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The Best Baby Carrier For Newborns

Today’s post will talk about the best baby carrier for newborns (& my personal favorite)! I absolutely love baby wearing for a few different reasons. The first being that it keeps baby nice and close as they were inside the womb. This is especially important during the fourth trimester when baby is trying to get acclimated to the outside world, it makes her/him feel safe. Baby wearing is also a necessity when you have other children. You are able to be hands free, comfort your baby AND care for your other children. It does take a little bit of practice but this baby wrap is by far the EASIEST and COMFIEST way to carry a newborn and holds them in the newborn position and classic position, which they love sleeping in. This evening, I will be posting an IGTV video on how to place your baby in the wrap so that you can reference it whenever you need to! I will also upload it here to the bottom of this post as a Youtube video as well. 


There are several reasons why I prefer the Tuck and Bundle wrap over any other wrap. The Tuck and Bundle wrap is made of 100% certified Lenzing Micromodal Fabric which is a softer spun and more expensive version of modal or jersey fabric that doesn’t pill, lose color, or stretch out (many of the other wraps in the market are just made of modal fabric and stretch out over time or are just too hot). You want to make sure that it won’t stretch over time because baby won’t be held up as well, especially when you are moving around while wearing the wrap. I have worn this wrap every day since Maggie was born and this wrap has NO signs of stretching out and holds her up perfectly. The wrap stays in place primarily because of the high-end stitch that is done with their custom-made sewing machine for adding strength and “no-roll” hem feature. If you’ve worn another wrap you know it’s hot, bulky, and rolls, but not this one. This feature is another reason that separates this wrap from others in the same market. Their wrap has the softest fabric I have come across (and I have tried MANY in my 7 years of babies!) Their wrap is machine washable, something you definitely want because of blowouts and spit. up incidents! Overall, it is extremely breathable, has lightweight material and stays up better than any of the other wraps I have tried. I cannot recommend it enough! 

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One of my favorite things about this brand is that it is a smaller brand that not many know about and I just LOVE supporting small businesses. Tuck and Bundle is a Veteran-owned business and the owner has a degree in engineering which helps them set out to make a higher quality product. Here are a few other highlights that I think really make this product stand out: 


  • Perfect for babies 8-25lbs (0-15 months old)
  • Great for summer and still comfy for all seasons
  • Designed in Texas by a Texas mom for the Texas level heat
  • You can nurse in the wrap!
  • Fully adjustable and fits petite through plus size up to size 24/26
  • Made entirely in California (made in the USA – yay!!)
  • Veteran-owned, mom of two, degree in engineering set out to make a higher quality product
  • Wrap can easily and has been used for multiple children and super durable


This baby wrap is one of my top 10 necessities for baby and I use this daily for the first 4-6 months (depending on how big your baby is and how fast your baby grows)! My babies are always in the 90th percentile and once they get pretty heavy I usually switch over to a different carrier that bears heavier weight. Many moms do wear the Tuck and Bundle longer up to 15 months because of it’s durability, it’s all preference! There is no better carrier for those first 12 months than a baby wrap because of how close it keeps your baby to you! There are so many benefits for mom and baby when you wear them that first year. I cannot get behind this product enough! If you buy one, I would love to see a picture of you with your baby in it – send it to me over on IG! 🙂 


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  1. Do you have any recommendations on baby slings? I will have a 2 month old next summer and will be Going to a wedding in the outer banks. I was thinking a sling for family pictures and wrangling my other 4 kids (who will be ring bearers)

  2. I’ve never used a wrap because it was intimidating. You made it look so easy and the baby lookS so comfy and cozY! Thank you for the great info!!