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Top Beautycounter Picks for the Sun-Set Event

My favorite Beautycounter product is part of an amazing incentive they have right now! When you spend $125, you get a 3 oz mineral sunscreen mist and 1 oz mineral sunscreen lotion! This is the only sunscreen we use and I will explain a little bit about that in the coming paragraph! Since the incentive is to spend $125, you could of course stock up on sunscreen, but I wanted to link a few of my top products for you here as well! 

Top Beautycounter Picks for the Sun-Set Event

Countersun Mineral Sunscreen | Hands down, my favorite sunscreen. The mist is so easy to put on the kids and it goes on white so you know where you need more of it. Extremely easy to rub in (the lotion is too) and I use the face stick for their faces! The lotion lasts longer than the mist for sure so just keep that in mind! My reasoning behind switching over our sunscreen was last spring when I learned about the toxic ingredients in most daily sunscreens. It made me sick to my stomach and I knew that this was a product I wanted to change over for my family for summer (last year). 

This image via EWG  (Environmental Working Group) gives a great rating chart for the different toxic ingredients that are found in a lot of our sunscreens! Oxybenzone has been linked to hormone disruptions and has the potential to damage cells that may lead to skin cancer. It has also been linked to early puberty in girls, risk to reproductive systems, link to hormone related cancers in men & women and much more. Octinoxate can lead to developmental and reproductive toxicity and is a hormone disruptor (similar to Oxybenzone). This IS WHY I knew we needed to make changes. Just the other day I was walking through Trader Joe’s and noticed that their sunscreen that they claim is “clean” has Oxybenzone in it. Educating ourselves about ingredients is SO important! 

Dew Skin Coverage | I wear No. 2 | This is great medium coverage but if you are looking for full coverage, you would add the tint skin with it! I don’t like a ton of coverage, so this is perfect! It has spf in it too! 

Body Wash & Body Lotion | I have been using this for 18 months now and I just purchased my third bottle of both of these – last week! They last forever! It is a citrus scent and has the best smell!

Lip Gloss in ‘Peony’ | Love this lip gloss – its not sticky and the shade is perfect! 

Countersun Tinted Sunscreen | THIS sunscreen is insane! Look at the difference in my legs! Wearing sunscreen is SO important and I know that most of us also wish to be tan, this is the best of both worlds! This is the medium/deep color!

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