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Travel Capsule Wardrobe | Denmark & Norway in August

This travel capsule wardrobe for Denmark & Norway was VERY tough for me. Since the weather is SO variable this  time of year and it rains pretty frequently on and off. I added a few items at the end of the post that I will be bringing as well so be sure to check that out too! For those of you that missed the last travel capsule wardrobe for Switzerland & Austria (in September), you can check that out here! I won’t be doing a separate kids capsule like I did last time but I will go over all of that in my stories tomorrow! I plan on bringing them items to layer since I think Norway will be pretty chilly in the fjords! Don’t forget to scroll down to the 20 outfits I created with these items as well! I love doing this ahead of time because I just use it as a guide to get dressed in the morning when we are on the trip!

Travel Capsule Wardrobe | Denmark & Norway in August


1. Graphic Tee | I love bringing one graphic tee to layer because it can pretty much go with anything! 
2. Basic White Tank | This is my favorite basic white tank – no brainer bringing it with me!
3. Basic White Tee | This tee is one of my favorites because it looks great under overalls or with culottes!
4. Silk Button-Front Blouse | This blouse is slightly cropped and looks SO DANG good with high waisted pants!
5. Peasant Top | Christy Dawn x Madewell is pretty much a DREAM come true for me. This top is so freaking adorable. It’s a versatile top that can be worn under overalls, with basic denim, with the culottes – really anything! 
6. Striped Tee | NO, I am not pregnant but LOVE the way this tee drapes! Linking a more affordable striped tee below!
7. Basic Cream Sweater | This is that LOFT sweater that went on crazy sale last week! Great for layering. FULLY STOCKED AGAIN AND 50% OFF! Runs big, size down. I got XS.
8. Denim Jacket | My trusted ABLE denim jacket – the most wonderful worn in denim jacket in the world! Love it! 
9. Ruana | The versatility of this piece is NOT as great as I hoped but it’s still AMAZING for traveling because it can be used as a pillow, blanket and more. I also love it for layering in colder climates. 



1. Zella High Rise Legging | OBVIOUSLY. haha! Wearing these on the plane with the Ruana!
2. Denim | BEST denim ever – these were part of the Nordstrom sale and they are SO comfortable. I chose them for the trip because of the comfort level!
3. Dotted Midi Skirt | This skirt could easily fit a bump too. It’s a versatile print that can also go with everything! Love this skirt with the loafers!
4. Linen Overalls | THESE WERE RESTOCKED!!! I am so excited because these had sold out and they are my FAVORITE overalls. So cheap too!
5. Wide Leg Culottes | I love these so much and wanted to add a different pant to the wardrobe choices!
6. Maxi Dress | Nursing and Maternity friendly – love this print so much! Runs a tad big! Print: “off white & floral”



1. Fanny Pack | How could I travel without one? HAHA! Now that my kids are a bit older – I have one of them bring a backpack and I can then use this smaller fanny pack without a HUGE diaper bag everywhere I go 😉
2. Cognac Leather Bag | My trusted leather bag that I use every single day of my life!
3. Sunglasses | My Karen Walkers that are about 10 years old now – love them to death.
Knock-off Pair | A knock off pair for $1, and I swear they look basically the same – check out my amazon highlight stories with both of them on together as a comparison!
4. Converse Sneakers | I was originally going to bring the black Ecco sneakers from the Nordstrom sale that I scooped up this year but to be honest, they aren’t as versatile with outfits so I went back with these like last year! 
5. Pikolinos | These babies are a DREAM for walking! I brought them last year too!
6. Gladiator Sandals | These are incredibly comfortable and I wanted a pair of sandals – especially for Copenhagen where I hope it will be a bit warmer!
8. Packable Straw Hat | This is hat is super cheaper and SO cute on! 


Rain Jacket | I use my Barbour jacket (graciously given to me by the brand a few years ago) but this one here is a great affordable option and this one is one I have heard a few friends rave about (and I love the length and color options)!

Sneakers or Hiking Boots | trying to decide which ones. I want to work out while I am there, hence the sneakers. BUT, I am thinking we will do a ton of walking and hiking so maybe just the waterproof hiking boots? We will see!


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  1. You are crazy amazing! I Love how you show your pieces and link them! I also love how you notify when something is restocked and on sale. I Love your honesty! Enthusiasm! The real deal! I hope you and your family have the best time ever! You’re inspiring!

    1. Love this! And so helpful seekng outfits together bjt where is thE pink jacket youre wearing in a few pictures?

  2. This is amazing!! So in depth and you are going to look phenomenal the entire trip!! What do you do if you tie a tshirt or sweater for one outfit, and then want to wear it untied later on for the wrinkLes??

  3. This is so helpful! We are going to Scotland and London for 10 days the first week of september and i am going to use this for inspiration because i am a chronic overpacker!