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The Best Items that Moms Recently Purchased on AMAZON

The Best Items that Moms Recently Purchased on AMAZON

I recently started a new poll in Lauren and I’s Facebook Motherhood Group (join here!) about recent purchases from Amazon that moms LOVED. I will be doing a post like this once a month because I love hearing about products that have worked really well for other moms. I, myself, don’t know how I could go on without Amazon Prime. It has been a lifesaver for me on so many different occasions and I love it SO much. I have recurring subscriptions on there now for diapers, wipes, cat litter, and other products that we need often!

Here are the products that moms are currently loving for the month of MARCH!

ChooMee Food Toppers or the Pouch Buddy!

Grape Cutter

Pizza Wheel & Cutter // For cutting up all your baby’s food! What a genius idea!

Summer Infant 3dlite Stroller //I don’t have this but a few other moms rave about it!

Indestructible Books // Literally indestructible! 🙂

OK to wake clock // We don’t have one yet but I have heard nothing but positive reviews about this clock for little ones!

Training fork and spoon // We also have these and use them all the time!

Reusable food pouches

Pressing Pause Book // for the mamas <3

Fred & Friends Dinner Tray

Placemat and Plate Suction

Beach Shelter

Ortho Molecular // The only thing that worked for one mom with allergies while pregnant and breastfeeding!

Winkel Rattle

Diaper Cream Brush

Postpartum Recovery Belt

Refillable food Container

Shark Vacuum // Everyone was RAVVING about this vacuum. We actually have the Dyson V6, which is super lightweight and doesn’t need to be plugged in when in use. It’s been a lifesaver for us!

Kids Picnic Table // Thanks to a few moms, this is now on my must buy list for summer. It would be perfect in our backyard for the girls to eat their lunch and dinner and do projects! The moms also mentioned that it easily folds to put in storage when not in use!

Touch and Feel Picture Cards // We had these for both Olivia and Ellie and they both loved them.

Neckerchew // One mom mentioned these and they are genius for teething babies!

Sleepsack for Early Walker // We only used a sleepsack for months 0-6 but these are great too! I may be getting some for baby #3!

Baby Bath Tub // I’d never seen this tub before, but what a great idea!

Smock Bibs // BEST BIBS EVER.  Enuff said.

This thread actually has to be broken down into two posts because there were SO many products mentioned 🙂 The next post in the series will go live in April!

The Best Items that Moms Recently Purchased on AMAZON

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  1. Can you send a link to you FB Group? I would love to join as I am a mom with a 2 and soon to be 5 year old living on the shoreline and love your posts!!!