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Small Business Saturday Shopping Guide

Happy small business Saturday! Here is your guide to some of my favorite smaller shops/brands! I made a collage specifically for Black owned businesses as well! Feel free to leave your own business in the comments below if you would like! 

Before I get into the collages I want to mention two small businesses that are really important to a mother’s postpartum health:

1.) Holistic Health Code: Buy a comprehensive holistic care package (2 health coaching sessions and 2 mental health coaching sessions) and receive one session FREE!

Megan is an RN and owner of holistic health code! She is so sweet and extremely helpful. She guided my way when my hormones were off in between baby’s 3 & 4 when I had a few miscarriages. I highly recommend her from everything from pre conception to postnatal! 

2.) The Vagina Whisperer: LYNZY10 for 10% off online sessions and gift cards (hint hint – for all the men out there, this is a great UNIQUE gift for your wife if she is postpartum!)

Pelvic Floor PT that does virtual consults and is very much worth every dime. I think it should be covered by insurance personally but it’s not (yet)! If you have any issues/pain in the vaginal/buttocks area after birth – I highly recommend booking a consult! Sara is amazing!

Small Business Saturday Shopping Guide

Black Owned Small Businesses

Customized Portraits | This artist does such a beautiful job! 

Pretty Please Teethers | I bought Maggie one of these for her stocking this year! 🙂 

Partake Cookies | gluten free and allergen free! They have so many yummy flavors too!

Boon Boona Coffee | 20% off right now!

Stella & Haas | huggie earring set – her entire line is gorgeous!

Infinity Necklace | spotted this baby while browsing the other day and oh my goodness is she gorgeous! 

Two Days Off | sustainable line with limited pieces in production out of L.A! I love this linen button front dress!

McBride Sisters – Black Girl Magic Merlot | This is on my list of wines to try! 

Puzzle Huddle | Matthew has a wife and three kids under 7 at home and was frustrated with the lack of diversity when it came to puzzles. He started printing off images and cutting them into puzzles at home, which then grew and grew to this! I am buying our kids one! 

Small Business Saturday

1. Custom Needle Felted family or wedding portrait | I showed you all this beautiful hand needle felted portrait awhile back and it is absolutely beautiful in person. 

2. Natalie Borton Paloma Earrings | my friend Natalie makes the most beautiful jewelry and you can’t go wrong with anything you pick but these are my favorite! 

3. Buppy Pets PB&J Treats | A little treat for your furry friend’s stocking!

4. Evergreen Mini – Gathering Bucket | I fell in love with these when I saw them! I got them for the kids! I will attach them to their stockings! It’s a gathering bucket for their hikes and outdoor adventures!

5. Alabaster & Elm Large Dried Flower Bouquet | This shop is stunning. They have gorgeous antique candlesticks and dried flower bouquets

6. Heart Of Gold Kids Rust Ruffle Sweater Onesie | Heart of Gold kids has a lot of items for kids & even some for adults!

7. Fox Blossom Co Thanks Gift Box | Fox Blossom has pre built gift boxes or you can create your own! This “thanks” box is perfect for a healthcare worker! 🙂 

8. Paddle North The Portager | This is where we got our gifts for each other this year! Not much of a surprise but I am VERY excited to take our paddle board out on the water this summer! 

9. Busy Littles | the cutest sensory kits for kids! 

10. Green House Dish Brush With Handle | sustainable shop with some great gift ideas

11. Essential Montessori Materials | handcrafted wooden Montessori toys for kids from Worcester, MA (where my hubby went to medical school!) I got this 6-9 month set for Maggie!

12. Fox Hollow Studios New Mexico Art Print | The art from this shop is STUNNING! This print is my favorite.

13. Artisan Craft Cocktails Trio Gift Box | A great gift idea! Artisan Craft Cocktails was born in Huntington Beach, California during the COVID-19 pandemic. The owner became one of the millions furloughed in March 2020.  Their family of five was severely impacted. They put together Artisan Craft Cocktails because of his passion for the dining experience. 

14. Fancypants Baking Co. Healthy Cookies | keto friendly cookies! I ordered these and will let you know how they are in stories today!

15. Irma’s Finland House | a shop that one of you sent to me that is Norway based! Everything is from Finland and it’s basically my dream come true! I got some candles for our windows from here! You can check them out in my stories today! 

16. Fox Blossom Co Work From Home Kit | Another Fox Blossom gift box – this one is for the one who works from home 🙂 perfect for 2020! 

17. Little Bug Learning No Prep Learning Kits | Two certified teachers with a passion to make learning fun! These kits can be used as a supplement to learning at home or for homeschooling! No prep learning kits! 

Other items not in the collage mentioned in my stories today:

Toki mats | LYNZY15 for $15 off | Gorgeous, comfortable play mats that have a zipper cover that you can take off to wash! 

Rainbow Abacus | A beautiful handcrafted abacus from The May Market with a note that says “Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures” Genesis 9:16 | this made me tearful because if you know of Maggie’s story – she was conceived in the midst of a storm and multiple miscarriages. I have never seen more rainbows in my life than during the time I was pregnant with her and I truly believe it was my Meme sending those beams of light from heaven to let me know that Maggie was going to be alright <3

Magic Playbook | Code: Lynzy2 for $7 off your monthly or yearly subscription | My friend Caitlin created this GENIUS monthly subscription that puts together activities for your kids based on that month/season! It’s beautifully curated and we love it!


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