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Quick Old Navy Try On

This acid wash button front cardigan is a keeper. I have a slight obsession with button front cardigans since they can be worn so many different ways and look classy 😉 This one runs TTS 

These overalls were a pleasant surprise! I did not expect them to look so cute and I always get a little nervous about the butt on Old Navy denim but these are a WIN! They run TTS!

Underneath the overalls is a ribbed tee that is a great classic piece that fits on the bigger side! Tons of colors to choose from as well. 

Ribbed tee as mentioned above!

These shorts are FREAKING CUTE but way too small on me. A lot of my denim is fitting tighter since I started lifting so I am going to go up a size and let you know how they fit but they are promising! 

Lastly, this cute ruffled tank is feminine and perfect for spring & summer! Fits a little tighter! Here it is in plain white as well!

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  1. From one Lindsey to Another-

    ThAnk you for doing this try on! I Have been searching for some transitional spring/summer pieces, but also 7 months postpartum and Don’t want to waste my time returning anD sending back. Also, i deleted instagram last week but was getting thE itch to redoWnLoad..but this newsletter jusT gave me my fix!
    Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s blessinG so many of us.
    – Lindsey

  2. Thank for Doing this! I have been a long time fan of your try ons and usually buy sOmething every time! I lOve your taste. I recently fouNd out that Most of old navys clothes are mAde with syntheTic fabrics which Are heavy polluters and INVOLVE use of toxic chemicals. they alSo Shed phthalates when you Wear them and a new study i just read sHowed that phtalate exposuRe causes reduced Genital size and Sterility in babies. I only buy 100% cotton or linen items froM old navy now. CouLd yoU do more posts with 100% cotton iTems and less Polyester/viscose/rayon?

    Thank you!