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Quick and Easy Hairstyles with a Long Bob

A huge thanks to Garnier for sponsoring today’s content. As always, thank you so much for supporting the brands and companies that make my little blog possible. Ya’ll are the best!
Quick & Easy Hair Styles for a Long Bob // Lynzy & Co. Blog

Having two babies and coloring your hair will wreak havoc on your strands. Every morning when I get ready, I literally pray for the tumbleweeds of hair that I see rolling around on my floor. Breastfeeding makes all my hair fall out, thankfully, I have quite a bit of it. I finally decided that it was time to give my long hair the big CHOP. I’ve been looking at long bobs (or “lobs”) for awhile now and didn’t think I could pull it off. But you know what? It’s HAIR. It grows back, so I pulled the trigger. My hair was in such terrible shape. Split ends everywhere, ends that felt like hay… so it was time. R.I.P. 9 inches!

Quick & Easy Hair Styles for a Long Bob // Lynzy & Co. Blog

I teamed up with Garnier to tell you a little bit about their Whole Blends line. Here is my first post (5 minute wavy hair tutorial) , in case you missed it! I am focusing on telling you about their Honey Treasures products today because they strengthen and heal damaged hair (HELLO! just what the doctor called for!) with the naturally inspired ingredients of honey, royal jelly & propolis. It’s no surprise to me that these ingredients are what my hair has been needing for the past few months. Honey, a product we so frequently use (especially when we have colds) has so many great qualities. I just knew these products were going to knock it right out of the park! After the long winter, your hair could use a little lift me up too! You should totally try this line out. I promise you’ll love it!

My first hairstyle is the Vintage Glam look.

It’s super simple. First, I parted my hair all the way to one side. Then, I used a straightener (you can use a curling iron too!) to put a few curls here & there. < I washed my hair the night before so this was quick and easy! >Then, I combed the side with the least amount of hair and pinned it back with two bobby pins! I love this hairstyle for a date night out with my hubs!

styling a long bob

2nd hairstyle is the boho side braid

This one takes just a bit of practice, but once you have it down, it’s quick and easy as well! These curls were left over from the look above (vintage hairstyle) and I just added in a few fresh ones. Then I parted my hair to the side and used a comb to mark the area of the braid. I pinned the rest of my hair back so that I could easily french braid it down the side!


Quick & Easy Hair Styles for a Long Bob // Lynzy & Co. Blog

3rd hairstyle is the straight arrow side lift (yep, totally made that up)

This requires 2 minutes of your time. No excuses! My hair was straight for this (just flat ironed it for 30 seconds on each side). Then I took a little chunk of hair from the front and twisted it along the side of my head into a bobby pin! I also like to do this when putting my hair into a low bun. It gives the side some dimension!

Quick & Easy Hair Styles for a Long Bob // Lynzy & Co. Blog

The products that will damage your rough, beat up ends! Especially in my case of post pregnancy damaged strands! Garnier Whole Blends not only smells delicious, it is wholesome loving care blended for naturally beautiful hair!

Quick & Easy Hair Styles for a Long Bob // Lynzy & Co. Blog

Quick & Easy Hair Styles for a Long Bob // Lynzy & Co. Blog

garnier whole blends-2

Quick & Easy Hair Styles for a Long Bob // Lynzy & Co. Blog

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  1. I have a long bob and I need to try some of your cute hairstyles. Oh, and I need to try the Garnier Whole Blends. My hair is dry to begin with and all the highlights and lowlights wreaks havoc on my hair.

  2. My hair is about the same length as this, but I usually just wear it down or in a ponytail. I need to branch out and try some of these styles.

  3. I loved this post. My hair is of a similar length and I am so unimaginative with it. Most of the time it is down or tied in a low pony tail. I need to try these out.

  4. I just had my hair cut much shorter, just barely on my shoulders. I do have the problem of dealing with dry hair due to aging and many years of color. I’ll look for Garnier Whole Blends. I am currently using a Garnier conditioner. Cute hairstyles!

  5. I did just the same thing a couple of years ago. I wanted a changed and cut my hair in layers. Oh the freedom it gave me. So easy to do and go out the door.

  6. I have a long bob and never style it differently. I do like Garnier products a lot and plan to try the Whole Blends. I want to try the boho side braid on my next night out.

  7. I just purchased this brand the other day. I love the way it makes my hair feel after use. Smells so good!

  8. I was just debating whether I should chop my hair off. Mine is the same length as yours. Maybe I should try a few more hairstyles like you did!

  9. I love them all. You have amazing hair though mine is a big ball of frizz and just mess no matter what I do. I should give these a try!

  10. My hair is kind of a long bob, but not as long as yours. What I really need to do is chop it all off, it’s in such bad shape – maybe I need some honey on it, too. I love your hair styles.

  11. Your hair looks great looks like the product works wonderful for you. I will share this with my wife she may like this!