fire cider, can that be taken while breastfeeding?

  4. Thanks for sharing! I didn’t even think to buy a one piece bathing suit for my toddler and then use a rash guard on top! I buy the two piece suits that comes with a rash guard top and always have issues with the shirt riding up and end up having to put sunscreen all over anyways! (VERY fair skin kids) Thanks for the tip!

  5. I love this post so so much! Please keep doing it! This is such great stuff! I love the date night box and am so glad you posted about this lifevac! I’m so afraid of my kids choking!

  6. Love this idea!! YES on the food that little man is eating. My son is like a week or so older than yours and we just started solids so I’m curious what you’re doing.