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Thoughts on Kindergarten

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I am still processing through the fact that my 5 year old is in Kindergarten! 8 hours is a mighty long time to be away from me on a daily basis and it makes my heart SO sad but also so excited at the same time. After all, our job is to raise our children to be healthy and independent little people – this is all part of it! Many of you have asked how it’s going so I wanted to take this post to talk about little updates and a little bit about what to possibly expect when your little one enters into Kindergarten! 

Thoughts on Kindergarten

The first thing to be aware of is that transitioning to 8 hour days away from home will tire your child out COMPLETELY. My 5 year old comes home exhausted and cranky and I know it’s just a phase, getting used to the new schedule! On most days we try to have some quiet time after school where she reads alone in the corner or works on a puzzle by herself. I’ve even had her take a nap a few of the days! 

Keeping an open discussion at all times and making sure to ask about their day is so important. If she is really overwhelmed she will brush me off but I just try again later (again, they’re exhausted)! Dinner time is always a good time to ask because once they get eating, they usually love to talk to! Try to make sure you’re still getting in that quality time 1 on 1 when possible, even if it’s just running around the yard for a bit, playing on the swings, writing with chalk, etc. 

We are both head to toe in Under Armour and she always asks to wear her Under Armour for her gym days at school 🙂 Her sneakers have been a huge hit for the past few months and her big girl water bottle is her new obsession! She loves bringing it to soccer practice! I am really digging this hoodie because it has a large cowl neck to it and fits perfect! I will link up everything else below! 

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  1. My 4 year old just started full days of pre k and it is melt down city when we Pick him up! I used to pick him up after school with my daughter and as soon as we would stArt to talk to him he would Scream aNd cry. He’d say “mommy your voice is huring my ears” lol. toddLer code: i’m over it. So now my husband picks him up and He says they drive home in silence. My son also gets home before we do so he gets his alone time in. It maDe a huge difference!

  2. The best thing for after school even though THEY’RE exhausted has been a quick bike ride in the neighborhood, We have a little loop that is basically a 1/4 mile lap and thats all we need to reset after first grade. Its strange bc you think they wOnt want to bc THEY’RE tired but without fail they want to and its changed our afternoons. Its the simplest little thig, after that a snack and 30min of free time and were ready to tackle hw!