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Ways We Can Help in Texas

It is times like these that we all need to come together as a community to rise up above devastation. Hurricane Harvey swept through the coast of Texas over these past few days and so many have lost their homes. Rescue mission after rescue mission to save those from their homes as they fill up with water. These are the types of emergency situations that as emergency personnel, we prepare for but we are never quite prepared for the emotional side of it. I wanted to compile a post of the best ways you can help those down in Texas, even if you live far away. I have talked to several people in the area and determined what the best ways to help were….



1.) Texas Diaper Bank // You may choose to donate cash or diapers to babies, children with disabilities and seniors through the Texas Diaper Bank. 

2.) JJ Watt (Houstons Texan player) is raising funds for relief here! He has already raised over 5 million!

3.) Air BnB // You can rent your home or rooms to offer shelter to others. If you are in Texas or the surrounding states, please think about doing this! 🙂 

4.) Global Giving // You can donate funds here to help with the immediate need of food, water and shelter.

5.) The Salvation Army is accepting donations to provide food and water to first responders and food to residents. 

6.) Austin Pets Alive // They have transported more than 200 animals to their shelter. They have received enough items are are running out of space, monetary donations are preferred. 

7.) Louisiana Cajun Navy // Louisiana citizens who formed durin Katrina. They have been out in their boats helping to save people devastated by Hurricane Harvey! 

I highly recommend reading my friend Veronika’s blog post on ways that you can help. She is based in Houston and has compiled a great list!

Lastly, I will be selling quite a few items from Liv & Ellie’s closet today on my resale page and 100% of the proceeds will go to Austin Pets Alive & the Texas Diaper Bank. 

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  1. Give to the Salvation Army. They spend the highest percentage of donations on actual services and their overhead is minimal. The Red Cross uses events like this to raise money for their general coffers. If you give money to them, you need to specify it is to go to the flood relief in Texas.

  2. Give to the crowdraising created by #FamilyBusinessBeerCo a few days ago ! They are are raising money which will then be given to different charities and associations like the diaper Bank you mentioned ! They have already raised over 225k US dollars for this good cause, so if you want to join too…

  3. Also the IAFF which is the international association of firefighters has set up a way you can text to donate to help the ffs who have done so much aiding the people of Houston and who have also lost homes.
    You can text disaster to 50555 to donate.