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Most Recommended Couches for Families

We are on the couch hunt and after asking all of you, I decided to put the most recommended couches for families all into a blog post for you! The amount of messages I went through (I couldn’t even get through them all) was astonishing! You guys sent me images of the couches in your space along with all of the reasons why you LOVE your couch for your family and it was so helpful for me! There was one couch in particular that was mentioned a lot throughout the messages I received and that is the one will will be going with! I am in the midst of trying to decide if we should keep the living room layout as is or switch it up. I really don’t want to put the TV above the fireplace but I was thinking of putting something like this around it if we do? The other option is to take the TV out completely. I really would just love to have a huge couch against the far wall and open up the space a bit. Right now I feel like everything is so broken up and I don’t like it. I am going to dedicate an entire post to that so I will stop yapping about it 😉 
Most Recommended Couches for Families // The couches that are easy to clean, the most comfortable and will last years for your family!

Most Recommended Couches for Families

When we first moved in three years ago, I scooped up the IKEA Ektorp with slipcovers, which has been great but to be honest, they aren’t super comfortable and they are very narrow. You can’t even fit on the cushion if there is a pillow there. The perfect couch for us would be comfortable, wide enough for plenty of kids, easy to clean and great on wear. The couches I am mentioning in today’s post are ALL of these and all of them came highly recommended by YOU. Without further ado, here are the most recommended couches for families….
1.) Crate & Barrel Lounge ii / This was the highest recommended couch and will be the one that we get! You can configure it anyway that you want and there are so many size options to fit any space. The next huge decision we will have is color so prepare to be bombarded with that question a million times on stories 😉  I have been told that the best fabric to get is their “view fabric” because it’s best with high traffic/families! I just ordered a few swatches and will be sure to show them to you in my stories! 
2.) Rooms To Go Madison Place // Love the look of the tufted cushions on this one!
6.)  Arhaus Emory // Arhaus came very highly recommended but this particular design was the one that was most recommended by all of you! This one has a slip cover that you can easily take off and throw into the laundry!
6.) Room & Board “York” // This brand was also very highly recommended by all of you!
7.)  West Elm Henry Sectional in performance velvet // I have heard that the performance velvet is the best fabric for a well used family couch! Very easy to clean! 
8.) Restoration Hardware Cloud Sectional // I have heard that the perrenials fabric is very easy care and great with kids. Also heard amazing things about the track arm sectional!
9.) Four Season “Alyssa” // This was a brand that many of you mentioned as high quality and very durable! 
10.)Wayfair / Quarry Hill Quartz // This one is a great price and was actually recommended by a few of you that DMed me! Love the look of it too!
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WHAT WE ENDED UP WITH: Crate & Barrel Lounge ii 
So many questions about our couch today so I wanted to talk a little bit about it! We made the switch this summer (from our IKEA couches) and I AM SO HAPPY. This couch could not be more amazing. Stains lift right up from it, you can’t see any of the dog or cat hair, easy to clean and it’s SO BIG. It’s the perfect size for all of us to cuddle up and watch a movie. We have the Taft Cement color/fabric for those asking! 
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  1. Hello 😊
    Do the back CUSHIONS come off ? Can you Take them off and fluff them up ? Thank you for Your research !

  2. The Color You Chose Looks Grey iN Some Pictures And CREAM IN Other PICTURED I Have seen. I’m deciding between the steel and cemen. I want a light grey. Your couch looks more grey in this picture, is that the case?

  3. Hello! I was just wondering how your couch is holding up? We have a large family & currently have leather couches which I don’t worry about… We need/want to get a new couch & love the look of yours. just wondering if you could give me an update on the durability of it?

  4. Does your couch hold up with your cats (especially if they have nails?) finding no snag fabric is hard!