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Week 2.25.19 Top 5 Purchases

I analyze my links on a weekly/daily basis and love seeing what you guys LOVE. It also helps me create content for you and lets me know what you like seeing the most! Here are the top 5 purchases from last week!

Week 2.25.19 Top 5 Purchases


long sleeve night shirt | this one sold out pretty darn fast but this is the original nightshirt that I rave about here! A tad more expensive but worth every penny! I wore mine with a 9 month bump too!


water resistant jacket | Madewell dupe for the WIN! I cannot believe the price of this baby in comparison to the Madewell one that is exactly the same! I am wearing size XS!


camp shorts | these run TTS, I am wearing size small | So obsessed with these for summer that I bought two different colors 😉  On sale for $24!


revlon drying brush | This is NOT surprising! That amazing blow out brush is now $6 off!


123 parenting book | this book has been  life changing for us! 

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  1. I legit ordered almost everything on this top 5!!! i have been so pleasantly surprised at literally evErything ive ever purchased based On your recommendations! And to anyone considering 1-2-3 magic: holy smokes!!! Life changer! My 2.5 year old literally freezes when i hold up “one” finger and thats after only one weekend of conditioning! Thank you thank you thank you!!!