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Try On Sessions | Best of Target – November

Snuck into Target last night after work to do this try on session for you! Bringing you the best of Target for November with everything from Christmas fun pajamas to holiday decor! There is am awesome sale going on today too (on top of the denim already being marked down to $20)! As always, it is much appreciated if you want to shop in store, that you order the items and pick up in store πŸ™‚ I only get credit for those of you that purchase through the links below and that helps to support us and this little ole’ blog! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much!

CURRENT DEAL: Spend $40 save $10, spend $75 save $20 (each item will say whether or not it qualifies and most of them do!) 

Try On Sessions | Best of Target – November

Try On Sessions | Best of Target - November

Coat || DEAL OF THE DAY – $60 and SO cute on. VERY warm and would definitely withstand cold temperatures. I am wearing size XS but small would be better with sweaters and such. Runs TTS


Just a kind reminder that I make zero commission if this pulls up the Target app πŸ™ Whenever possible, please use your computer browser and just come to this post! Thank you for your support!

Sweater || Fits TTS – I am wearing large which was too big but I want to get a medium for a more oversized fit! 

Denim || TTS – wearing size 2

Try On Sessions | Best of Target - November

Try On Sessions | Best of Target - November

Sweatshirt/sweater || Love the feeling of this one! Comes in this pretty gold color and a cream color! I am wearing size medium πŸ™‚ 

Same denim as above!

Try On Sessions | Best of Target - November

Sherpa Jacket || Runs TTS – I am wearing medium because they didn’t have anything else! I would get size small!

Try On Sessions | Best of Target - November

Popover Flannel || Wearing large since that is all they had, but would definitely want this oversized so a medium would do!

Try On Sessions | Best of Target - November

Sweater || One of my favorite picks. I am actually wearing it as I type this! I went with a size small! Fits TTS

Skirt || Has an elastic waistband s- fits TTS. I am wearing size XS – If anything, I would size down.

Sweater as mentioned above (wearing small) 

High rise velvet pants | THESE ARE LITERALLY THE J CREW PANTS! FOR WAY CHEAPER! They are on sale for $20 and they are awesome. They fit TTS – I have on size 2. They come in a bunch of colors too!

Try On Sessions | Best of Target - November

You cannot even look at this outfit without thinking about how comfy it is. SO SOFT and cozy. I am wearing size small in both and fits TTS

Try On Sessions | Best of Target - November

My shawl cardigan that you guys always ask about is FINALLY online!! It comes in four colors and I love it SO much. Looks adorable with dresses too! I am wearing size XS

Mock Sweater | Same as the sweater mentioned in the beginning but in black! Great fabric – not itchy! I am wearing size medium!

THESE BOOTS are so darn cute in person – I took them home! Run TTS!

Try On Sessions | Best of Target - November
Could only find the M/L in this in store but it’s stocked online. Its so damn comfortable and I love it! HA!
Try On Sessions | Best of Target - November
Love the subtle holiday vibe of these! I am wearing a size small and I would say they run slightly big! Also linking up some of my other favorite pajamas here! I have the thermal ones!
Try On Sessions | Best of Target - November
SO frustrating – these are STILL not online πŸ™ But they are Universal Threads utility pant!
Try On Sessions | Best of Target - November
Okay so I know that they “call” this a robe. But it’s literally identical to my Barefoot Dreams hooded cardigan. If you have been looking for something that won’t break the bank, this is definitely it!
Try On Sessions | Best of Target - November
This is the tree that I have in our bedroom and the girls’ bedroom! It’s on crazy sale right now!
I got a bunch of these little trees! They have three sizes and are $3, $5 and $10 – such a good deal!
Love these for Santa!
This wreath is so simple and stunning.
Festive pom stockings and I love that Fa La La stocking holder!
These picks are great to put into clear glass jars for decor or to mix into your Christmas tree decor!
This gorgeous tree comes in two sizes – it’s a great “tabletop” tree!
I can’t with this guy, isn’t he so cute?!?
This Santa baby sweatshirt has a vintage vibe and I loved it!
These leopard booties! I have been on the hunt for an affordable pair (every single pair I find is like $160 and these fit the bill)! Most sizes are sold out online but I managed to hunt my size down in another store! There was only ONE pair left and it was my size – talk about luck! They should be restocking these so I will keep on top of it for you! If you have small feet, your size is probably available πŸ™‚ 
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  1. Ok that puffer jacket 😍 and for $60 !!!
    And those Boots are the perfect color!!! I like that the heel is not so hIgh !

  2. I may have to give those jeans a try. I bougHt some from old navy (its my first pair of jeans ive bOught since I had my second baby) and i haaaaate how much they sag after like an hour of wearing them!!