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Tried & True Bedtime Favorites: Bed Sheets, Pillow, & Pillowcase

By far the “best selling product” I have ever linked with my blog is everything associated with sleep, so naturally I figured it was time to dedicate a blog post to it! You spend an average of 26 years sleeping if you lived to around 80 years old – GUYS, that is pretty darn significant! So, I finally broke down last year and invested in a $60 pillow, $20 pillowcase and $40 sheets that have CHANGED OUR SLEEPING HABITS forever! I promise you, these three items will seriously improve your REM cycle. 

My Pillows | These pillows come with extra fluff. Depending on how you sleep (side sleeper, back sleeper, etc) depends on how much fluff you will need (or not need). In my case, I actually took some out! This pillow is heaven!

My Pillow Case | YOU DO NOT NEED TO INVEST IN A $100 SILK PILLOWCASE – this silk one is PERFECT and only $20!

 Sheets – These bamboo sheets are insanely comfortable and keep you nice and cool while you sleep! 

Quilt – Similar 

Ruffle Comforter | Love this beauty! I roll it up when we sleep since it’s getting hotter now and it’s a bit too much in the spring/summer season! But I love the dimension it adds! 


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  1. Mattress bRand please? and do yall Sleep on a pillow topper/mattress paD? I’M currently looking foR an organic pillow topper.