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This post is sponsored by Snuggle Me. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that I truly love!

Many of  you have been asking about this tiny little bed that Miles’ has been sleeping on and I was skeptical at first to talk about it since I had that incident that happened about a week ago regarding “safe co sleeping beds”. I decided to move forward and bring light to the subject. Being a responsible parent and making the best choices for your family will always be what is safest for your own children, never let anyone tell you otherwise. When using a product such as Snuggle Me, it is important to always be safe about it. This means no drinking while sleeping next to the baby, making sure that your partner or a wall is on either side of the snuggle me, don’t do drugs….. etc. You catch my drift 😉 This is why the AAP recommends that you do not co-sleep with your baby, because safety always needs to be the priority. The Snuggle Me keeps your baby in place throughout the night so they are not able to roll, scoot or get lost in covers and parents are easily able to know where baby is at all times because of the physical barrier it creates. Snuggle Me has been sold now for the last 11 years with zero cases of injury or death. 

Read more from the AAP here so that you can be educated and make the best decisions for your own family.

You can also read about new information regarding the AAP and sleeping here

Blogger Lynzy from Lynzy & Co. reviewing Snuggle Me as a safer way to cosleep with your babies

When I nap Miles’, I will place him next to me in the Snuggle Me. You don’t want to leave your baby unattended while in the Snuggle Me. At night, we have a king bed and he sleeps perfectly safe in between the both of us. He will most likely sleep here for the next few weeks since he nurses ever 1-2 hours. From there, we will move him to a bassinet right next to our bed! I chose to create a blog post about this product because it’s the first product that I have tried and truly loved. There were a few others that we had here and there with the other kids and I didn’t like them nearly as much. The details that set this one apart from the rest is the center sling technology and the organic materials that it is made with. Keep reading on to find out more!

FAQ’s, Center Sling Technology and Materials

You can read all about the frequently asked questions here. Specifically read about the center sling technology and how it prevents baby from rolling over – I found that to be pretty fascinating!  Snuggle Me is for babies 0-6 months and you can read about positioning on their website. One last important detail that I felt made it stand out from the rest of the safe co sleeping beds is that it’s made with GOTS and CPSIA certified materials, which are the highest in the world.  As stated from their website, “As for our fills, our organic fills are both certified organic and are in their raw, unprocessed forms. Even our polyester fill is made in the US and contain no added chemicals and does not contain Ethylene Glycol, Phthalates, BPA’s or flame retardants. “

Blogger Lynzy from Lynzy & Co. reviewing Snuggle Me as a safer way to cosleep with your babies

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Another FAQ I receive is what does Miles sleep in at night (as far as clothing). We’ve been placing him in a HALO sleep sack, which is what we used for all of the kids thus far.  This is the one we have right now (because it’s still so hot outside) and I always swaddle him with the arms out, since he seems to prefer it that way! 

Blogger Lynzy from Lynzy & Co. reviewing Snuggle Me as a safer way to cosleep with your babies



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  1. Hi Lynzy,
    Love this product and super excited to purchase as I welcome my firstborn in the next month. How would this compare to the dockatot in your opinion? Also, did you purchase the bundle with the pad and extra cover? Also did you choose the all organic version or the poly fill? Curious as to your thoughts on these. Thank you! I am so grateful for your helpful tips as a new mom.

    1. Hey Shannon,

      I had asked her the same question on instagram- which Snuggle Me she liked and she said the Snuggle Me Organic, which has the polyester fiber fill. Just wanted to share!

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  3. We just purchased our snuggleme organic with the intention of using it for co-sleeping/ putting it right in the bassinet and eventually transitioning him to crib. Our friend did it this way and she said it was fantastic!
    I went on the snuggleme organic website and it says exclusively that you shouldn’t let baby sleep in it. Just lounge. I’m really paranoid now about having him sleep in it because of the risk of SIDS. Although you said you allow him to nap in it, do you use the snuggleme in between you guys at night? Will you then transfer him to the bassinet in the snuggleme?

    Thanks for all your help! First time mama here and wanting to do what is best so I appreciate your thoughts!