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Target Food Haul

Who knew that there were so many goodies at Target?! I was floored by the amount of messages I got back in regards to your favorite food at Target! They have this amazing brand called “Good & Gather” which is VERY affordable and awesome that I am excited to try! Here are your tried and true favorites! If I am missing something YOU LOVE, tell me in the comments below! 

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  1. I Shop at target all the time and there are still a few Of these i’ve never seen! ExciTed to try the dessert hummus and those veggie tots

      1. I thought the same when i got the chocolate hUmmus from TJ. I went with those this prEtzel crisps. I figured they cOuld Be used for sweet or sacory. It was good! Gonna have to tRy these now 😊

  2. Good and gather’s THINLY dipped Chocolate Covered almonds—exactly like skinnYdipped almonds, but way cheaper. It’s so good!!

  3. Thank you for sharinG these. Ive been looking for some neW snack ideas and am going to pick up some of the dessert hummus

  4. Excited to try a few oF these!! The Good Food brand buffalo dip also have a vegan queso style dIp that is delicIOus. Gotta add The boom chicka pop holiday popcorn – two beSt Ones imo are chocolate MARSHMALLOW and pepperminT crunch. Also, kids perfect bars in refrigerated section and mama chia prebiotic pouChes are staples in our house.

  5. I love so many of the good and gather items and am excited to try a few of these that i haven’t seen yet! i would also add the good food tomatillo avocado salsa to this list and the good and gather sauces. i’ve tried the panang curry and mongolian garlic – both so good!

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