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Three Baby Carriers to Get You Through the First Year & Beyond

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I am a firm believer in the baby carrier so I am going to chat about my favorite three baby carriers to get you through the first year in today’s post! I wear my babies in carriers as much as possible for two reasons, it allows them to be close as much as possible (as they were in the womb) and it’s just easier (especially with multiple kids)! I have tried SO many baby carriers throughout the years and can finally say that I have nailed it down to three that I absolutely love, all for different reasons and different ages. The three baby carriers I am going to talk about today are available through buy buy BABY and if you are creating a registry, I highly suggest adding these on to it! buy buy BABY  is the perfect store to find all that you need for when your little one arrives! If you do your registry through them and complete it, you will receive a discount too!

Three Baby Carriers to Get You Through the First Year & Beyond

1.) Moby Baby Wrap | This wrap is a MUST HAVE for newborns-4 months. You can absolutely use it longer, but I usually prefer the ring sling over 4 months old! This wrap is VERY easy to put on once you get the hang of it. Try it with a fake baby doll first and do it a few times over and over. This wrap is the way that I was able to calm my first baby with severe colic! 

2.)  Ring Sling Carrier | This carrier is another easy one to get used to and I have found that babies 5 months and up really love to be on your hip and looking around. My kids always fell asleep in this position and it’s also possible to nurse in this carrier as well. You can even YouTube videos on how to make it happen!


3.)  Toddler Carrier | This is the carrier we just used on our trip! So good that we had two for hiking – ha! We brought our hiking backpack last year and just checked it in an extra car seat bag. This year we decided to bring the two toddler carriers because they can each individually hold 20-60 lbs.! I didn’t even realize that they had carriers they could hold toddlers that big! I can attest to how AMAZING this carrier is after our trip with it! HIGHLY recommend this carrier!

The age suggestions here are definitely NOT set in stone and all babies come into the world weighing different sizes and grow at their own pace. You may find that you LOVE the Moby wrap for up to 9 months! It just depends on how big your baby is and their preferences. Our babies are always pretty big and grow fast in the beginning – hence the reason I tend to switch early! 

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  1. I used the moby with my 3 oldest kids but this time wenT with the solly wrap. Used the same waY as the moby but much thinner MATERIAL which helps keep them cOOl! Baby is 6 months and we still use it when were out and about and He wants to sleep!