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How to Transition from a Bottle to a Sippy Cup

This is more or less a post on how we switched from the bottle to a sippy cup. What worked for us may not work for your little one, but it is certainly worth a shot, right? 😉

When Olivia turned 12 months, I became obsessed with switching her over to a sippy cup. I thought to myself that I shouldn’t have waited so long to try and switch her over and I thought I was a “bad mom”. She absolutely refused to drink milk out of anything but her bottle. She was fine using a cup for her water, but if I put milk in there – all hell would break loose.

how to transition from a bottle to a sippy cup

Note* I was still breastfeeding 2-3 times per day at this point as well (we stopped at 13 months)

After a few weeks of trying, I quit trying. This was one of the best decisions — EVER. I tried again one week later (not expecting anything) with this sippy cup and she totally downed the milk inside of it.

Mommy – 1   Toddler – 0

Needless to say, she takes all of her milk out of a cup now instead of her bottle and we were able to put all of the bottles into storage by around 14 months. Every baby is different and will adapt to things in their own way. Olivia simply wasn’t ready to make the switch when I wanted her to, instead she made the switch when she wanted to.

Right now she gets three cups of milk per day and we are going to try and cut out the one before bed. She gets milk before every nap (I just put the milk in a cup and she drinks it while she is playing before her nap).

So there you have it! Relatively uncomplicated — but I remember that I had tons of questions about it when I was switching Liv and thought it would be helpful to post! 🙂

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  1. But that ‘cup’ looks just like a bottle?! It even has a nipple. Whet is the difference?

    My 14 month old is still getting 2 bottles a day and refuses milk from anything but his bottles. He is very attached. He gets one right when he wakes up and right before bed. I’ve been trying everyday to switch to a dippy cup but he just loves the whole event of drinking a bottle. Sits on the couch, twirls his hair, relaxes….it’s the only times he is actually still! I don’t know what to do!!!