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Week 1.28.19 | Top 5 Purchases

I analyze my links on a weekly/daily basis and love seeing what you guys LOVE. It also helps me create content for you and lets me know what you like seeing the most! Here are the top 5 purchases from last week! I would love to know, anyone not have the Revlon hair drying brush?! I’m kidding, kind of!


Aerie Leggings | WHOA! So many of you got these and they’re still on sale and they restocked sizes if you haven’t grabbed them yet! YOU WILL LOVE THEM. I bought them in size XS and they’re VERY similar to my Lululemon Align pants!


Revlon Hair Dryer  | HUGE surprise – ha! This was a top seller for like the 5th week in a row…..


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Self Tanner Drops  | Love these for adding a slight glow! You can use them just on the face or the whole body!


Conditioning Primer Mascara | I have been using this under my mascara and it adds a lot of definition and drama – love it!


My Sheets  | For the third week in a row, the best sheets EVER!


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  1. Theyre so hotel like & crisp in the amazOn pic but i like your cozy look better 😂 is that after a few washes?

  2. Hi! Love your content. I remember seeing a link for your letter necklace,
    But can’t find it nOw. Would you mind sending me a link or the company name? THank you!