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Quick & Healthy Dinners That Kids Will Love too!

I recently asked you all on Instagram what your go-to quick and healthy dinners that kids will love too and here are your favorites! I cannot wait to try all of these! My go-to recipes are this amazing salmon recipe and turkey stuffed peppers! Both are very simple to make and the girls love them both (I make them once a week)! My friend Liz also recently posted about the 10 best go-to dinners for families here if you want to take a peek at that post as well! 

Here is my Turkey Stuffed Peppers recipe

Looking for a quick and easy healthy recipe for your whole family? These turkey stuffed peppers are absolutely delicious and my go-to meal!

Here is the salmon recipe that I use! 

& one other repeat offender that I love is this Spinach, mushroom & onion fritatta! It’s great for dinner as well as breakfast 😉 

A delicious Spinach, Mushroom & Onion Breakfast Frittata recipe

Quick & Healthy Dinners That Kids Will Love too!

1.) Ideas via @tinaml // Skirt steak skewers marinated with lemon, sly sauce and shallots (veggies and rice), chicken breasts with lemon herb seasoning and olive oil served with quinoa or coconut rice. Make the coconut rice with one can of coconut milk and one cup of jasmine rice! Also, pasta with ground sausage and onions, garlic sauteed kale corn and fresh tomatoes. Dressing or sauce is just lemon olive oil and parm. 

2.) @kelleymarie0709 –> Giant Turkey Meatball Parmesan –> We actually already made this one, super easy and the girls loved it! 

3.) @caitdeleonardis –> Quick pasta salad with tortellini, argula, shredded rotisserie chicken mixed with balsamic vinaigrette

4.) @karas_stories –> One Pot Creamy Chicken & Rice and check out her other favorite easy recipes here!

5.) @_picklesandicecream_ –> Seasoned Chicken Potatoes and Green beans

6.) @suzanne_clayton — > Zucchini Boats –> Slice zucchini in long halves and scoop out center. In a bowl, mix cooked quinoa, cubed chicken, feta cheese and small chopped veggie of choice – mix with olive oil. Fill zukes with mixture and cook for 20 min on 350 degrees!

7.) @ctgreengal –> spiralized zucchini noodles with meat sauce or a healthy shepards pie with cooked rice cauliflower with ground meat, peas and cheese. Add a little garlic with salt & pepper!

8.) @mariadanielledoka –> Turkey Taco quinoa Skillet 

9.) @lizdenfeld –> Broccolini, chicken sausage and orzo skillet 

10.) @yiselsalina –> Rice with quinoa, smoked ham, peas, carrots and dab of salt and pepper (add eggs if you have them too)! She also suggested boiled spinach with melted mozzarella for a quick dip with toasted pita bread!

11.) @morgaronipie –> Kale quinoa citrus salad with mint (Kale, cooked quinoa, peeled mandarin orange segments, dried cranberries, pistachios, garbanzo beans, and fresh mint. Mix it all up and to make the dressing –> olive oil, OJ, 1 clove of minced garlic, fresh chopped mint and pomegranate molasses. 

12.) @livinglarochelife –> Stuffed peppers with your choice of meat, cheese and veggies! 

13.) @kaitmurphyphoto –> Frozen blend of cauliflower rice and riced broccoli sauteed with garlic, salt, and pepper, grilled chicken, and cheddar cheese on top! 

14.) @nataliemarierowe –> Quinoa Bowls (made on a platter with grilled meat, veggies, lettuce cukes and tomatoes — everyone makes their own bowl)

15.) @paula_andreia –> Chicken Rope Vieja 

16.) @julhot –> 5 minute Pressure Cooker Shrimp Scampi Paella

17.) @dustedwithglitter –> Pulled chicken tacos or potato tacos. For the pulled chicken, just throw a few chicken breasts in a crock pot with salsa of choice and a packet of taco seasoning – cook on low for 6 hours. For the potatoes, just cube them, boil and add a little salt and butter. Stuff them in a corn tortilla and top with your favorite taco toppings!

18.) @charlayne_mc –> Cauliflower fried rice (can buy it frozen at stop & shop too) and then add in veggies, chicken, eggs, nuts! 

19.) @erinbachman_ –> Super Quick Chicken Pot Pie –> 2 cans of chicken pot pie soup, half bag of frozen mixed veggies and 2 cups of grilled chicken – dump into pot. Boil 2 minutes and pour into baking dish. Take one package of pillsbury biscuits and pull each one apart in the middle and cut into fours. Place biscuit pieces over pot pit mixture and bake at 375 x 15 minutes!

20.) @kelskalapos –> 4=6 chicken breasts in a 13 x 9 pyrex, top with swiss cheese, can of cream of celery then top with stove top stuffing. Cover with aluminum foil and put in over x 1 hour, then take off foil and cook another 20-30 minutes at 350!

21.) @kristindferguson –> Noodle casserole –> package of wide egg noodles boiled then add 16 oz cottage cheese and 16 oz sour scream. Add shredded rotisserie chicken and season with S&P. Bake at 350 x 20 minutes. Add some broccoli if you wish!

22.) @KJH85621 –> Sweet Potato Sloppy Joes 

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