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Simple Living Tip #4: Enjoy a slow morning at home with a simple Norwegian breakfast

This hosting tip is brought to you by one of my blog contributors, Lisa! I love the Simple living tips Lisa has been sharing, have you tried any? i would love to hear which one in the comment section!

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Slow Morning Rituals with a Norwegian Breakfast

Simple Living Tip #4: Enjoy a slow morning at home with a simple Norwegian breakfast.

Growing up, the best part about holidays was getting to stay at my Norwegian grandparents’ house for the weekend. I always looked forward to the special breakfast that my grandma made for us every morning. Weekends were about slowing down, spending quality time together, and enjoying a simple breakfast.

A Norwegian breakfast comes with the reminder that we can all slow down to enjoy life’s most precious moments. Bringing these mindful traditions into your weekend will bring some extra joy into your life.

One thing that I love about the Norwegian culture is the appreciate for simple moments. As a young girl, I got to spend summers on my family’s farm in a small town in Northern Norway. This is where I learned how simple living affects the overall quality of our daily outlooks.

Breakfast was always the biggest meal of the day and sometimes it lasted for hours on end. My Norwegian relatives always found time to be present for each other. While material possessions were never the focus, happiness was found within the essence of quality experiences. There was also very little technology, so meaningful conversations and quality time at home were really valued.

Around the breakfast table, you’ll find toasted bread, meats, fresh cheese, jam, fruit, eggs, and coffee. My Norwegian grandma likes to have the freshest ingredients possible, so she notoriously goes to the grocery store in the morning to buy groceries for each meal that day. The key is to have real, fresh foods, so there are no artificial flavors or colors. The best part about a Norwegian breakfast is the simplicity to prepare it, so even the cooks in the family can relax and enjoy their morning.

I’ve always admired how Norwegians have such cozy homes. They love spending time outdoors and connecting with nature, but when they’re home, they make it a memorable experience by creating an atmosphere. Gathering at the table comes with a conscious “togetherness,” which brings the perfect balance into a peaceful breakfast. Celebrating quality time with a mindful presence creates deep connections with ourselves and our loved ones. For me, a thoughtful breakfast on a slow weekend creates a space to unwind, set intentions for the week, and just take our time to relax and reflect.

By slowing down with a simple breakfast, we can create a quality experience right in our own homes. Even if you make it part of your morning routine just once a month, that conscious effort can impact the rest of your week. Sleeping in, making breakfast, and eating in your pajamas gives you something to look forward to, and after a long week, you’ve earned it!

So next time you enjoy a simple breakfast on a slow morning, I hope you feel like a Norwegian for the day. It’s a reminder that we can take a break from our busy lives and find more time to relax, connect, and enjoy the moment.

Lisa Rosen writes Based On Beige, a modern diary for the art of simple living. It’s a lifestyle destination built on intentional, thoughtful living. It will inspire you to appreciate the beauty in life’s simple moments.


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