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Toddler Breakfast Idea

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I am always on the hunt for a great toddler breakfast idea since our mornings are about to get a whole more hectic around here. Thankfully my girls love a well rounded breakfast and typically eat eggs, toast and berries which is surprising to me since my middle child is SO picky. When I switch it up, I try to make it fun and we do parfaits (with choose your own toppings) or pancakes with all kinds of fruit inside! Recently I put together these yogurt pairings and the kids all LOVED it – especially the little man! I explained to them how as adults, we pair our foods an drinks together sometimes and that they could do the same and they loved the idea. 

Toddler Breakfast Idea that even my picky eaters love!


Sliced Mango & Banana Chunks with Stonyfield YoBaby Banana & Mango Yogurt Mixed 

Miles loved using the sliced mango to dip into the yogurt and ate it that way (totally messy but WORTH IT) and loved gnawing on the mango because he’s been teething like crazy!

Toddler Breakfast Idea that even my picky eaters love!


Sliced Pear & Raspberries with Stonyfield YoKids Pear & Raspberry Yogurt 

Using the pear as a dipping stick and throwing in the raspberries was a huge hit! You can also throw in some chia seeds & granola for a little extra something too! 

Toddler Breakfast Idea that even my picky eaters love!

I would love to hear about your breakfast ideas for your kids, especially now that school season has started and mornings can become extremely difficult. I really love to plan the week ahead and write down what we are having for breakfast, lunch and dinner so that it’s easier for me to get it ready the day of! Always looking for quick, easy ideas that I can prep ahead of time or the day of so if you have any, please leave them in the comment section below so that we can all read them!  Happy eating! 🙂 

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