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Things To Do In Sonoma with Kids

You may remember our recent trip in February to wine country and I wanted to share a fun guide with you all of all the things to do in Sonoma with kids. Sonoma is the perfect place for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. Just because you’re heading to wine country doesn’t mean it can’t be a family trip, there are plenty of things to do with your kids in Sonoma, within this post, I have compiled my favorite tips for your trip! We unfortunately went during one of the rainiest seasons on record but we were still able to do quite a bit and make the most out of everything! If you missed my previous travel post to Charleston (check it out here), I compiled the entire list into a pretty PDF file which you can view here in the blog or you can download for future use! 

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Things To Do In Sonoma With Kids 

Included in this PDF are tips on traveling with kids in tow, the best restaurants to check out while in Sonoma and wine country, the best wineries that are kid friendly and some of the best attractions in the wine country region! When you think of wine country, you automatically think of going with your significant other or girlfriends, but going with the kids can be just as fun! Be sure to take notes before you leave and head to the end of the PDF for tips on our favorite travel gear as well! Have fun! 

Traveling to wine country and want to bring your kids? No worries, check out this compiled list of all the things to do in Sonoma with your kids! Head over for the ultimate wine country travel guide!

……and without further ado, here is the PDF Travel guide to wine country!

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