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Ringing in 2020 with…….

……a new member to our family!

It has been VERY difficult to keep this pregnancy a secret from you guys! I swear that I feel worse this time than my previous pregnancies (maybe because I am chasing three bigger kids?!) and it has been VERY hard to get on stories without a “I am going to puke” face 😉 which is another big reason I wanted to take some time off recently! It was so nice to have NOTHING on our calendar for a few weeks, to hang out in pajamas all day, read, enjoy time with my family and head into bed at 7:30 pm. I feel refreshed and I am ready to get back to a schedule! I have so much planned for this year and I cannot wait to bring you along the journey! To maintain boundaries, I will still be taking weekends off – Friday afternoon until Monday morning to be with my family and to disconnect from social media. This has been HUGE for me and allows me to reenergize myself and keep priorities straight. I highly recommend the same to you if you feel up to it 😉 

A little back story….

2019 was full of amazing accomplishments and opportunities but was also a period of deep sadness for us. Losing three family members in the matter of weeks and experiencing two miscarriages in the midst of that was almost more than I thought I could handle (but we always can, right?) As I sat through my meme’s funeral, miscarrying our second baby that year, I thought, why? Why so much at once? How will I handle it all? 

The truth is we do and you will. God doesn’t give us anything we cannot handle and I know that may sound cliche but it’s true. Life is so much sweeter when we overcome the dark and see the light and I am beginning to see all of that light now after months of darkness. I hope that if you are lying in that darkness now, you can attempt to see that sliver of light (hope) that can pull you through. You can do this. 

On November 11th, while driving in Ireland we turned a corner and right there in front of us – a double rainbow. About a week before this trip we found out we were pregnant and I was filled with fear and worry that we would lose another baby. The second I saw this double rainbow, I just knew it was meme from up above telling me that everything was going to be okay. That same day we drove along and saw SIX additional rainbows. I have never seen so many rainbows in one day. 

I enter 2020 stronger than ever before, mentally and physically. My “goals” for the year focus largely on loving on my husband as much as possible, putting social media in its place and keeping weekends completely screen free, and making this my healthiest pregnancy yet. 

Many of you have asked for updates on the supplements that I was started taking when I was trying to maintain a healthy pregnancy. I started these during my second miscarriage this year and I do think they played a role in my ability to maintain a healthy pregnancy thus far. I will save all of this for a separate blog post for you guys soon! If you can think of any other blog posts that you would love to see (pregnancy related or not) please let me know in the comments section below! 🙂 

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  1. Congrats!!!! How wonderful. Sorry to hear about the loses and hour meme too. So hard. you do make it all look so easy. Id love to try to reMove social media too but i work 7 days a week at the studio and weekends are usually the BusiEst for me actually, so i need to find days that make sense to me, even if its not weekenDs.

  2. Literally sO incredibly happy for you + your family & saying many prayers for a hEAlthy Pregnancy for you + baby!!

    I have always loved All the mama + baby Content you share. Anything pregnancy, baby, postpArtum related is my favorite from you! Cant wait to hear more about this baby 🙂

  3. congratulations! happy thoughts are being aent you way! i cannot wait to read all of the baby related posts!

    sending love from one momma to another!

  4. Awww that’s so great. I am so happy for you guys.
    I’ve been following you not too long and have deleted my IG app because it was out of control (reAD I WAS!) and miss so much seeing your face every day and seeing what’s going on.



  5. Congratulations!!! Everything is going to run so smooth and anazing!!💕
    Ive been trying tO get PREGNANT with my 2nd since august :/ .. do you have any tips or suggestions? I do have very regular cycles.. i just dont know why it isnt happening for us 🙁

  6. Congratulations! !!!!! Hope all is well.Yes would love to hear everything about your pregnancy and family life.I enjoy all of your post. will be in my thoughts and prayers. again congratulations and best wishes to you aND your family