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The Best Couch for a Family

Over a year ago I asked you guys what your favorite couch was for a family with lots of kids & pets! I rounded up the 10 TOP recommendations in this post here and then I never followed up with a post on what we went with and how we like it! I am finally getting around to throwing one up! We ended up going with the Crate & Barrel Lounge II sofa and I cannot even begin to tell you how much we love it. It has a VERY large lounge area on one side that we can honestly all lay down and watch a movie. The seats are very deep which I also like because it’s cozy and allows for more people to be able to pile on! 

Our living room progress | Making the living room more spacious and inviting!

We ended up going with “taft cement” and it’s the perfect mixture of grey and beige. It would honestly go with either color groups. We have classic gray by Benjamin Moore in our living area but we also have brown leather chairs in the corner and this couch helps bring the gray and beige tones together so well! It hides every speck of dog and cat hair and it cleans up SO easily. I cannot speak enough about it! It’s currently over $700 off and rarely goes on sale so I figured today was as good as any to finally put this post up! Ha! 

Our living room progress | Making the living room more spacious and inviting!

Keep in mind that this couch is VERY big, make sure you measure your space before ordering. You can also configure it however you want! You can make it bigger, smaller, add more pieces – there are so many options with it! We have found this this size is perfect for us even when we have company over because we also have the two leather chairs for seating as well! 

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Our living room progress | Making the living room more spacious and inviting!

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  1. Hi Lynzy!!

    Been fOllowing you on insta and i always keep coming back to your sofa!! Love it! Now its time for me to buy It and was wondering your combination pieces you bough to make That shape couch! Thanks!!

  2. Hi Lynzy! thanks for sharing this. We are in the market for a new sectional. Super anxious because our current has pilled terribly. Have you noticed any of that with this couch now that you have had it for a longer period of time?

  3. Hello! We are almost ready to make a decision on this couch, in the taft cement fabric like yours, but we’re very nervous about it getting dirty due to the light color. We have a dog and worry that her dirty/wet paws would ruin it. How has yours held up with dogs, and how do you clean it (If possible)? The other option is the steel gray, but the room already has dark lighting, so prefer to lighten it up! Thanks!

  4. Hey lynZy, we have this couch and we’re hAving a hard time getting the cushions clean after our dog threw up oN them. How did you clean your cushions? Thanks!