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Surviving the Puppy Stage with Little Ones at Home

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9 months. That’s how old Winston is now and if it’s even possible, I think he’s bigger every day. He weighed in at 75 pounds recently and just turned 9 months. I am thinking we will have a big boy on our hands in just a few months 😉 As you know from my previous Winston updates, it has not always been an easy go around here. In fact, it’s ben incredibly difficult adding a puppy into the mix and I think it’s important to stress that. Deciding to introduce a puppy into your life is a really big decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Surviving the Puppy Stage with Little Ones at Home

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A puppy IS more work than a 17 month old and a 3 year old combined. IT JUST IS. Between the potty training and the constant training and refocusing, it’s a whole job in itself and if it’s not properly done, you will get a very mischievous puppy on your hands! They are constantly trying to test you along the way and it can be frustrating at times. I finally feel like we are seeing results we have been waiting 6 months for. Even the vet recently said that he was the best German Shepherd that’s come through their hospital! People are starting to comment on his behavior and I finally feel like we are making some progress!

Surviving the Puppy Stage with Little Ones at Home

First off, making sure your pup is being fed enough is key. At first we were following the exact guidelines for Winston and he was so thin and we could tell he was still hungry. We increased the amount of food with every meal and instantly saw an improvement in his behavior and his body shape. The moral of that story is that every dog is different and each dog will require a different amount of food! We have been giving Winston Luvsome mixed along with a natural chicken roll and he scarfs it right down! He loves it so much! Luvsome has the high quality ingredients that your pup needs, including vitamins and protein. Luvsome can be purchased at any of the Kroger family stores if you are looking to pick some up!

Surviving the Puppy Stage with Little Ones at Home

 Second, make sure you enroll your puppy in as much training as you can. We enrolled Winston in an early puppy training class around 4 months, did extensive 2 week training away from home and he’s now in an ongoing class that helps him engage with other dogs. For Winston, it’s important to bring him as much positive interaction with other dogs as possible. When he first started this class a few weeks ago he was very protective and became angry around other dogs but he is doing SO much better now and we are officially able to redirect him! 

Surviving the Puppy Stage with Little Ones at Home

Next, PATIENCE. Puppies will be puppies. They will chew your favorite shoes. They will jump on your counters and eat your freshly baked muffins. They will poop and pee in the worst of places. They are a direct product of their environment and you need to be on them like hawks! We make sure that when he is in the house, he is either on his bed or following a command we give him, otherwise he has too much freedom to make mistakes. Once he’s a year older, we will give him more and more freedom. 

Lots of exercise! This was very tough because we got him before the winter and it’s been nearly impossible to get him outside in 20 degree weather and with the kids. Now that it’s warming up again, we are getting back out there and he loves his walks! 🙂 

What are some tips that you have for those with young children getting a new puppy? Any words of advice?!

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