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Simple Beauty Products for Your Summer Routine

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Low maintenance beauty is the name of the game for me and there are a few products that are part of my daily routine that I wanted to share with you guys today! I tend to wear even LESS makeup in the summer only because I typically have a “natural glow” from the summer sun (with SPF of course) and it just tends to melt off anyways so I don’t bother. Ha! I will list out each product below and what it is that I love about it! If you have a go-to beauty product that you scoop up at Nordstrom, I would love to hear about it in the comments below! 

Simple Beauty Products for Your Summer Routine

First up, my brow definer. Rewind to last summer when I had a beauty artist from Nordstrom fix up my brows for me. I have VERY light eyebrows – nonexistent really and don’t have any plans to ever do microblading. I wasn’t opposed to having a product that defined them a bit so she used this Brow Powder Duo by Anastasia Beverly Hills at Nordstrom for me and it was SO good. Very subtle but defined my face a bit and I loved it. I have also heard amazing things about the brow definer pencil by the same brand so I recently ordered that and I like it even more than the powder because I think it takes less time! I use the color taupe! The beauty artists at Nordstrom are a great resource! You can get free makeup lessons, consultations, brow services and more!

 The second product is my mascara. I am PICKY when it comes to mascara. I loathe when it starts clumping after using it for only a few weeks and it’s tough to find the right mascara to lift your lashes. This Charlotte Tillbury mascara is the ONLY mascara I will use. I have yet to find one that will top it! If I am getting more “done up”, I will layer a mascara primer underneath but if I am being honest, this is NOT a daily product for me! THIS primer is the best I have tried! 

Right along with my mascara is my eyelash curler. In high school, this is the only beauty tool I ever used. I LOVE curling my lashes and have NEVER found one that curls as well as this one from Nordstrom. I order a new one every year and it’s HANDS DOWN the best. 


Next up – lip liner! This is another one that I reserve for when I get completely done up but I LOVE this shade from Charlotte Tillbury (“Pillowtalk”) because it’s so subtle but gives great definition to the lip line. In case you haven’t noticed yet, I always lean toward subtle ways to enhance my face. I really prefer an all natural look because I really do think that women are more beautiful that way! 🙂 

The last item that I really love is a perfume that I found a few years ago. I don’t wear perfume on a daily basis but usually do whenever I have an event or when I go out! These perfumes are BY FAR my favorite and I have a few different scents that I love. My favorite are the orange blossom and the bluebell!

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  1. My can’t live Without product is MAC Lipglass! I have very dry, soMewhat pale lips, and this gloss moisturIzes wonderfully while giving and nice doSe of color. I have tried many other glosses over the years, but i always come back to lipglass! Nothing else quite compaRes. My current go-to shade is “all things magicaL,” which Has a perfect rosy glow for summer.