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Tips for Pumping at Work

I have had many questions in regards to my tips for pumping at work and decided to revamp an old post of mine! I wrote this post right after my second was born and I updated the entire thing so that you could get an idea of what I still use (a lot of my routine and products I use are the same)! Right now I am pumping every 2 hours at work (so 6 times in a twelve hour shift) since Miles is still so young and he nurses that often at home. I will typically get 4 oz each time I pump at this moment in time! For those of you looking to increase supply, I highly suggest Legendairy Milk supplements (CODE: LYNZY for 15% off) or making my lactation cookies here! 🙂 



Medelea Breastpump// Until we got a hospital grade pump at work (the advantages to working in a hospital) I used this Medela backpack. I still use this when we go away from home and whenever I need to pump. It’s lightweight and I love that you can wear it as a backpack! UPDATE: I used this bump with all of my kids but have heard wonderful things about the Spectra! 

Wet/Dry Bag for Pump Parts// I use this to wrap my parts in after I use them. 

Medela Wipes // I typically just gently rinse my parts with hot water and then wipe them down with these before placing them in the bag above and then into the refrigerator! 

BOOBIE BARS // If you don’t have time to make my lactation cookies here, these are a great alternative! If you’re like me and super busy, you don’t always have time for a proper lunch/dinner while at work. This allow me to maintain my supply and keep it movin’! Also, see Legendairy supplements above! 

Breastmilk Storage Bags // These are the bags that I have always used to store my milk!

Car Adaptor // If you have a longer drive like I do, you may want to get one of these car adapters! It allows you to pump right in your car!

Yeti Cup // Drink, drink, drink! You need to keep hydrated while you’re at work to maintain your supply! Make sure you bring a bottle of water with you and fill it up several times throughout the day! This yeti cup is something I always h ave by my side. My water stays ICE cold for DAYS. It’s amazing.

Breastmilk Pads // Wear these in between pumping sessions if you are prone to leaking!

Sharpie Pen // I use one of these to mark down the ounces and date on the top of each bag!

PUMPING BRA // This is by far my favorite one (I’ve tried three). It’s great quality and I highly recommend it. All the other ones I tried, we’re cheap and the zippers all broke!


  • When you are in between your pumping sessions, wrap your pumping accessories in your hand towel and throw them into the fridge! This prevents any bacteria from forming and makes “cleaning” easy. Just clean them at the end of the day!
  • If you aren’t making a lot of milk, make sure to keep hydrated and eat frequent healthy snacks throughout the day. If you look at pictures of your little one while pumping it can also encourage letdown!
  • Pump as often as your work schedule will allow. I work in the ER (12 hour shifts) and I will pump 3-4 times during the 12 hour shift! 
  • Start pumping before you go back to work to build a little stockpile in your fridge. This way you are not stressed out about not having enough milk! I saved up 60 ounces before heading back. Some mamas like to save a bit more but this has been the perfect number for me!
  • Invest in the best pump. It is WORTH IT. It will save you a lot of time and stress. I love my Medela and wouldn’t think of using anything else.
  • Keep a hand pump in your car for emergencies. It’s worth it if you get stuck somewhere, trust me!
  • Use this time to relax. Put down your phone and breath in and out. Think about your little one and the things you will do on your time off together. Less stress = more milk!
  • Reach out for support! There are SO many other mamas doing exactly what you are doing and to stay committed, reach out! Feel free to email me or DM me on Instagram at ANY TIME!

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  1. Hello! I love this post! However, would you mind sharing how you pumped up the extra 60 oz of milk before going back to work? I am stuck on this part because I don’t know when I should try pumping the extra milk. I hope this comment makes sense! Thank you.

  2. Great post. And go you for doing 12hr shifts with your little ones being so young. I work in a busy vet clinic and find eating and drinking enough the biggest challenges.

  3. I remember pumping back in the early 80’s!! What a nightmare! I love this post and you go girl!! Thanks for sharing with us at Throwback Thursday! I peeked in earlier, but didn’t get a chance to comment before now! Have a great weekend!


  4. love this! going back to work as an exclusive pumper was one of my biggest worries but being prepared with things like these was KEY! (plus having alllll the snacks stashed in my pump bag came in handy ;))

  5. Such helpful information, thank you! I’ve been coming up with a mental game plan for pumping when I return to work and this post provided great tips for me 🙂

  6. All of this! I think it’s worth noting that fenugreek can make some babies super fussy. I took some supplements when I tried to up my supply before going back to work and all of the sudden my chill and sleep-happy baby was the fussiest ever and I thought *what am I doing differently the last 3 days?* and it dawned on me that the only thing I did differently was take a milk supply booster. As soon as I stopped and it was out of my system, he went back to normal. And after Googling, sure enough, other mamas had the same experience. I guess it can make them gassy? So – just a heads up.

  7. this is a great post. ive been researching some tips on how to pump at work. I am an ER nurse as well and returning to work in a month. Ive started building a freezer stash and I’m sort of becoming obsessed over it growing. LOL. I’m quite nervous about having to pump every 3-4 hrs. in such a crazy environment but if some women have done it, I’m sure ill be ok! Thank you!

  8. Great post. I have a sPectra pump and i love it, good suction and super quiet. WHen i wEnt back to work i had to Block time on my calendar for pumping sessions so i wouldnt get stuck in metings all day without being Break to get away. And snacks are key.