Week 4.15.19 Top 5 Purchases  - Lynzy & Co.

Week 4.15.19 Top 5 Purchases 

I analyze my links on a weekly/daily basis and love seeing what you guys LOVE. It also helps me create content for you and lets me know what you like seeing the most! Here are the top 5 purchases from last week!

Week 4.15.19 Top 5 Purchases 


AE SHORT SLEEVE HENLEY T-SHIRT | On sale for $18 and I sized up 1 for a bigger fit 😉 


HUNTER ORIGINAL TALL MATTE BLACK RAIN BOOT | A classic! You can also scoop them up at Sams Club if you’re a member for less than $70!


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ISLE TANNING DROPS | Just a few drops into your moisturizer a few days a week for a golden glow – I LOVE THESE! 


SLIM PAPER BAG PANTS | These are one of my favorite Amazon items I have ever purchased – they fit SO nicely and the fabric is great! I am wearing size small but probably should have gotten the XS! They were just restocked in the blue color but have a TON of other colors!


SUMMER SUNDRESS WITH POCKETS | I knew that this would be in the top 5 from last week! Amazon round up post killed it – so many cute dresses for summer time! 🙂 

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