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Quick Outdoor Workout With Or Without Kids

This post is written in partnership with and sponsored by Backcountry & ShopStyle. Thank you so much for supporting the brands I love working with!

My workouts these days mainly consist of Orange Theory but when I want to switch it up with the kids in tow I always do a quick outdoor workout such as the one featured in today’s post! Kids love working out along with you and if you have a really tiny tike, just throw them into the stroller and get moving! This is a great way to give you both some fresh air and to get that blood flowing! Backcountry has been my favorite go-to brand when it comes to outdoor activewear, lifestyle wear, swimwear and sports gear! Today’s outfit is entirely from Backcountry and I will link it below! 

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The colors in this outfit make me SO happy. One of my favorite workout brands, Alo is carried at Backcountry and I loved this  tankleggings set! Paired it with a cute pink pullover and these amazing running sneakers ! My sneakers are a year old now and I was overdue to try out a new pair! I run so much that the soles wear down so quickly! I’ve worn these for the past two weeks working out and LOVE them! 

Tank & Leggings | Run TTS to slightly big – I went with XS!

Sweatshirt | Runs TTS – got a size small

Sneakers | Run TTS – went with my normal size

& these amazing workout socks!


Quick Outdoor Workout With Or Without Kids

0.25 mile sprint (or your “all out” speed – whatever that may be for you)

high knees for 30 second

15 squat jumps (be sure to go slow and have good form!)

10 push-ups with or without a park bench

10 tricep dips on bench

10 step-ups on bench EACH leg – be sure to drive your knee UP!

One legged squats on park bench

Set of ab work (for me, I do my modified core work from Nancy Anderson’s ab rehab since my core still isn’t stable)

REPEAT x 4 or as many times as you want

That’s it! A super simple workout to follow whether or not you have the kids in tow with you! If you think of it, pack up a ball, bubbles and a few other things for the kids to play with while you are getting your workout on! 

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  1. Hey lynzy! i’m curious about the nancy anderson ab program. How long does it take you to do each day? And are you noticing improvement in ab strength and how toned your abs are? I am About a year postpartum but just came across her program via your blog and i’m intrigued!