Week 1.25.19 Top 5 Purchases - Lynzy & Co.

Week 1.25.19 Top 5 Purchases

I analyze my links on a weekly/daily basis and love seeing what you guys LOVE. It also helps me create content for you and lets me know what you like seeing the most! Here are the top 5 purchases from last week!

Week 1.25.19 Top 5 Purchases


AERIE REAL PLAY HIGH WAISTED LEGGINGS | I am pretty sure that these will remain in my top 5 forever – HA. You guys LOVE them! I am wearing size XS!


Motherhood blogger, Lynzy & Co. talks about the best postpartum deodorant that not only combats stink but also has safe ingredients!

NATIVE DEODORANT | A natural deodorant that will rock your world! It’s my favorite! The coconut is my favorite scent and they even have a mens line too!


Lynzy & Co. - motherhood blogger talks about her current skincare routine

SELF TANNING DROPS | Still sold out 🙁 I will keep my eyes peeled!

CLEANSING MILK | You guys loved this cleansing milk I talked about in my skincare routine post!


SIMPLE WINDOW SHADE | I purchased this as a “temporary” solution to my bathroom window treatment but I am NEVER taking it down. You don’t even know it’s there and it’s PERFECT!

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