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Storage Solutions for Your Home

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I am constantly trying to create storage solutions in our home that mesh well with our decor and today’s post is all about great storage solutions that you will WANT to display within your home! I can finally say that when I walk into our living room, I feel a breath of fresh air because of how open and decluttered it is. I wanted to keep it really simple and have a large basket in here to store the extra blankets and pillows that we use to cuddle up on the couch. I hunted down some really amazing ones on eBay recently and I will link them all for you below! This wicker storage trunk is my absolute favorite and could easily be used as a coffee table as well! 

Storage Solutions for your home

Storage Solutions for your home

Living Room Storage

We have a similar trunk basket in our living room that we use as storage and I love it! We have a few of the kids toys in there along with the kids sleeping bags (they like to camp out in the living room sometimes)! I cannot believe the price on the two that I linked above! In hindsight, I even prefer them because they are more rectangle in shape as opposed to the one we have which is square! The rectangle would look better in our living room! 

Storage Solutions for your home

Storage Solutions for your home

Linen Closet Storage

Another one of my favorite things to do is organize our linen closets/bathroom closet with smaller baskets! Not many people see the inside of those closets but for me, it gives me peace to open the cabinet and not look at a bunch of junk on the shelves. I love organizing everything into the separate bins & baskets! Some people may call me crazy but I am 100% certain that I got this gene from my mother who is the world’s best organizer. I will link up some of my favorite smaller organizers from eBay below!

Entryway Storage

The last storage solution that has made a HUGE difference for us is a great coat rack. Each child has a hook where their jacket/backpack goes and it makes getting our of the door so much easier! We hope to one day have a mudroom with bigger space but for now we just have a small little area when you walk in from the garage! I found a few really great coat racks/storage solutions for mudrooms on eBay that I linked below! 


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