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The Best Products Purchased on Amazon // FEBRUARY

I had such an amazing response when I decided to feature the best products purchased on Amazon last year here, and figured it would be a great idea to get one going for every month. I just asked you all this the other day but I am going to go ahead and say these were for January. At the end of every month, I will ask you all over on my Instagram what some of your favorite products were that you purchased on Amazon that past month were. If you are like me, you shop Amazon Prime daily and there are SO many great things on Amazon yet to be discovered! 

Best of Amazon Purchases for Baby, Kids & Moms for the month of February!

{above} The ecloth home cleaning set. NEVER use cleaners again! This package of 8 cloths does all the cleaning you’ll ever need. There is a cloth for every type of surface in your home and they’re reusable. Coolest thing ever!!

There were SO many comments this past round and I would love to feature every single one but I am going to have to cut back a bit just because it would take me weeks to write about and link to 400+ products! 🙂 Okay so here we go! 

The Best Products Purchased on Amazon // JANUARY


Amazon Elements Unscented Baby Wipes // I signed up for a subscription of these. Best baby wipes I have EVER used. They easily come out of the package (who the hell wants to struggle with a wipe when you are wrestling with poo?) and they wipe so easily. LOVE them.

OH CRAP! Potty Training Book // One of you got this and it sounds like a great one!

Zutano Baby Booties // The ONLY booties that stay on Miles’ feet and a bunch of you recently mentioned these too!

MAM Bite & Brush Teether // One of you mentioned that your little one was picky and would only take this one!

Magnetic Building Block Tiles // We used to have these and lost a bunch – I definitely need to get more because they love them! A few of you mentioned this within my post! 🙂 

Wee Gallery Art Cards // One of you said you just bought these and we have them too! Miles loves them!

Natursutten Pacifier // So many of you recommending these! 

oogiebear nose and ear cleaner // I have heard great things about this!

Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss // has three positions: rest, play, sleep and many of you swear by it!

NumNum Gootensil // A great spoon for baby to learn how to use use a utensil to eat! 

Good Night, Animal World // A bedtime yoga book for kids 🙂 

Flow N Fill Bath Toy // I saw this on my friend Karla’s IG stories and a few moms mentioned that they love it too! Scooped it up for our new bath! 🙂 

Foldable Playhouse // Great for indoor and outdoor use and easily folds for storage! 

Straps to secure toys, sippy cups & more // These straps allow you to hook sippy cups and toys onto literally anything – so cool!!


Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides // I have heard AMAZING things about this stuff and I have yet to pull the trigger. If you use this, please tell me how you include it in your routine in the comments!

Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder // a safe and natural way to whiten those teeth – totally interested to see if this works! People swear by it!


Childproofing Locks // On mama swears by these for her 9 month old! Easy Peasy to put on too!

LED Night Lights // One of you raved about these and they sound amazing! No changing bulbs and they go on and off on their own during sunrise and sunset!

Cool Mist Humidifier // I recently purchased this because it filters the air and rids it of microorganisms and you can also set the humidity right on the unit! It has a ton of great features. 

Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind // Bring it with you anywhere. Easy to put up and take down! 


Mommee Coffee // LOVE the idea of this! They have all sorts of options including decaf, Half caff, Quarter caff and regular! 

Kindred Braverly Nursing/Sleep Bra // So many recommend this bra! I have one that I wear for bed too! 🙂 

Haaka Manual Breastpump // This thing is DA BOMB.COM! You use it on the other side when you are nursing to catch the extra – build up your freezer stash in no time! So many of you recommended this to me and I have it but I don’t have a crazy let down that allows me to catch that much right now (I did when he was first born but once the milk regulated, it was a no go).

PureMom Breastfeeding Supplement // I am SO excited that one of you shared this because I have never heard of it! AMAZING reviews too! The mom that shared this mentioned that this supplement worked great for her and was even better than fenugreek itself. 

90 degree high waist legging // One of you compared these to the Zella high waist legging at a cheaper price! 🙂 

Mint Chip Brownie Lara Bars // UHM. YUP – just purchased. One of  you said that they taste like Girl Scout thin mint cookies and I was sold – ha!

Basic nursing tanks // Great for layering and around the house! 

Maternity leggings // One mama swears by this cheap maternity leggings! What a deal!

52 Lists for Happiness // A great journaling book!

You can read all of the comments about everyone’s recent purchases on this IG post here! 🙂 

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  1. Vital proteins-2 scoops in my coffee every morning. Tasteless!!!!!been using it for about 6 months now!!! Love 💗 it!!

  2. Vital Choice – I add this to my (& the little one’s) smoothies, it is totally tasteless and such a great protein source, w the added benefit of helping your hair, nails, & skin! I bet you could also mix it into mac & cheese or any other “kid” food to pump up the protein w/out them knowing!

  3. This is such a great list!! Thank you for compiling it! I get the vanilla collagen peptides from vital proteins and add it into my coffee every day. It has a non-artificial vanilla flavor and it has really helped improve my skin and hair!

  4. LOVE Vital Proteins. I do a scoop of the original collagen peptides (blue container) in my morning smoothie. I also just started a scoop of their beauty water combined with lemon juice and Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (all mixed in a big jar with a ton of water!) first thing in the morning as soon as I wake up. All of their products are amazing. Highly recommend!

  5. I’ve been wanting to try vital proteins collagen. I’m breastfeeding- does anyone know if it affects your supply?

  6. Awesome post, thank you! Just grabbed those plug in lights on a lightning deal🙌🏻 I have been using Vital Proteins for about two years. I mix it with a small glass of OJ and use it to take the rest of my vitamins and probiotics. Over the last two years I tried switching to two cheaper versions (highly rated on amazon) but both were major fails as far as convenience— VP doesn’t clump and is tasteless if mixed right!

  7. I have the 90 degree leggings and LOVE them. I haven’t tried the Zella leggings because I love these so much!