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Puppy Update

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It’s been a few weeks since the last update and I wanted to let you know how it’s going with our latest addition, Winston. I could not have ever imagined how difficult this would be from the beginning and if I am being completely honest, we might have chosen the wrong time for introducing a pup. The labor intensive work involved is beyond something I ever imagined and now that he is absolutely HUGE, it’s becoming very difficult to control him.

{Photography by Victoria Gloria}

We have enrolled him in a basic manners class (this is on top of the puppy beginner’s class we did in October/November and his 2 week vigorous training in December). We will try to keep him in a one day a week class from now until he’s at least 1. German Shepherds are a bit tough because they are a working breed and they need a job. If they don’t have a job, they find one. I.E. eating shoes, jumping on counters, destroying things, etc. Winston has been pretty good for the most part but has destroyed his fair share of shoes and eaten a few of my meals when I left them on the counter.

I keep reminding myself that this is the puppy stage and patience really is a huge key factor in his success. We bring him to class on Sundays and then take him for at least one walk daily to practice what he learned throughout the week. It’s been tough to get those walks in because we both work a lot and with the kids and me being pregnant, it makes it extremely difficult. I also have a hard time controlling him right now and being pregnant, makes it dangerous for me to take him anywhere besides the street we live on.

Once it’s warmer, he will be able to get out a lot more and we will be able to venture to all the parks again and bring him downtown to sit on the benches and greet people and other dogs but right now he’s just not quite ready.

Once mistake that we made along the way was feeding him too little. Now that we are feeding him more hefty portions three times a day, he’s actually more calm and less crazy about getting at our food, which is a huge plus. We have him on a combination of what we eat (meats and veggies) and Luvsome.

Luvsome is a high quality brand that has been a great choice for our German Shepherd. Add that to the fact that it is conveniently located at many nearby food stores and it’s a win-win! Typically. we give Winston about one cup of meats/veggies and one cup of Luvsome and he’s satisfied. I swear he has grown twice the size in just a month! He’s going to be a BIG boy.

We are hopeful that we will be able to give Winston the amount of training he needs to be successful and an amazing addition to our family. He’s so lovable and has so much potential that we haven’t even tapped into yet. One thing he’s really good at? Every time it’s time to eat, he runs over to his bed and lays down until the food is made and I tell him he is allowed to get up to eat. It’s quite amazing actually since dogs think food is like the best thing life has to offer (it is, isn’t it?) 😉

I will make sure to keep you all updated on his progress!

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  1. I know this is an old post, but I wanted to share some encouragement! We have a four year old German Shepherd, and the first year is definitely the hardest! They grow SO fast and are SO smart! All the training and effort you put in now are worth every penny and every minute. Scout is an amazing dog now. He has figured out his place in our pack 🙂 I hope Winston is doing wonderfully, especially now that your third little one is here!