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Until Next Year!

This post is sponsored by Nordstrom & ShopStyle. Thank you so much for supporting the brands I love!

I mentioned earlier this week that I would be taking a little hiatus for awhile and I am really excited to slow down. As a type A, it is very hard for me to slow down, say no and relax. I want to start off 2020 by focusing on being intentional with my time, worrying less, reading more, playing more games with my kids, saying yes to my kids more and a little more relaxing on the couch (something I NEVER do). Starting today I will be signing off (for the most part) for a few weeks. I am not sure exactly what that looks like yet. It may be 2 weeks or it may be 4, I am just letting my mind and heart drift off and relax for awhile and I will let them tell me when it’s time for me to return to this space! I am always pretty burnt out at the end of the year because of all the holiday craziness that comes with blogging and I am looking forward to a fresh mind and a lot of creativity to start off 2020! 

The next few weeks will be looking a whole lot like this and I am planning on wearing nothing but pajamas and a robe on a daily basis. This Barefoot Dreams robe is my favorite of all time and the coziest thing you’ll ever put on your body! The pajama set is new and I kept coming across these on Nordstrom and finally caved because the stripes were just too darn cute and they are even cuter in person. The pants have this rouching on the bottom and they’re SO soft, I just love them. They run TTS and I am wearing size small! 


I will also link up a few other pajama sets and slippers (these ones are sold out) below in case you are planning on vegging out as much as me during the holiday break! 


One thing I will be focusing on a lot during this break is reading. I have always had a love for it and just never have the time or rather I do not make the time. I want to introduce this as something I do every day. It helps relax my brain and get it to think elsewhere which is really important for me! If you want to read along with me, I will be reading “Where the Crawdads Sing” over the break, and hopefully 1-2 more as well! 

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  1. I also am completely drained from all the craziness around this time of year. More so this year than any other. I completely support you unplugging for awhile.
    It’s wonderful you’re taking some much needed downtime over the next few weeks. I am striving to make Myself a priority (to me).

    I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season! Merry Christmas! Happy New year! Cheers to everything that awaits us in 2020!


    God bless you~

  2. I lOve all your adventures. Especially with your kids. I could never get hUbby to travel like that with them. So i took them when i could.

    Love the pjs and robe. Where the crawdaDs sing is fantastic!! ENjoy and MErry Merry 🎄