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Simple Prop Ideas for Cute Valentine’s Day Photos of Your Kids


This months Photo Tip is brought to you by my lovely contributor, STACY. I hope you all enjoy these fun and easy tips for capturing your little ones this valentines!

Stacy Canzonieri posts for Lynzy & Co. on 5 holiday photos you want to snap of your littles

Simple Prop Ideas for Cute Valentine’s Day Photos of Your Kids

Before we dive in, I wanted to share a few quick tips for getting the best results. If you’re taking photos indoors, find the brightest room in the the house. Turn off all of the overhead lights and get close to the windows. Check the background of your photo so there’s nothing distracting going on and get down on your little one’s level for better composition. If you want to blur the background a bit help your valentine stand out, make sure you’ve got space in between them and the background. As much as possible. You can also try stepping back and then zooming in if you’re using a point and shoot or zoom lens. And lastly, if you’re using a DSLR, switch to Aperture Priority mode and dial down to the smallest number. Ok now that we’ve got that covered, let’s move on to some fun prop ideas.

Candy. You could go with classic conversation hearts, red and pink M&M’s, lollipops, heart shaped marshmallows, jelly beans, etc. If you need a little photo inspiration, here are a few ideas for how to incorporate candy. Have your kid hold a mason jar filled with the candy. Take a detail shot of just their hands filled with candy. Grab a photo of them sneaking a piece of candy. I had my daughter put one conversation heart, with the message facing out, in between her teeth for a fun shot.

Confetti. This one is going to be messy so set yourself up in an area that is easily cleaned. Your kitchen maybe. Find confetti or glitter that’s a little bigger so it’ll show up better in the photo. You need a faster shutter speed to freeze those flying pieces too. This activity is great for older kids. Ask them to cup their hands, sprinkle in the glitter or confetti and have them blow right towards the camera. If you’re using an iPhone, hold your finger down on the shutter button so that you get a burst of photos.

Hearts. Hearts are a pretty obvious choice for Valentine’s Day, but there are so many options right at your fingertips. If you’ve got some construction paper lying around, pick out the pinks and reds and cut out paper hearts. Tape them up to a blank wall and use that as a background. Have your kids write messages on the hearts. I found cute felt hearts at Michael’s and let my 9 month old play with them for a few photos. Think about ways to make the photo interesting. In the other shot, my daughter is using the hearts to hide her eyes. You could also have your child lay on the ground and place the hearts all around their head.

Garland. Get crafty and make your own garland with some pretty ribbon. Mix and match the color and texture of the ribbon to add some interest. Just make sure you hang the ribbon low enough so that it’s in the shot. Try draping it across a window or tape it up to a blank wall.

Signs. There are plenty of adorable ones at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or Home Goods or you can use a blank chalkboard to write your own message. This makes a fun grandparent gift!

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