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Tips For Feeding Baby On The Go!

This post is written in collaboration with Gerber. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that I truly love!

Having two other older siblings makes it a bit more challenging for me to keep the little man on any type of schedule. His morning nap is often taken in a baby carrier/sling or in the car so that we can take the older ones out and about. His eating schedule is also pretty flexible and I am always up for trying out new products that make feeding on the go easy! Our little guy is eating everything right now! He still nurses about 4-5 times a day, eats solids at every meals and snacks on purees in between since they are great for on the go! Gerber recently reached out to me to test out their new 2nd Foods® Apple and Carrot puree! There are quite a few things that I love about these purees and you can check them out below! Most importantly though, Miles loves the texture because it’s smooth and not watery, so easy to feed with a spoon on the go!

A few reasons to love Gerber’s purees:

1.) The fruits & veggies are grown using Gerber’s Clean Field Farming™ practices

2.) Their packaging is free of BPA

3.) Unsweetened, no added starch, artificial flavors or colors – so they really do taste like homemade

4.) Non-GMO: Not made with genetically engineered ingredients

With my first, I tried to make a lot of my own purees but with two other kids, it is very difficult to get around to creating our own purees. I love researching and finding brands like Gerber that make the purees as pure as possible and put our minds at ease knowing that our babies are getting the nutrients they need! I love that I can just grab these and go without having to think about what he will eat while we are out at the beach, pool or elsewhere during these fun summer months! You can find coupons for Gerber here!

A few other feeding tips on the go

A few years ago I found this amazing little high chair which makes eating extremely convenient while on the go! It folds up SO small and can fit anywhere and I love bringing it with us for feeding purposes. You can find one similar here!

Be prepared. I always keep a diaper bag packed with whatever I need and that makes it easier to run out the door. When we get back for the day and everyone is asleep, I check the bag and replenish whatever was used that day. I will keep a few purees in there as well as other snacks, diapers, wipes, change of clothing for each babe and more! Whenever we use items, I replenish them that night and the bag is ready for the next day! It has honestly changed my life and made running out the door so much easier. As you all know, getting out the door with multiple kids can be next to impossible!

Always pack healthy snacks. When your kids are HANGRY, they will eat pretty much anything and this is always my trick for getting them to eat fruits and veggies that they may otherwise refuse if they had other options. Have chopped carrot sticks, cucumbers, bell peppers or a handful of fruit on the ready! For your little babe, Gerber makes it easy to feed them with a puree! They even make them in these packets which makes feeding super easy!

Do you have any other tips for feeding your little ones on the go? What works for you?!

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